Blue Bloods – “The City That Never Sleeps”

This week’s Blue Bloods brought Hollywood stardom to the NYPD.


In order to prepare for his role as a police officer, movie superstar, Russell Berke (played by Marc Blucas– anyone else remember him as Riley on Buffy?), is assigned to follow Danny and Maria around as they go about their day. After Russell interferes with his cop bust, Danny decides to cut him loose and suggests that Russell gather advice from former retired officers.

LATE NIGHT LOVER But that’s not the last he’ll see of him. Danny receives a frantic call from Russell that he’s been stabbed. Russell alleges that he got mugged and that the perp stole his phone. As per his wishes, Danny takes Russell to a late night doctor instead of taking him to the hospital. He doesn’t want to set off a media frenzy. Danny soon discovers that Russell lied to him. The reason? He’s in the closet. Russell was meeting up with someone he met on the Trister app (Grindr- IRL). His meet-up turns out to be a killer who’s targeting men by using the app to find his next victim.

103641_d0250bDanny asks Russell for his help to catch this guy, since he’s the only one that can identify him. He’s reluctant since he doesn’t want to be outed. Danny promises him that if he helps catch this guy, he won’t be. In the end, they catch the predator and Russell gets to keep his secret. I kind of wished he would have had the courage to come out to his fans, though.

MAKING WAVES Meanwhile, Frank is not too pleased after reviewing the exit poll numbers that reveal that his police officers don’t feel much of a connection to the police commissioner. Frank wants to make his presence known so he decides to undergo a mission to get his face out there to his fellow officers. He starts to make waves and quite the impact after stopping by and surprising precincts and various areas to inspect uniforms and ensure that proper protocols are being met. Frank’s actions reminded me of Theodore Roosevelt’s policy of “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

He soon comes across a lieutenant who’s often found to be missing in action. After visiting his home, he learns that the officer’s wife has ALS- Lou Gehrig’s disease and he’s been leaving shifts early to take care of her, along with working at a cop bar during his off hours to pay for her medical bills. Frank understands and says that he must be quite the worthy man and leader for his men to stand up and cover for him the way they did. The episode ends on what I think is fairly appropriate. Frank walks into the cop bar, not as the PC, but as a fellow officer, to have a drink with his colleagues, all while Bruce Springsteen’s “We Take Care of Our Own” plays on in the background.

This week’s episode was pretty mild compared to the season opener, but things will heat up and hit pretty close to the Reagan home next week when a defendant goes rogue in the courtroom and holds Erin hostage, possibly with a few others.

One thought on “Blue Bloods – “The City That Never Sleeps”

  1. Wow You Got Me! Should have opened to a page with Danny on video out of character saying BUSTED!! THIS IS NOT A REAL SITE YOU BIG PERV…..

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