“Breaking Bad” The Finale Recap



(Warning: I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but this IS a recap of the finale and therefore contain SPOILERS. If you’re sensitive about that kind of thing, stop reading now and go watch the finale.)

In case you hadn’t heard, last night was the series finale of a little show called, “Breaking Bad.” Before I wrote this last recap, I needed some time to let the finale settle in. It was nothing less of perfection. From start to finish, the “Breaking Bad” finale is how you close out a show.

Five seasons have come and gone, in the end, Walter White DIED. Yes, Mr. White, Walt, Heisenberg died from a gunshot wound — Bleeding out on a meth lab floor. I found it fitting and somewhat poetic that this was the way Walter White died.

To me, “Breaking Bad” has always been a story about transition, transformation – how one man has evolved over time. The thing about Walter White is that regardless of how bad a person he became you were rooting for him. You never looked at Walt and thought or saw an evil man. He started out as a simple Chemistry teacher – meek, calm, non-threatening. But when life came along and gave him a swift kick in the ass in the form of cancer, he decided that it was time to stop being so meek and do something about his life. He just happened to go about it by becoming a drug dealer. Hey – we all have to find our own way, right?  

What I found so interesting about the finale was that Walt finally confronted Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz. If you’re a fan of the show and have watched from the beginning you understand how these two were a huge factor in the decisions Walt made. Sure Walt always said he did it for his family. But We all knew there were other factors. Which was why I appreciated Walt when he was finally honest to Skylar. The truth, he liked cooking and selling meth. He liked being Heisenberg, why? Because he good at it. When Walt said this to Skylar, she looked relieved to finally have the truth from him. I was relived as well. I’ve always thought that Walt started cooking meth because it was his way of rectifying his botched business with Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz. It was his own twisted way of making that situation right.

Walt got his closure. Walt had a final goodbye with Skylar – he gave her the coordinates on where to find Hank and Gomez’s bodies, he got see his children one last time and he got revenge on Jack, Todd and their men. And that revenge was pretty bad ass. Earlier in the episode, Walt “tricked” his way back into Jack’s fold by showing up at Todd and Lydia’s meet ups. He told Lydia and Todd that he knew they were running low on methylamine and had a foolproof way of being able to cook meth without it. When Walt arrived on Jack’s compound we just knew something was up. I knew Walt had every intention of killing every single one of those men, but I was expecting him to try and lure them out into the desert, which is where I assumed he had set up an automatic machine gun to kill them. Just before Jack is about to kill Walt, he’s able to buy himself some time by accusing Jack of working with Jesse. At this accusation, Jack is pissed. Jesse is his prisoner – so he brings in Jesse to show Walt that Jesse isn’t working with him, but for him. Poor scared from beatings Jesse! When Walt sees Jesse, he attacks him and they both fall to the ground, but Walt was just protecting him from the array of bullets flying into the house, as Walt had set up an automatic machine gun in the trunk of his car! Oh snap, Walt just killed Jack and his boys! The only one left alive is Todd, but Jesse was going to take care of that. Using the chains that he had been in for months, Jesse choked Todd to death.

And then there were two…. In the end, the only two left standing are Walt and Jesse. Walt wants Jesse to shot him, but Jesse notices, that Walt is already bleeding from a bullet wound, Jesse isn’t going to shot Walt, if Walt wants to die, he’ll have to kill himself. Jesse gets himself out of his handcuffs and runs to a car and speeds the hell out of that compound. Can’t say that I blame him. Knowing he’s about to die, Walt walks to the meth lab. As we see police lights in the background, Walt walks around, I assume he’s reminiscing, he picks up a gas mask and then collapses to the floor and dies.

Oh, and the question about what Walt was going to do with that Ricin? Well, that was for Lydia. Walt poured it into that damn chamomile tea she’s always drinking.  I mean, that bitch had to go.

So there you have it folks, the end of “Breaking Bad.” It was superb, was it not? What were your favorite moments from the series? Are you sad that Walt died? My only qualm with the show was Walt’s damn flip phone, why did he never upgrade to an iPhone? Hell, I’d even take him having a blackberry!  

One thought on ““Breaking Bad” The Finale Recap

  1. It’s so surreal that it’s over!
    There were so many compositional things I loved about this episode – it proved once and again that this show is so well written and made – every detail is labored over in such a way that makes every moment meaningful. Each moment of closure had its own great subtleties. One of my favorites is when Walt and Skylar are speaking for the last time, and the shot is pulled to a wide where you see a wooden pillar between the two of them.
    AND… can I just say, it was wonderful to see Badger and Skinny Pete one last time. ONE LAST TIME! And it was super funny/meta that they pointed out how morally messed up Walt’s plan for the Schwartzes was – to trick them into a life of fear. That’s the whole point of the show – morally confusing!

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