The Mindy Project, “All My Problems Solved Forever…”

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In the premiere of Season 2 for “The Mindy Project,” we pick up right where we left off – Mindy has gone off to Haiti. At first, I questioned if she really would. Based on what we learned about Mindy and what she cares about and her priorities, it was a wonder how long she’d last, and if she went, how soon she’d come back to NYC. The thing that’s great about “The Mindy Project” is she finds ways to constantly surprise us but still stay true to the Mindy mentality. Mindy makes it through a couple months in Haiti, even though she doesn’t subscribe to all the little things Casey likes, like waking up to watch the sunrise sitting in a tree. Oddly enough, Casey takes that moment to propose to her. Then.. BANG! Literally, and figuratively. Mindy’s got gall bladder issues, and she’s helicoptered safely back into NYC.

Once she’s back, it’s a matter of what happens next with Mindy and Casey. Like a good boyfriend/fiance, Casey comes back with her and makes sure she’s feeling better and rehabilitated before they, presumably, return to Haiti. He then suggests, why wait till they’re done with his time in Haiti to get married? If they want to do it, why not do it before they head back with all their friends around? Mindy narrates that she’s all aboard… and we think it’s your usual voiceover, but really the voice we heard catching up was just Mindy on her wedding night narrating to herself the rom-com in her mind in front of her bathroom mirror. She gets unpleasantly disrupted by Casey peeing next to her, and her nervously pees on her wedding dress. She escapes to the fire escape upset, and Danny comes and talks her down, saying that it might be more “Mindy” to rock the simple wedding in her scrubs. She starts walking down the aisle, then Casey stops the wedding. “I don’t want to marry you … like this.” Casey knows what Mindy wants is a more theatrical wedding, and he wants her to have it and plan it the way she wants, and he also recognizes Mindy needs to stay behind in NYC. They stay engaged, and Casey heads back. So there you have it.

But what happened to the practice in the meantime? Well, they find another doctor to replace Mindy at the practice – guest star James Franco as a wonderful Dr. Leotard, Danny moves into a house with Christina in NJ, and Jeremy gets stress fat because he had to take on the responsibility of actually running the practice. Tamara the nurse sticks around, and is a fun comic relief, forgetting who Mindy was and mistaking Mindy for a boy selling candy because of the short haircut.

Danny’s having trouble at home, with Christina frustrated with their lack of a sex life. They ask Dr. Leotard to advise them through sex therapy. Christina blows up at Danny the day after he refuses to have sex with her after discovering porn on his computer. Danny at first thinks proposing will solve the problem, now that they both own the house together. But he realizes, in the end, he wasn’t happy. He also hints at disapproval and jealousy of Mindy’s engagement to Casey, once again revitalizing the will they or won’t they dynamic between them.

The big cliffhanger of the episode then becomes a potential rivalry between Dr. Leotard and Mindy (both, coincidentally, go by the nickname Dr. L after all) Dr. Leotard asks where will Mindy work, and she confidently says back at the practice. But what will happen to Dr. Leotard? I like the little mini rivalry here, but we know this will dissipate quickly. The other major thing I wonder about is will Mindy pull through with the engagement? The appeal of season 1 was watching her trials and tribulations with dating. Will season 2 watch her in a steady relationship after all?

To leave off for the week, some choice moments from the episode:

-Danny (after rushing to see Mindy in the hospital) – “Did you sass a voodoo princess?”
-Danny (to Christina before bed) – “Ken Burns did it again!”
-James Franco and the disco sperm on the ipad

-Mindy (about the rush planning for the wedding) – “isn’t that rushed? took me longer to get my permit for my handgun”

-(when Mindy meets Dr. Leotard)
Danny – “Cool your jets, you’re engaged”
(music stops)
Mindy – “Someone just walked into a room. I’m just looking at him”
(music cues again – Danny glares)
Mindy – “What? Is this the taliban? I can’t look at a man anymore?”

-James Franco’s hand gestures describing his calling to be an ob/gyn – “I was meant to guide babies through the original runway – the human birth canal!”

-Danny (about possibly losing christina) “Who’s going to explain colbert to me?”

-LOVE that they made Jeremy suddenly fat – he’s a little more interesting now. The whole “hot british doctor” thing was kind of a bland arc for him anyway.

Till next week!

One thought on “The Mindy Project, “All My Problems Solved Forever…”

  1. I love Mindy’s boyfriend, Casey! I wouldn’t mind him being a regular on the show. Even if they break up. His comedic timing is spot on.

    I hope James Franco doesn’t stick around for long. I’m already over him. I’m also over Mindy’s hair. They need to correct that situation – PRONTO.

    How hilarious was it when Danny’s ex-wife/girlfriend broke that laptop. I gasped but then immediately burst out into laughter because I realized everyone on “The Mindy Project” did too. I love this show so much, I need more people to watch it before it winds up like, Happy Endings.” What is with people not watching the funny, quirky shows?!?!

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