Breaking Bad (The Final Season)


Alright peeps, it’s been a whole year, but “Breaking Bad’ is now back!

Before the premiere episode started, I already felt myself going through an emotional roller coaster. I got into “Breaking Bad” late. I had heard from multiple sources that the show was beyond amazing and so one day, while on “hiatus,” what us people in TV call vacation, I caught up with the show on Netflix. Before I knew it, I had plowed through four seasons. I love this show. The writing is exceptional and the acting is phenomenal. There is a reason “Breaking Bad” has won seven consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards. I’m very sad to see it go. But I’m sure as hell going to enjoy the finale eight episodes. So let’s get into recapping these past two:


The episode starts off with another flash-forward. Walter White pulls up to an abandoned house… it takes me a minute to realize where he is — his old house that is now boarded up and used as a skateboarding rink for the local kids. So the question is, what’s Walt, clearly a wanted man doing at his old house? He’s looking for the Ricin he hid. We just don’t know what he plans on doing with it yet.

Then the episode cuts back to exactly where last season’s left off, Hank discovering that Walter is “Heisenberg!” Hank walks out of Walt’s bathroom with the copy of Leaves of Grass that was signed by Gustavo Fring. When Hank walks out of the bathroom, discovering who his brother-in-law actually is, there is NO sound. It’s eerie. Hank promptly tells his wife Marie that they have to leave and on the way home, he crashes their car into a neighbor’s lawn.

Walt, having no idea that his cover is blown and shit’s about to hit the fan goes about his new, crime-free life. He’s out of the meth business and he’s just going to be a good husband and father who owns a car wash. Well, that is until Lydia (Walt’s former business associate who has set up an international drug ring) shows up to the car wash begging Walt to come back. She’s distressed because the quality of the meth has dropped 68% and people are getting pissed. Walt doesn’t budge, telling Lydia, he’s out. Skylar, Walt’s wife, sensing something isn’t right with Lydia, wonders “Who washes a rental car?” Skylar is perceptive. Walt comes clean and tells her who Lydia really is. Well, Skylar isn’t going to allow Walt to go back into the drug business and tells Lydia to get the hell out and never come back. We’ve seen Skylar grow throughout the course of this show and I’m now a little afraid of her. I’m not sure where she’ll end up when this whole thing comes crashing down on their family, but something tells me if she does ends up in prison, she’s going to have a lot of bitches. Maybe she’ll be on the next season of “Orange Is the New Black?” 

Meanwhile, Hank is freaking out. He can’t go back to his DEA office so he has all the files from the “Heisenberg -Fring” case delivered to his home. Hank’s setting up shop in his garage and shifting through everything to determine if he’s right about his brother-in-law. This is actually a great scene because from the old photos Hank looks through it reminds the viewers at home of all the past characters that have come and gone, most of which Walt had directly or indirectly killed himself.

At this point, Walt realizes that his copy of Leaves of Grass is missing, he also discovers a GPS under his car, so he stops by Hank’s house to see if he’s feeling better, but to also ask if Hank knows anything about the tracker. THIS.IS.WHERE.IT.GETS.GOOD.PEOPLE. The scene between Hank and Walt is what makes “Breaking Bad” so amazing! Any other show would have dragged out a confrontation between the two men. Walt asks Hank if he knows anything about the tracker and without saying anything, Hank clicks a remote so the garage door closes. Then he proceeds to punch Walt. Furiously Hank says, “It was you. All along IT WAS YOU! YOU SON OF A BITCH. You killed two witnesses to save your sorry ass. You bombed a nursing home. Heisenberg, HEISENBERG, you lying two face sack of shit.” Walt, knowing the “jig is up” tells Hank that his cancer is back, and he’s back on chemo, fighting like hell, but in six months, they won’t have anyone to prosecute. And even if Hank did bring Walt in, who’s going to put a dying man in prison? And.. knowing who Walt is, maybe Hank’s best course would be to “Tread lightly.”  Chills, I have chills. 

While Walt is dealing with family drama, Jesse Pickman is going through another rock bottom. Feeling guilt over everything that has happened, Jesse takes the money Walt gave him and goes to see his corrupt lawyer Saul Goodman. Jesse wants Saul to give money to Drew Sharp’s family and Mike’s granddaughter (Remember: Walt killed Mike, but Jesse doesn’t’ know Mike’s dead). Saul tries to explain to Jesse that the FEDs are all over Mike’s finances and are watching Mike’s family too. There is no way, Saul can get a large sum of money to Mike’s granddaughter without it being intercepted. Upset, Jesse leaves. Saul makes a call to Walt, letting him know that Jesse needs to be talked off a ledge. So Walt pays Jesse a visit and returns the money back to him. Saying that even though Jesse’s upset, he needs to hold it together.

We all know Jesse isn’t good at containing his feelings and since the money he has is “blood money,” see where the title of the episode comes from???? Jesse needs to get rid of it. He gives a wad of cash to a homeless man and then drives through a neighborhood at night throwing cash onto the street and people’s lawns. Hey Jesse, while you’re literally throwing away millions of dollars out the window, mind strolling through my neighborhood! I live at….


