Breaking Bad Recap “Ozymandias”

Breaking Bad

I said that last week’s episode was the best episode of Breaking Bad ever. So let’s dive into the aftermath.


The episode opens with a flashback to the “good ole days” when Walt and Jesse would drive to the middle of the desert to cook meth and long before Skylar knew about her husbands extracurricular activities. By now you guys know I’m obsessed with Walt and Jesse’s relationship, so it was good to see them like old times. Walt walks out of their trailer to make a call to Skylar, as he’s walking, he’s also talking out to himself on the lie he’s about to tell Skylar as to why he won’t make it home in time for dinner. This got me thinking, “How many of us actually talk out our lie before knowingly telling it to someone?” I’ve done it. Have you? 

When Breaking Bad comes back from commercial break, the show picks up right where we left off from last week’s episode. The gun fight! Gomez is dead, Hank is shot in the leg and he’s also out of bullets. As he sees Gomez’s gun, he crawls over to it, at the same time Jack is walking over to Hank. At this point I’ve paused my TV because I don’t want to see what’s going to happen next. I have to tell myself, “Funmi, you’re a big girl. You can handle this. Press play and watch the damn show!” Okay…so Hank is crawling over to retrieve Gomez’s gun just as Jack is walking up to kill Hank. Walt screams out! “He’s family!” But Jack’s a little pissed about not knowing that Walt is related to the DEA. In exchange for not killing Hank, Walt offers up his cash: 80 million dollars. Did ya’ll get that? I’ll type it out differently: $80,000,000! Jack doesn’t care and he kills Hank anyway. I knew it was coming, it was inevitable, that Hank would die. But, damn. That one was hard to watch. 

Not only did they kill Hank, but they take most of Walt’s money too. They leave him about 10 million. They say karma is a bitch and she’s come for Walt. She came and grabbed his balls.

Walt sees Jesse hiding under his car and by now, he’s enraged. I’m sure he blames Jesse for everything, so he wants Jack to end him. Right before Jack is about to put a bullet to Jesse’s head, Todd stops him. Saying that they should all find out what Jesse told the DEA. As Jesse is being dragged off to a car, Walt tells Jesse another big secret – and it’s about Jane! Jesse’s old love. Walt tells Jesse, he watched Jane die! Woah! This episode is a lot for me. I’ve had to pause numerous times just to get myself together.

While Walt makes his way home. Jesse has been severely beaten by Jack’s gang so they can find out what he told the DEA. Just when we think Jesse is about to be murdered as well, Todd brings him to his meth lab. Looks like Jesse’s right back where he started. Cooking meth. Todd left a little present for Jesse, a picture of Andrea and Brock. Now Jesse knows Brock never died. All of the mayhem that has just occurred could have been avoided.

Meanwhile, Marie pays Skylar a visit at the car wash to let her know that Hank has arrested Walt and he’s being booked. The scene between these sisters broke my heart. The audience knowing what has happened to Hank, but Marie having no idea that her husband is dead.

When Walt arrives home, he frantically starts packing, just as Sklyar makes her way home with the Walt, Jr and Holly. Walt screams at them to pack so they can leave, but Skylar demands to know where Hank is. After a lot of yelling, Walt finally tells Skylar that Hank is dead. This is the turning point for Skylar. She can no longer be part of this game and she grabs a knife. She wants Hank out of the house and away from her kids. Walt tries to get the knife away from Skylar and they fight. Walt, Jr tackles his father and then calls the police. As Walt leaves the house he grabs Holly. At this point I’m screaming at my TV. “Not the baby! Not Holly! Walt don’t do it!” Anna Gunn will probably win an Emmy for her performance. When she runs after the car and collapses in the street. I felt it! The anguish of a mother who just had her child ripped from her. 

The police and Marie are at the White household. Walt calls Skylar. He yells that she never knew how to be a good wife, shut the hell up and do as she was told. That she never appreciated everything he has done for his family. He also says that if she’s not careful she’ll wind up like Hank. While Skylar and the police are listening to Walt, we see him and know that he’s tormented. He’s saying what he has to say to protect the mother of his children so that she doesn’t get brought up on charges. However, this doesn’t make listening to the horrible things he’s telling her any easier to hear.

In the end, Walt ends up leaving Holly at a fire station and takes his money. A red minivan pulls up and he gets in the car. End Credits.

Was that just an hour? It felt like so much longer. Hank’s dead, Walt’s money is gone. His family is gone. The feds know he’s Heisenberg. Jesse’s back cooking meth. Last week I said that To’hajiilee” was the best episode ever. As of tonight, “Ozymandias” is the best episode of Breaking Bad ever. What did you think? There are still two episodes left. What in the world is left to happen? I need a drink people, that was INTENSE.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Recap “Ozymandias”

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  2. So many thoughts and feelings! Imagine watching this streaming online and your internet stalling at such critical moments.

    I think the smartest move Todd ever made on the series was holding onto Jesse to cook since clearly Todd is a screw-up in all other ways. It broke my heart! I actually thought the picture of Andrea and Brock was more like a threat – like, “Hey, we know these people mean a lot to you. So if you screw us over in the cook, they die.”

    I was amazed and a little conflicted at first about Walt going completely bananas. I feel like he went full on Jekyll and Hyde throughout the whole episode, but maybe Walt has a grander plan to spare his family. I know there’s tons of recognition somewhere deep down inside that he massively messed up otherwise okay lives for himself, his family, and the Schraeders. I guess my real question now is who will win out – Heisenberg, or Walt? And now that he’s taken Saul’s guy on to change his identity – WHAT will bring him back? The cook? Jack? Jesse? Or something even worse than that?

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