“American Horror Story: Coven” Proves a WICKED Good Time!


Last night was the premiere of the highly-anticipated third season of American Horror Story (this one entitled “Coven”). And it was fantastic!

The show took no time getting into the swing of things—opening with  a dark, sadistic, and eerie scene that featured aristocratic slave owner and torturer Madame LaLaurie (played by the brilliant Kathy Bates) doing very bad things to her “help” in the mid-1800s. Flash forward to present day, everyday teenager Zoe (played by Taissa Farmiga, who was sorely missed in the second season) learns she isn’t so normal, afterall, when a sex session with her boyfriend ends gruesomely with lots of blood and no orgasm. Mournful Zoe learns from her mother that her boyfriend’s death might not have been an accidental aneurysm; Zoe’s family history includes a long line of witches, and Zoe may not have realized the strength of her power and its consequences. So, mom ships Zoe down to New Orleans to a boarding school intended for young witches just like her. Zoe acquaints herself with the only three other girls who are attending the school (Emma Roberts and Gabourie Sidibe among them); the mysterious headmistress (played by the amazing Sarah Paulson); and a couple of local frat boys, only one of whom (Evan Peters) appears to be a decent human being. Oh yeah…the headmistress is the daughter of the vain, desperate, and wicked (she kills a doctor when his age-defying injections don’t work on her) Fiona (Jessica Lange), who happens to be a “Supreme” witch. Fiona comes home to New Orleans from years of gallivanting around the world just as Zoe arrives at the school. Fiona is convinced that a second Salem Witch Trial is brewing, as a young girl in Lafayette, Louisiana was recently burned at the stake for suspected witchcraft. Girlfriend wants to get an army together to fight. When giving the girls a tour of Madame LaLaurie’s house, she informs them that voodoo queen Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) has always been suspected in the disappearance of LaLaurie. One of the girls soon informs her, however, that LaLaurie may not have disappeared and may be very much alive. So, Fiona commissions a group of construction workers to open up the pavement in front of LaLaurie’s house…and finds Madame LaLaurie very much alive and well 150+ years later…

Everything about the episode was fierce—from the writing (it kept a good pace and crammed a lot of information into one hour without ever feeling like overload) to the fashion to the acting (I already predict nominations galore for Kathy Bates). The show felt very timely and modern. It was bitingly sharp and witty and also insanely creepy all at the same time. Coven also established New Orleans itself as a major character in the season and has already seemed to capture much of the essence of my favorite place in the whole world. And the art direction and cinematography were just gorgeous!

Bravo, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Bravo, Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Taissa Farmiga, Emma Roberts, and Sarah Paulson. Bravo, production crew. I am 100% committed to season 3 and so excited for what’s in store. I have a feeling it’s going to be a wicked ride…

2 thoughts on ““American Horror Story: Coven” Proves a WICKED Good Time!

  1. I found this episode to be more intense than past seasons, especially the beginning and the frat party scene – to the point that I was really starting to feel sad for Emma Roberts’s character. But the whole episode was fantastic. Great writing and great acting!

  2. This season is going to be a lot lighter in tone and I like that. I’m excited to watch humor inter cut with horror this season. And Kathy Bates character — that bitch better get what’s coming to her!

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