The Mindy Project, “Magic Morgan”


This week we were treated to a fun post-break-up episode for Mindy, and introduced to a potential new love interest. Most importantly, we get a more Morgan-centric episode… in a pleasantly unexpected way.

We open with a montage of Mindy narrating that the first week after a breakup is hard, and the little things she’s doing at home to try to deal with it. You know, crying in bed, trying to order delivery (“I didn’t reach the delivery limit? I used to!”). We even see her running in the rain in her Fat Steps (LOVE this joke on those weight loss sneakers) and tripping over mail in her upset state. This does, however, lead her to have a random introduction to the owner of the package she tripped on – a lawyer named Cliff (guest star Glenn Howerton from “It’s Always Sunny.”) She tries to see if she could sue him, but winds up proving her clumsiness in a fun cute way as she tries to exit his office.

At work, Jeremy reveals he (without really consulting anyone) decided to not only rename the practice to reflect its current doctors, but add a snazzy sign to the front. Only it includes Mindy’s would-be last name if the engagement went through. Surprisingly, Mindy had yet to tell anyone the engagement was off until the moment the sign was revealed. She’s in the office in sweats – total “sad” clothing – and asks to take her “break up” days. Of course, Jeremy declines.

Meanwhile there’s tension between Peter and Danny… mainly coming from Danny’s side. He tries to confront Jeremy about the decision to hire him after watching Peter fail at the cinnamon challenge. Danny here is funny as he compares himself to Peter (“Peter would swim naked in the ocean. I fear the ocean out of respect!”) but Jeremy of course defends his decision that Peter is actually amazing with the patients, even if his personality is very fratty. Lo and behold, Danny witnesses a little bit of Peter’s doctor magic, appeasing a patient.

Back at Mindy’s apartment, she tries to mope by herself, but of course the ever-intervening Morgan comes over unexpectedly with groceries. (Actually a super sweet move on Morgan’s part) He reiterates a point he made in the office: in an effort to try to empathize with Mindy, he mentions how all of his ex’s would immediately date the perfect person after breaking up with him. So of course Mindy’s rom-com light bulb clicks – if she sleeps with Morgan, the next guy she meets will be her next boyfriend! She attacks him, and they have a fun, comedic, failed foreplay fight in the kitchen as Morgan tries to get Mindy to come to her senses. Morgan eventually concedes, but as soon as he does, he’s buck naked in Mindy’s bed and Mindy is suddenly realizing how ridiculous her idea is. She forces him out of the apartment.

Cue in: Cliff returns, representing Morgan in a sexual harrassment suit against Mindy! Jeremy and Danny are of course outraged 1) at the suit, 2) that Mindy even stooped to this low. Morgan does present a compromise to drop the suit: go on a nice date with Morgan. Of course, Cliff is upset that this trial wouldn’t actually come to fruition, but Mindy and Morgan get a pleasant date, to Mindy’s surprise. Though Mindy tries to brush off after dinner, Morgan insists to take her to his favorite spot, describing it as a place where he can get things off his chest. This actually works for Mindy, as she lets out some of the feelings she’s had about the break-up.

And of course, the wonderful clincher: the next day, Cliff enters the elevator with Mindy and Morgan to get to work, and Cliff and Mindy have a subtle flirtation. Morgan rejoices that his magic still works.

Overall, a very sweet episode, with tons of fun surprises from Morgan and Mindy. It’s fun to watch Mindy and Morgan together in this way, especially knowing that they’re pretty close in real life. I’m excited to see what comes of Cliff as well. Till next week!

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