Breaking Bad



Todd calls Walt, leaving a message about a “differing of opinions” that lead to the massacre of Declan and his men. I’m not sure why Todd felt the need to call Walt, seeing as Walt has made it perfectly clear he wants nothing to do with his past meth life. Later Todd sits with his uncle and another guy and tells them the story of when he stole meth from a train. The two men leave, letting Todd cook on his own.

Hank is talking with Jesse. He’s surprisingly calm… I really expected Hank to attack Jesse. But I guess finding out Walt is “Heisenberg” has messed with Hank’s head more than I thought it would. He calmly, almost begging Jesse to tell him anything. Not surprisingly Jesse isn’t talking. Then Saul enters the interrogation room yelling things lawyers tend to do when their clients are questioned without their presence and tells the detectives to get out. Then he starts yelling at Jesse for being a complete idiot.  

Meanwhile, Walt Jr, comes home and tells his dad that he was invited to Hank and Marie’s house for dinner. Walt, wanting to keep his son from going to his in-laws tells Walt, Jr that his cancer is back so he’ll stay home. Realizing that they need to get a handle on their situation, Walt has Skylar help him make a tape. We think it’s his confession, but….

Walt, Skylar, Hank and Marie meet at a Mexican restaurant. Hank and Marie think they’re meeting up with Walt and Skylar to hear Walt confess. Only Walt tries to explain that they want their children left out of the situation with the grown ups. Walt also tries to explain that he has nothing to confess, because he’s technically not doing anything wrong anymore. Not seeing through the BS, Marie asks Walt to kill himself. She says that if everything dies with Walt, if his cancer is back, he should kill himself. When everyone else at the table agrees that Walt killing himself may not be the right solution, Walt and Skylar get up to leave, but not before leaving the confession tape with Hank and Marie.

As Hank and Marie watch Walt’s confession at home, they, along with the audience realize that Walt has pinned everything on Hank. It’s all blackmail! Walt pins everything on Hank. Walt accuses Hank of being the mastermind behind Heisenberg and using Walt as his chemist! The look on Hank and Marie’s face was pretty much the look on mine. I was in shock while watching, but I also had to chuckle. Walt is such an evil man. Just diabolical.

Walt meets up with Jesse and Saul in the middle of the desert, Walt asks Jesse to tell him everything that happened between Hank and Jesse. Jesse explains that Hank doesn’t know anything more than Walt being Heisenberg and that Hank hasn’t told anyone in the DEA. Walt then tries to “work” Jesse, telling him to just get away, change his identity and leave town. Jesse sees right through Walt and in a scene that may get Aaron Paul his next Emmy, yells at Walt — telling him to just be honest, that Walt needs Jesse gone or else Walt will kill him just like he killed Mike. Walt doesn’t say anything but he hugs a crying Jesse. It was a very touching moment between the two men. One we haven’t seen between the two of them in a long time. Out of all the twisted, sick relationships on this show, I still harbor hope for Walt and Jesse. I know, twisted, right?

Jesse decides to leave Albuquerque. In Saul’s office, Jesse lights a joint, Saul screams at him to get his shit together and stop playing around. Jesse puts it out and on the way out of the office, unbeknownst to him, Saul has Huell lift Jesse’s weed. As Jesse stands outside waiting for the van that will relocate him, Jesse realizes it’s gone and the Ricin cigarette! O.M.G. This is bad, very bad. Jesse goes back to Saul’s office and beats him. He grabs Saul’s gun and forces Saul to admit that he helped Walt kill Brock. Saul admits to helping Walt get the Ricin, but that he had no idea what Walt was going to do with it. Jesse’s pissed and the last thing we see is him carrying gasoline and kicking down the door to the White house. He’s gonna burn it down!!!

The Ricin/Brook plot has been a long time coming. I thought I would be excited about that particular plot point coming to light… but I’m scared that Jesse’s days are numbered. Walt won’t hesitate to kill him and I have a horrible feeling that’s what he’ll do next week.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad

  1. I love how in this episode it’s clear that the deeper Hank and Marie dig into this, the more screwed everyone seems to be. I loved the reveal for Hank about Walt and Skylar paying for his recovery. It totally puts him in a tougher position – not only did Walt start a drug empire under his nose, but he also was a personal benefactor of Walt’s empire!

    I also was so happy to have Jesse make the final realization. While I do think his days are numbered, I think he’s going to fight hard till the end. Now that he’s re-invigorated with a purpose, I’m excited to see the next moves he’ll make. I feel like Jesse breaking into the house is how Walt Jr is finally going to catch wind that something else is not right in that household. (Then again I’ve long held a theory that Walt Jr will somehow be crucial to everything becoming known and crashing down)

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