Blue Bloods “To Protect and Serve”

Blue.Bloods.S04E03Tensions were high on this week’s Blue Bloods. Danny’s case tasks him to find the killer of John Hudson, whose son, Michael, is the only witness to the murder. Matching the description given to them by Michael, Danny and Maria come across Raul Delgado, who seems to have disappeared from the system.

BACK OFF   It turns out that he’s a C.I. – a confidential informant being protected by Homeland Security. Department officials come to Frank to convince him to drop the case against Delgado. Instead, he gives Danny information about his former partner on the down low. It turns up no leads, so Danny and Maria do the next best thing. They follow a Homeland Security agent to Delgado’s apartment and arrest him on murder charges.

As it turns out, Erin’s ex, Jack, is representing Delgado – who is rightly identified by the minor, sending the former lovers to battle in court. After hearing the news that he’ll be remanded without bail and that his C.I. duties get him no where, Delgado goes into a panic. As he’s being led out, he grabs a guard’s gun and holds Erin, Jack, the judge, court reporter, and a guard hostage. In a frenzy, he shoots Erin in her shoulder.

PLEASE DON’T HURT MY FAMILY   Since Danny has been the lead detective on the case, Delgado demands to speak with him. Frank is alerted of the situation inside the courtroom and a team is able to get a camera in there, so that the commissioner can watch what’s happening live. One of the most tense scenes of the episode was watching Erin struggle in pain as Delgado’s target. After meeting his demands, Delgado reveals that Erin is coming with him to the Dominican Republic as assurance that he’ll get away.

CBS_BLUE_BLOODS_403_IMAGE_640x360In the strongest scene of the episode, Danny pleads with Delgado to release Erin. As he walks to the other side of the car and kneels on the ground offering Delgado to take him instead of Erin, Danny states the phrase, “Please don’t hurt my family” which turns out to be code words that Frank taught the Reagan kids. When they hear those words, they needed to duck and hit the ground. Erin does as Danny pulls a gun from above the tire and shoots Delgado down.

The less suspenseful scenes this episode belonged to Jamie. During their patrol, Jamie and Eddie come upon a car crash. In an effort to comfort the scared boy, whose mom has been hurt, Jamie disobeys a lawful order from his Lieutenant officer. Though the superior officer is on a power trip, Jamie is suspended for a week and deals with the consequences for his actions. “Sometimes you have to follow your heart, even if you break the rules.”

The last few minutes see a reunion of sorts between Jack and Erin sealed with a kiss and possibly more. I could see a reconciliation in the future for these two.

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