2013 Emmy Noms: Our team sounds off!


Happy summer TV watchers!  While you’re enjoying new summer shows like “The Bridge” and “Orange is the New Black” and returning favorites like “Catfish” and “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” it’s time to hit pause and remember all the big moments from the 2012-2013 TV season.

The nominees for the 2013 Emmy Awards were announced today (Thursday, July 18) so you know our staff here at “Save It For The Commercial Break” had to share our thoughts.  Read on to see who some of us were happy to see get nominated (YAY), who we were surprised to see on the list (WHOA), and who we thought was completely snubbed (BOO)!



I have to admit that I’m behind on some big TV (and I didn’t even realize the nominations were being announced today – what kind of TV blogger am I?!) Shows like “House of Cards” are still in my queue, and the entire seasons of “The Americans” and “The Following” were saved on my DVR until I moved apartments.  I like “Hannibal” and have seen the first few episodes, but have some major catching up to do!  All the good HBO TV movies (“Behind the Candelabra,” “The Girl,” “Phil Spector,” etc.) are in my HBO GO queue waiting to be viewed.  But, don’t be alarmed!  There are many other things I HAVE seen, so here I go!

YAY: I know some people who are nominated!!!  Big congrats to my friend and NY casting director Julie Schubert, who did casting for “House of Cards,” which is going to be some stiff competition for these other shows, and to Philadelphia casting director Diane Heery, who I’ve worked with over the years (she helped me get my SAG card!), for casting “Political Animals.” Also a shout out to HBO’s “VICE” for best documentary/nonfiction series (our very own Lauren Evangelista works on the show!), and to History’s “The Men Who Built America” for various nonfiction awards (my friend Mike Chmiel was in that!).  I also need to share my excitement over those who are not my friends – Vera Farmiga for “Bates Motel,” the whole cast and crew of “Homeland,” “Veep,” and “30 Rock,” Sarah Paulson for “AHS: Asylum,” and Laura Dern for “Enlightened” even though it was barely watched or talked about (I’m still grieving over the cancellation of this show)!

WHOA: Sooo happy and surprised to see Molly Shannon get a nomination for her fantastic role in “Enlightened.”  Didn’t see that coming, but couldn’t be happier!  Even though I can’t stand Kerry Washington, her nomination means that “Scandal” really is a show to be watched.  Guess I need to jump on that boat as well!  Adam Driver for supporting actor in “Girls” was surprising too… I’m still not sure if I like him, but he did do some good work this season, or at least his character had more to do than just sit, or run, around shirtless.  Hooray for Anna Chlumsky for her understated work in “Veep!”  And whoa, “Political Animals” is still in the awards mix?  I liked the ‘limited series event’ as USA called it last summer, but it wasn’t exactly the best thing on TV, so I was really surprised to see it get good noms – best miniseries, actress Sigourney Weaver, and supporting actress Ellen Burstyn. And also, I think the communal “whoa” in general this year is for Netflix and its achievements.

BOO: OK… I’m going to try to contain myself here, but WHERE THE HELL IS “ORPHAN BLACK” ON THIS LIST? Um, lead actress Tatiana Maslany is AMAZING.  All the articles are true – she was robbed of a nomination, and is probably this year’s biggest snub!  The show is riveting, but many others are as well, so that was a tight race – but seriously no nomination for lead actress?!  She plays 7 different characters who talk to one another all the time!  Where can I sign a petition for this?!  Anyway… surprised and disappointed to see “Bates Motel” not get any other love other than for Vera.  No Freddie Highmore, no writing, no cinematography or art direction? And the same goes for “Parks and Rec.” Glad Amy got recognized, but no one else? No best comedy or writing? Bummer.


Overall, I’m happily surprised by the Netflix series sneaking into the major categories! It’s definitely a new age in television to have the Netflix marathon viewing as an option for watching your shows. Guess I have something new to watch at nights and on the weekends.

YAY: Also happy about all the Louis CK love! Not only is he nominated for his own show, but he’s also got nods for his recent HBO special AND his stint on SNL as host! Louis’ Lincoln digital short is nominated for Short-Form Segment/Variety editing AGAINST the OMG special. Way to go, Louis!  Also, SO happy to see Jonathan Banks nominated as Supporting Actor for Breaking Bad. Mike became one of my favorites, and is especially a dear character to my heart as we’re ending the show (and sadly without him). STOKED for all the Game of Thrones nominees. I’m rooting for you, Mother of Dragons! I do wish Jaime Lannister got nominated too – this last season was surely his finest and should be recognized. Mad Men – no surprise there about Elisabeth Moss and Don Draper. Happy to see Christina Hendricks in the running as well. Love seeing VEEP make it in – Go Anna Chlumsky (you’ll always be My Girl to me) and Tony Hale!

WHOA: Gonna throw this out there – since I perused the ENTIRE list of nominees – yes, even for the more techincal awards like hair, makeup, editing, and visual effects – I was happy to see original song nods for SMASH. (Also happy to see it’s even a category for the Emmys!) I finally decided to finish the series, and while I still agree with my initial overall disappointments with SMASH, some of those original songs were amazing. “I Heard Your Voice in a Dream” was one of the most beautiful original staging I’ve seen in a LONG time, and the mother-daughter song in Bombshell made me cry, I swear.

