“Once Upon A Time,” The Heart of the Truest Believer” Recap


Wow, it’s been a whole summer but “Once Upon A Time” finally returned Sunday night. Last we saw all of our beloved fairy tale character (and Emma) they were chasing Henry to Neverland. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really liking the darkness of this new season. We’re going to have some fun in Neverland!

We start off the episode with a flashback to 11 years ago. Emma is RIGHT in the middle of giving birth to Henry. She’s screaming out in pain. When she finally delivers him, she can’t look at him. The doctor let’s Emma know she can always change her mind about giving him up for adoption, but Emma can’t be a mother. 

Back in present day Emma is on Hook’s boat with Regina, Snow White, Prince Charming and Rumple on their way to finding Henry. As she stares off into the distance, Snow and Charming try to comfort her, they want their daughter to know that the loss of her love, Neal and Henry are not her fault. Well, Emma knows that… she blames her mom and dad. They’re shocked, but I mean.. don’t we always find a way to blame our parents for our issues anyway? She says, that their optimism is what got her in the trouble she’s in. She’s had a hard life, it’s the only life she knows and she should have never broken the curse in Storybrooke. She should have just taken Henry and left. Okay, Emma… let’s just calm down.

As she says that she’s going to find Henry, Rumple steps in… He let’s Emma know she doesn’t have what it takes to get Henry out of Neverland. At the end of the day, all Emma can ever go on is facts and she’s always trying to find the answer. Rumple says that Emma is incapable of taking a leap of faith and has no imagination. And.. in Neverland… the one thing you need is imagination. BURN, Rumple…BURN, but he’s got a point. After everything Emma has seen, she still doesn’t believe in magic. With a spin of his cane, he disappears. 

After a heart to heart between Hook and Emma, the boat starts a rockin’ … no, no.. Emma and Hook don’t have sex.. the boat is under attack by— MERMAIDS! As the mermaids attempt to capsize Hook’s boat, Charming, Snow, and Emma try their best to get rid of them. Regina is basically annoyed by the whole situation and uses magic to get rid of the rest of them. Well, all but one.. I wonder if her name is Ariel. 

A giant storm hits and everyone thinks the mermaid is causing it, so Regina turns her to stone. This pisses off Snow to the point that she punches Regina. We all know Regina doesn’t take shit so she hits back. Charming isn’t about to let his wife get attacked so he steps in, only Hook starts a fight with him. So Snow is fighting Regina and Hook is fighting Charming. All of this causes Emma to realize they are the ones causing the storm. She tries to get them to break it up, they’re not listening to her, so she jumps off the boat. I’m not really sure what that was supposed to solve, because then she gets hit in the head with a piece of the boat and now she’s in the water, unconscious. Charming jumps in to get his daughter and all is now calm. 

Henry | After Greg and Tamara kidnap Henry is running through the forest, trying not to get caught by the Lost Boys. These are some scary looking teenagers! They kill Greg and Tamara after meeting them within minutes. I’m not sure what they’re after or why they want Henry so bad…but at this point, I think Henry would be in better hands with Rumple than them. A young boy finds Henry and tries to help him. Together they’re on the run from the lost boys. The lost boys want his pixie dust. As Henry and his new friend run through the forest they come to an edge, just when we think all hope us lost, Henry realizes they can use the pixie dust to fly. When they land, we realize the little bastard is PETER PAN and he wants Henry’s heart!

Neal | Oh, yea.. Neal is in Neverland with Mulan and her sidekicks and he’s trying to find a way to get to Emma and Henry. 

Well this was one kick ass season premiere! Neverland is going to be a lot of fun! See ya next week! 

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