Breaking Bad Recap – Granite State


First I want to give a HUGE CONGRATS to Breaking Bad on their Emmy win for Best Drama! Well deserved! This penultimate episode of Breaking Bad wasn’t as fast paced as “Ozymandias” but that’s okay. Events are set in motion to set up the finale episode.

“Granite State” 

Walt | Walt is hiding out until Saul’s guy can set him up with a new identity. Turns out Saul is ready to skip town too. Saul is more than ready to get out of Albuquerque and be a manager of a Cinnabon in Omaha. I can’t say that I blame him. Saul may be ready to skip town but Walt isn’t. He’s going after Jack and his men. He wants them dead for killing Hank and he wants his money back. Walt didn’t go through everything to have his life’s work stolen from him. Saul tries talking sense into Walt, letting him know that if he runs, the FEDS will go after Skylar and they will intercept any and all money coming her way. Two DEA agents are dead, they’re not going to let that go. But Walt isn’t hearing any of it. He wants his money back because that’s for his children. Walt! Pay attention that money isn’t going anywhere but back to uncle Sam. Walt tries to force Saul to help him find hit men to kill Jack but Saul done. He all but says, “Bye bitch!” to Walt and leaves.

Walt ends up in a little cabin in New Hampshire with his barrel of ten million dollars. Some time has passed (maybe about a month or so?) and Walt is still hiding out in the cabin. His hair has grown in and so has his beard. Aside from Saul’s guym, Walt has no one to talk to. When Walt’s guy arrives at the cabin to drop off newspapers, food and a prescription glasses for Walt, he gives Walt the low down on what is happening with his family. No court date has been set for Skylar. She’s doing part-time tax work in order to make ends meet, they’ve been kicked out of their house and she’s back to using her maiden name.

As time has gone by, Walt’s cancer has gotten worse. One night, when his wedding ring falls off because he’s lost so much weight, Walt decides to make contact with his family. He grabs $100,000, puts it in a box and packages it up to send to Skylar and the kids. As he makes his way to the nearest town, that is 8 miles away from where he’s staying — Walt has no car and it’s the dead of winter — Walt arrives at a bar. He pays a woman to call Walt Jr at school and explains to Walt Jr that the things they are saying in the media about him isn’t true. That everything Walt did, he did for his family. He wants to send Walt Jr money but Walt Jr starts yelling at him. He says that Walt killed his uncle Hank and everything that happened to his mother, is Walt’s fault. Walt Jr wants his father to die. After getting off the phone with Walt. Jr. Walt calls the DEA to turn himself in. As he sits down for a drink to wait until the police arrive, he sees an interview with his two old co-founders of Grey Matter Technologies, Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz. During the interview, they basically sell out Walt and his hand in co-founding the company. They say the only thing Walter White contributed to their company was the name. Well, let’s just say, this makes Walt have a change of hear about turning himself in because by the time the state troopers arrive to the bar the only thing that remains of Walt being there is his drink, a napkin and some cash on the table.

Skylar | Skylar is in deep shit. She’s fully aware that if the FEDS don’t get her husband, and soon, they are coming after her. Only problem is that she has no idea where Walt. As the FEDS are sitting outside her house, Todd and two of killer buddies are waiting for Skylar in Holly’s room with masks. They let Skylar know that if she mentions Lydia to the FEDS they will kill her and her children.

Jesse |  As Jesse sits in his makeshift underground prison he looks at the picture of Andrea and Brock he realizes he can use the paperclip to get himself loose of his handcuffs. His only problem now is getting out of his makeshift prison. His chance comes one night when Todd, feeling generous that the meth Jesse is cooking is at 96% brings him dinner. As Jesse makes a run for it, he gets caught on the surveillance cameras surrounding Jack’s compound. Just as he’s about to hop a fence Jack and his men catch up to him. Jesse screams, “Just do it! Kill me, because there is no way I’m cooking any more meth.” In order to teach Jesse a lesson, Todd kills Andrea. As Jesse cries, Jack tells him to shut up because they will kill her son.

Well, there’s only one more episode left! How will it all end? Stay tuned for my thoughts on the season finale of Breaking Bad and a rundown of some of my favorite moments from the series.

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