The “Parenthood” Premiere


The season premiere of “Parenthood” was like medicine to my soul. As always, great acting, great writing, great directing, great pace, great story arcs introduced for a whole new year with the Bravermans.

The show picked up several months from where it left off, which was a good move, in my humble opinion. It left to the viewers’ imagination what Jasmine’s pregnancy was like, what Kristina’s early recovery was like, what Sarah’s healing process was like, and what Victor’s willing acclimation to the family was like—all things that could have bogged down the pace and the story a bit.

We pick up with Jasmine giving birth, Kristina being offered an opportunity to go back to work and Julia trying to land a job again, Sarah in a new and stable gig as an apartment-building landlord, Joel landing a major contract, Drew head-first into freshman year of college, and Amber worrying about Ryan over in Afghanistan. Change has been and in store for all the Bravermans, and we, as viewers, are left looking forward to how they ebb and flow with all that change.

Some big surprises–good and bad:
•Hank is back in town, and Sarah doesn’t know. I really liked Hank last season, and I hope he and Sarah find a way to reconcile. It really is time for her to get a man she deserves.
•The baby’s name—Aida??? Is this a Broadway play? Girl, you had your first strike when you named your son Jabar. This is strike 2.
•The final moments of the episode in which Ryan proposes to Amber. I was so nervous. Like Amber, I was afraid that a tour overseas had changed him and would hurt their relationship in the end. When he dropped to one knee, the hopeless romantic in me lost my breath and started crying. I have enjoyed watching Amber grow throughout the past four seasons, and it’s exciting to see the writers exploring adulthood with her character.
•Crosby’s detachment from the baby. I think that angle is honest and raw and probably more true to life than anyone would ever like to admit or imagine. Now, I don’t think the writers should drag it out TOO much, but I think it’s an interesting concept to play around with for a while.

What did the rest of you Bravergeeks think?

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