BOO: WISH we could get some of the other men on the show some props! AND Kiernan Shipka. Sally Draper is totally making the show now, and Pete and Roger need some recognition. Cooper and Cutler are nominated for guest actor and are equally great, but let’s show some love to our other male regulars. Maybe next year? Also, for Arrested Development – I like you Jason Bateman, I do. But David Cross was absolutely stellar in the Netflix season. I think he should’ve gotten a supporting actor nod, AS WELL as Will Arnett! GOB was beyond amazing this season. I’ll never think of the Sound of Silence the same again. 30 Rock is no surprise either, as it was their last season (courtesy nods?), but I feel like there isn’t enough Parks and Rec love. We have the Amy Poehler nod, but no one else! What about Retta as guest? Or Nick Offerman as Lead or Supporting? Really, Emmys?

65th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations


YAY: Yay for Connie Britton and Vera Farmiga!!

WHOA: A big surprise came in seeing that American Horror Story received 17 (!!!!!) Emmy nominations. I, personally, thought the second series was brilliant, and I think every single nominations was well-deserved, especially that of Sarah Paulson. Lana Winters was such an intricate, layered character, and it was fun to watch Paulson take us through Winters’ emotional roller coaster ride. In addition, I did not expect a nomination for Zachary Quinto, though I think he earned it.  The biggest double take I had to make in glancing at the nominations list was the best director nod for Ring of Fire. Hell, I ain’t gonna front. I’ll be honest and say the country bumpkin in me loved the hell out of that movie. But, even for Lifetime, it was a bit marginal and was no comparison to Walk the Line. I may venture out on a limb, though, and say that Jewel did a more realistic portrayal than Reese Witherspoon’s Oscar-winning turn (I said I MAY)…

BOO: Boo for Hayden Panettiere being snubbed. She works just as hard as Connie Britton and I’d argue that her character is more complex and difficult to play–seeing as one minute you love Juliette and the next you can’t stand her! Also, hooker needs to sing a hell of a lot more, too. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am very happy for Connie, seeing that she’s one of my favorite actresses around, but I was just surprised to see Hayden left out. As far as AHS snubs go, I almost wish Dylan McDermott got some love in the supporting actor category…maybe over James Cromwell? I thought McDermott’s portrayal of Johnny/Bloodyface was unnerving and brilliant. My biggest disappointment by far, however, was Parenthood‘s downright snub. It made my heart very, very sad to see such a strong, feel-good, crowd-pleasing show get ignored for the fifth year in a row. And after Monica Potter’s transformational performance this year as a cancer victim, I am just left with no words. What is the industry’s beef with this show?! It’s NBC’s most honest work! While it’s certainly not a ratings darling, it has a beyond loyal fanbase and is a critical darling. I could almost forgive The Walking Dead‘s absence from the list again, but Parenthood? That’s inexcusable…

So, in conclusion, I feel the list is a lot of the same shit, different year. I don’t watch more than half of the shows on there. Is this a sign that the Emmys are out of touch with viewers…or is my taste in television either too narrowed or just downright weird?


I was super excited this morning to see which of my favorite shows and actors received Emmy nominations. Oh, awards season you can’t come soon enough. Plus with Neil Patrick Harris as the host, this year’s show will be epic. I think this year’s list has so many great and notable contenders. Who wins might just be too close to call.

YAY: I was really happy to see the choices in The Outstanding Drama category. I’m a fan of all of these shows with their fantastic writing and strong characters, both leading and supporting. My top picks are Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Mad Men. All three of these shows had such compelling story writing this past season, it made it hard, and at times unbearable, to wait to find out what happens on the next episode. Great television keeps you guessing and coming back for more and that’s exactly what they did.  Speaking of GoT, hail to the Mother of Dragons! Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys grew into herself this season and Clarke did a remarkable job at portraying her as a fierce leader ready to take the iron throne.

WHOA: I’m especially glad that House of Cards received so many nominations. Way to go Netflix leading us into a new age of television! Here’s hoping that more of their original series’ receive the same acclaim next year (I’m obsessed with Orange is the New Black- you must watch it).

BOO: Now were all of these nominations perfect, no. Do I think that someone on this list doesn’t deserve it? Not at all. All of these nominees have done noteworthy and brilliant work, but I wasn’t too pleased to see some actors snubbed. My top two snubs this year were Monica Potter and Emmy Rossum. I just can’t believe that Monica Potter didn’t receive a nomination. Her work this season and portrayal of Kristina on Parenthood was exemplary. Her cancer struggle throughout this past season broke my heart. I’m so happy she’ll be around next season. As a fan of her and the show and of many shows, Monica was of the strongest actors I saw in their portrayals this past season. I was also disappointed that there is no Emmy chance for Emmy. This third season was one of the strongest for Emmy Rossum’s Fiona Gallagher on Shameless. Throughout everything she endured- dealing with her abysmal father, her boyfriend gone missing, and more in between-Emmy gave such real and raw performances as Fiona. Watch her courtroom performance in “A Long Way From Home” and tell me that she doesn’t deserve the nod. My hope is that there is always next year!


So there’s our two cents!  Give us yours by voting in this poll:

We’ll be giving you our predictions as we get closer to the show, which airs on September 22nd!  Let the binge-watching begin!


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