Breaking Bad – Two episode recap


Sorry ya’ll. I’ve been off the radar for a hot second, but I’m back. So let’s dive into the last two episodes of Breaking Bad.

“Rabid Dog”

  • Walt looks for Jesse in his house, but Jesse’s not there. Where’d he go?
  • Freaked out, Walt hires a cleaning crew to get the smell of gasoline out of his house. The cleaning crew can’t get the smell out of the rugs because, well it’s gasoline and it’s soaked through the floor boards. He’ll have to replace the carpet. So Walt cooks up a ridiculous story about spilling gas all over himself at a gas station. The story is a complete crock of shit. Skylar and Walt Jr. aren’t buying it.
  • The White family decides to spend some big bucks and stay in a nice hotel. As Walt runs out to “get ice.” He really meets with Saul in the hotel parking lot to find out where the hell Jesse is. No one knows, but they’re looking for him. And what happens when they find Jesse? Well…..
  • When Walt returns to the room, Skylar asks him what he was talking to Saul about and to tell her the truth about what happened at their house. Walt tells her Jesse is angry about something Walt did. Skylar, angry that Jesse would try to burn her house down and hurt her family says, “[Jesse] is a person who is a threat to us. I mean, my god, where we are now with Hank and Marie and that awful tape we made. After everything we’ve done, you can’t just talk to this person. We’ve come this far, for us… What’s one more?” DID.THIS.BITCH.JUST.SUGGEST.HER.HUSBAND.KILL.JESSE?? And..why isn’t she curious about what Walt did that would make someone that angry?
  • So what did happen with Jesse? Turns out Hank stopped him from burning the White’s house down. Hank’s been following Jesse.
  • Walt wants to talk to Jesse, explain about Brock. He wants to meet Jesse at a large out-door mall. Hank – having listened to Walt’s message on Jesse’s phone (Jesse, nice phone case. Hello, Kitty? Really?) wants him to go. Hank doesn’t care that it’s probably a trap to kill Jesse. I care, Hank! I care! Jesse, don’t do it! Don’t go! 
  • Jesse goes to meet Walt, wearing a wire. But as he walks up to Walt, he sees a suspicious looking man and thinks he’s with Walt and is supposed to kill Jesse. So he walks away to a pay phone, where he calls Walt. Jesse tells Walt he’s coming for him. He’s going to get Walt “Where you really live.”

“To’hajiilee” – I can’t fully recap this episode because it was so insane. Below are the bullet points of the major episode.

  • Hank and Jesse are working together to bring down Hank!
  • Walt hires Todd and his uncle to kill Jesse!
  • Hank cons Huell into telling him information on where Walt is hiding his money.
  • Brock isn’t dead?!?@?@? WTF!
  • Jesse tricks Walt into showing him the location of his money.
  • Walt admitted to killing all those people and poising Brock just enough, but not killing him.
  • Jesse and Walt fight!
  • Todd’s uncle Jack and all his men show up with guns! A full-blown gun fight is happening.
  • There is no way Hank and Gomez are going to survive.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad – Two episode recap

  1. thelaurene, great points and theories. I agree with you about Hank. I just don’t see any way for Hank and Gomez to survive. They will run out of ammunition eventually and when that happens, Jack and his boys will kill them. Of course, once that happens there is no hope for Skylar and her sister.

    I can honestly say I have no idea where the show is heading for the last three episodes. I can see Jesse, Hank and Gomez all dying in that desert and Walt taking off. But then again, I also see Walt and Jesse surviving as well. One thing I will say is that I don’t think there is any going back for Walt. I feel like the flash forwards we’ve been seeing of Walt is him completely embracing Heisenberg. I just don’t know if the events in the desert are what leads him to that point.

    I never realized that Brock wasn’t dead. I just remember Walt poisoning him. I wonder if Jesse and Walt will have time to clear up there miss communication before shit hits the fan between the two of them.

  2. Great point by point re-cap! Any theories??

    That phone call Hank makes to Marie is a total sign that ominous things are to come. I feel like if Hank does, in fact, die in the gunfire, this is what will break Heisenberg and let Walt fully re-emerge. We’ve seen his guilt and the Walt side of him affect his judgment and make him hesitate about decisions Heisenberg would otherwise have no problem making. Now that he is totally powerless to stop the one thing that would definitively destroy his family, I think this could prompt him to maybe fake his death, go into hiding, and figure out a way to avenge Hank and destroy Todd and his uncle (hence, needing that massive gun in the flash forward, and hence neighbor Carol looking as if she saw a ghost when Walt re-visits his house)

    I also think that if Hank dies, this may be the moment all hell breaks loose for the Whites and the Schraeders – lord knows Marie will full on freak out that Hank dies, and there’s no way of hiding it from still innocent Walt Jr after this.

    Also – Brock was never dead. We always knew Walt poisoned Brock – he never gave a lethal dose of that lily of the valley. Jesse was relieved when he found out Brock didn’t die and it wasn’t ricin way back when. But I DO think Brock remembers Walt – I feel like they’ve played up the rehash of what Walt did to Brock so much, I can’t imagine it just falling to the wayside now that he walked right into Andrea’s house again.

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