Season 4 Premiere: Blue Bloods “Unwritten Rules”

The Reagan family is back and tensions are high in the fourth season premiere, “Unwritten Rules”.

When an officer is killed chasing after a suspect in a jewelry heist, the NYPD is in full force trying to find a cop killer. Once they have a suspect in custody, Angelo Reed, their only piece of evidence is an elderly eyewitness, who isn’t 100 percent sure that they have the right guy. It’s not enough evidence for Erin, so until Danny can find more evidence, she releases him.

BLUE BLOODSDue to threats on the Reed’s life, Jamie and his new partner, Edit “Eddie” Janko (Pretty Little Liars’ Vanessa Ray) are forced to serve and protect him, despite their allegiances to Officer Collins.

Danny and his new partner, Det. Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez is back as a series regular) try to track down more evidence. As time passes and a conviction hasn’t been made yet, the cops begin boycotting their court appearances against the D.A.’s office and Erin. Internal conflict in the Reagan household adds up, leaving Erin out to feel like no one has her back.

103586_0237b_0In the end, Danny and Erin pull quite the switcheroo to get Reed to confess to the crime after alleging that his former partner in jewelry heist gave him up. He’s convicted and family life goes back to normal.

I’m super excited for this new season. We have new faces to the cast – with Vanessa Ray as Jamie’s partner, I’m ready to see how their relationship develops, whether it’s just a friendship or more. I’m glad the studio heads finally decided on casting Marisa Ramirez as Danny’s partner. No more cast changes in this department. While Marisa has big shoes filling in for Jennifer Esposito’s Jackie, I am a fan of this actress’s work and I think her chemistry with Donnie plays well on the screen.

Did you watch? What did you think? Was it a good season opener? Anything you want to see happen this season?

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