The Crazy Ones – “The Spectacular”

The Crazy Ones is back and had quite the spectacular planned for viewers this week.

When the Windy City coffee owners request an edgier ad campaign, Simon pushes Sydney to think outside of the box and give them a “spectacular” – a custom-made promotional event created to target high-traffic locations. Sydney’s not so sure she can pull it off. She usually does straight reliable safe work. She’s not like Simon with all his ad swagger and risk taking.

She spends all night working with the team and comes up with a 3 foot cup of coffee and pot with a promotion to give away free coffee. It’s spectacular for all about five seconds until the wind picks up. Since there are no safeguards around the cup lid, it’s starts raining down hot coffee. It’s a spectacular disaster. The news has picked up the failure and the Windy City Coffee people are not happy. How will she fix it? 

DUCK TALES Meanwhile Simon’s working on a pro-bono ad campaign to restore a park pond and as part of payment he is caring for a group or ducklings until they can be released back into the wild. 

GREEN-EYED MONSTER After Simon gives Zach a jacket from the model shoot earlier in the day, it makes Andrew feel under appreciated by Simon since he worked on the campaign too. When it’s pointed out to him, Simon realizes that he does tend to shower Zach with more praise, especially treating him like a wing man. Simon decides to reward Andrew’s good work by enlisting his help with taking care of the ducklings with him. Simon and Andrew start to bond leading Zach to feel something he never has before. Jealousy. He’s used to getting anything or any woman he wants. He’s never had to play second fiddle.

To comfort Sydney after the Windy City disaster, Simon reveals that twenty years prior he had a hand in destroying the pond he’s working to fix now. It was during one of his spectaculars for Pop Rocks. I enjoyed the flashback to a thick mustached Simon wearing his 80’s sweater. It reminded me of Williams in The Bird Cage.

Watching the news coverage on the day’s events inspires Sydney to pitch a new idea. She comes up with a horror movies commercial using some of the sad footage of people running away in fear with the tag line of “Windy City Coffee: Dangerously Good.” The closing scene was pretty funny to watch as the ducklings swim after Andrew into the pond at the re-opening.

I think this week’s episode had funnier writing and a better story line. I wouldn’t have even minded if this was the pilot episode.

Sound off readers. Will you watch again next week? Did you think this week was way better?

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