“Parenthood” – Changing Things Up a Bit?

Episode 2 of this season of “Parenthood” kept a good flow going from the first episode.

This time around, we saw that Zeek and Millie are considering downsizing. Crosby is still struggling with fatherhood to an infant. Julia is trying to keep busy by becoming more active in Victor and Sidney’s school. Sarah worries Amber may not have made the right decision in accepting Ryan’s fly-by-the-moment proposal. And Kristina goes full force with running for mayor–hiring a full campaign to help her get on her feet.

There are some really interesting storylines coming into the mix. Not only is Joel going to be tested with the fruits of temptation, but it seems Julia will as well! I really hope their relationship survives. I also really like Kristina’s campaign manager (played by the active-as-of-late Jurnee Smollett-Bell); I think her character is going to be good for Kristina, even if they butt heads on a couple of issues. And I think Zeek and Camille’s possible move to the big city can bring some really good changes and moments to the show.

Spotlight moment of the episode, though, definitely goes to Sarah’s visit to Amber. It was sweet, maternal, honest, and simply beautiful. Mae Whitman has grown into quite a fine young woman and an incredibly talented actress.

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