There is a man wandering around outside his front yard. He notices bundles of cash and then sees a car. As he walks up to a car crashed into a swing set he sees a large amount of money in duffel bags sitting in the passenger seat. From the background we see Jesse laying on a roundabout, spinning around while staring blankly off.

Shit’s officially hit the fan, After the confrontation between Hank and Walt, Walt walks to his car and immediately goes to call Skylar. Only she’s already on the phone with Hank. Hank asks her to meet him at a local diner, where he explains that he knows all about Walt and how Skylar’s previous behavior (giving Hank and Marie her kids and Skylar trying to kill herself) makes sense. He’s frantic in explaining that she needs to tell him everything she knows. Hank pulls out a tape recorder and places it on the table, asking Skylar to start from the beginning. Geez, dude, can you give her a second? Her entire life is falling apart and she’s in serious trouble. Skylar is smart about the next thing she’s about to say. She asks Hank if he really wants her to talk in the middle of a crowded diner and says she needs a minute. Skylar says that she thinks the best thing for her is to get a lawyer. Hank, confused about why Skylar would need a lawyer explains that they just make everything more complicated. He says that Skylar’s sister, Marie is the most important thing in his life and he will protect Skylar. Only Skylar is about to have a nervous breakdown and asks if she’s under arrest. She screams at Hank and then walks out of the diner. She calls Walt, but Walt isn’t picking up. He’s with Saul and pissed that his wife would talk to his brother-in-law without talking to him first.

We see Kuby and Huell break into Walt’s storage space where he’s keeping the rest of his drug money. Huell lies on the pile of dough. Can’t say I blame him. There is enough money there to look like a California king size bed. Kuby asks what the hell he’s doing and then says, “Screw it” and joins him on the pile of money. Huell says, they should just take the money and go to Mexico but Kuby reminds him that Walt killed 10 men in jail in the span of two minutes. So it’s probably best to just do the job they were hired to do and not try to screw Walt over. They deliver the money to Walt in a large white van. Walt takes the keys, drives out to the desert and buries the money. He uses a GPS to get the coordinates of where he buried the money and then memorizes the latitude and longitude coordinates. To ensure Skylar or himself knows where to get the money, he purchases a New Mexico lottery ticket and posts it to the refrigerator door. That’s a smart one. Who says you don’t need geography after grade school? 

Meanwhile, Marie pays Skylar a visit to ask if it’s true. Skylar doesn’t’ say anything, but cries and says, “I’m sorry.” Marie slaps Skylar because she realizes that Skylar has known about who Walt is and what he does for a long time. As she leaves Skylar and Walt’s house she tries to kidnap her niece. The two sisters scream at one another, but then Hank walks in telling Marie to give back the baby to her mother. As Hank and Marie leave, Marie tells her husband that he needs to get Walt. Only problem is that Hank doesn’t have enough proof, and he also knows that once word gets out there that “Heisenberg” is his brother-in-law, Hank’s career is finished. Hank needs to find away to get solid evidence.

Walt comes home and Skylar tells him she didn’t say anything to Hank. As Walt prepares to take a shower he collapses. Since taking him to the hospital isn’t an option, she makes a makeshift bed for him on the bathroom floor. It’s actually kind of funny. She’s a wife who knows how to take care of her husband! Once Walt wakes up he tells Skylar he’ll give himself up, but only if she promises not to give up the money. He doesn’t want everything he’s down to be for nothing. Skylar explains that all Hank has are his suspicions so the best thing to do is for them to just keep quiet.

Lydia is becoming quiet the drug lord. She’s beyond pissed about the quality of meth being distributed because her buyers in the Czech Republic aren’t happy. She is brought to Declan and his meth lab in the middle of the desert. She wants to know why the product they’re pushing is sub par. After being brought to his underground meth lab, she realizes that the conditions of the new lab are filthy. She wants Todd back and cooking the meth the way Walt taught him. When Declan won’t accept her terms, Lydia mutters under her breath, “I really wish you’d given him a chance.” In my opinion, Declan should have known something was up. But he’s dumb, so he and the rest of his men are massacred. Watching Lydia walk through all those dead bodies… Listen to your parents kids, DRUGS ARE BAD – STAY AWAY. 

Now back to Jesse. We didn’t think him throwing millions of dollars around the city of Albuquerque was going to go unnoticed did we? He winds up with the DEA and under questioning. As Jesse is being questioned by two detectives, Hank arrives to watch. As the detectives walk out of the room for a break Hank explains that he has history with Jesse and wants the opportunity to question him. As the detectives agree to give Hank some time alone with Jesse the episode closes with Hank entering the holding room.

What do you think of the season so far? I think they’re running at breakneck speed. Are you guys watching “Talking Bad?” I’ll see you next Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad (The Final Season)

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  2. Great recap! These were two brilliant episodes. Everything we see and hear is totally crucial to the puzzle of how Walt winds up the way he is in the flash forwards. Did you pay attention to the colors everyone was wearing? So great! We go from the Whites wearing white/khaki to Hank and Marie steeping in the dark colors. Love it.

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