The Crazy Ones – “Bad Dad”


After a focus group for an Allstate commercial pitch inspired by the time Simon taught Sydney to drive fails and calls Simon a bad dad, he learns that the experience wasn’t as good as he remembered it. Sydney and him realize that she never learned after being traumatized by the experience.

He hatches a plan and steals her away from the office to teach her to drive. In one of the funniest parts of the episode, Simon (Robin Williams in his best form) shows off his best voice imitations while directing Sydney to drive faster, not be afraid of running over another bird, and to turn at the right moment.

STOP During a tender moment between father and daughter, Simon expresses his regrets about giving Sydney such a bad experience. He just wanted to be a fun cool dad. He apologized for not preparing her for life. He’s just a “scary bad dad.” Sydney, distracted trying to assuage his feelings, hits a stopped car. In that car is another father (cameo from John Marshall Jones from the WB’s Smart Guy) teaching his daughter to drive. Sydney comes to Simon’s defense pointing out all the good things he taught her, like how to light a lady’s cigarette or picking a lock with a hairpin.

SUCKER FISH Meanwhile, Lauren points out to Andrew that he’s a remora, a sucker fish feeding off of the shark, for Zach after gobbling up his leftover food and women. It starts to bug him and he refuses to do it again and fight his basic instinct to follow after Zach. He changes his ways after seeing that Zach is Simon’s remora.

Maybe everyone is someone’s remora.


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