The Mindy Project, “Music Festival”


Out goes one, in comes another. Such is what happened in this week’s episode of “The Mindy Project.” We spend the episode with our final addressing of the relationship between Mindy and Casey, while also introducing new series regular Adam Pally into the mix. (He was always my fave on Happy Endings. RIP, Happy Endings!)

I’m probably one of a select few who was so-so on the Casey relationship. There were many ways where he was a pretty perfect match for Mindy, and he had many funny lines throughout the course of their relationship. Maybe I just have a thing against the super cheesy pastor act. But I got what I wished for – the relationship ended… but in a way that totally suits Mindy, and with many fun details tucked in every scene.

We open at Casey’s church, at his last sermon (which was unbeknownst to Mindy). He starts making his speech, saying he’s glad to be back from Haiti (I guess he decided to come back early after returning sans-Mindy) Then, the shock: he publicly announces his engagement, and says Mindy basically inspired him to listen to his heart’s “true calling” and pursue his dream of deejaying.

I love the way they treat Mindy’s patience but reluctance with accepting this change – it was both comical and fairly realistic of what anyone in a relationship would go through while trying to support a massive change in their significant other’s life. We flash forward to six weeks later, with Mindy coming home from work as usual to Casey being too distracted with his new mix to notice his grilled cheese sandwiches burning. These subtle details definitely show that this has become an annoying habit for Mindy. We can tell Mindy wants to put her foot down when she finally gets his attention, but then – Casey announces he got his first DJ gig!

Mindy coaxes her coworkers at the practice to come with her and basically ditch a day of work to attend a music festival upstate – the very location of Casey’s gig. Danny immediately says he’s in since The National is headlining, and Beverly and Betsy and Morgan join in as well… leaving Jeremy alone with Tamra at the practice for that day. AND they’re looking for a fourth doctor to join the practice! Enter … Adam Pally as Peter, who has a perfect resume but recounts a horrid tale about fornicating with a Christmas tree at the holiday party. (Again: I love how openly vulgar the show can be sometimes. It’s a girly show but it’s totally not too cutesy or prudish!) Jeremy says no, for now, as does Mindy, since Peter makes a sexist remark and a comment on her weight.

We see doubt cast over Mindy as they travel up to the music festival, like watching Casey beatbox to fart noises to riff off Morgan, and watching Casey put on the music festival hippy act while walking through the crowd. Mindy actually begins to have an honest conversation with Casey, questioning his DJ dream (“Maybe what we love to do should stay our hobbies!”) which upsets Casey. As he leaves to walk away and get ready for his set, we find a stoned Morgan (who naively took hash cupcakes from some random chick) cannonballing into the grass. Cut to: Mindy running the medical tent with Danny to help Morgan bruised tailbone and other people in other medical (read as: stoned) distress.

Meanwhile… Jeremy is alone at the practice on a non-opportune day: patients of both Danny and Mindy are going into labor. Jeremy stresses at the hospital when he bumps into Peter. He reluctantly enlists Peter’s assistance with the double labors. To his surprise, Peter – whose social/personal skills Jeremy once doubted – is actually pretty amazing at his job, calming down a dad-to-be freaking out. Jeremy hires Peter for the practice on the spot.

Back at the music festival, Danny notices Mindy’s reluctance to catch Casey’s set, and pushes her to be a supportive fiance and watch it, even if she doubts his dreams. He does so at the cost of catching the set by The National. Surprises for all! Mindy discovers Casey is actually truly talented at being a DJ, even with his random incorporation of his minister-speak (also love that he is DJ Sacrament). Though Danny missed The National, Morgan brings them into the medical tent under the auspices of a pseudo-engagement between Morgan and Danny. But there’s one last surprise for Mindy: Casey notes that he  started noticing different logistics of the festival itself (“Why are all the fire exits blocked?”), which has led him to change his dream to event planning.

Back at home, we see one final Mindy-Casey confrontation about his fleeting pursuit of his heart’s “dreams.” Casey’s done some research and suggests moving to Austin where they have a great graduate program for event planning, projecting the dream life the two of them would share together. Finally, Mindy puts an end to it: she packed her stuff and went with him to Haiti to follow that dream.. how many more times will she do it? It’s bittersweet, but they break up.

It sucks to see sad Mindy, but they treated this situation so well and so realistically. I’m ready to see how Mindy will bounce from this, though, especially now that Danny’s single too. Hmmm.

Till next week!

One thought on “The Mindy Project, “Music Festival”

  1. This was by far one of the best episodes of “The Mindy Project.” Casey was so hilarious and Tamra! Her lines —omg . .” I MIND my business” & “The British one is trippin..” LOL. I was dying of laughter. I’m sad to see Casey go, but I’m excited to see who Mindy’s next boyfriend is going to be.

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