The Mindy Project, “Wiener Night”


This week’s episode of The Mindy Project continued into the fun forays of Mindy’s single life, while also offering a fun breakup-revenge plot for Danny. It was an episode filled with fun guest stars, and lots of flirtation all around. I was pleasantly surprised and quite enjoyed this ep.

First, we start with Mindy riding home on a plane from an unknown friend’s wedding. We get a nice (but probably super late) joke on the fat people on a plane thing, with Kevin Smith guest starring as himself getting all preachy about “I’m so glad I’m not sitting next to a skinny girl” bit. In swoops in guest star Ben Feldman (a.k.a. Mad Men’s Ginsberg – I immediately swooned, not gonna lie) who corrects Kevin Smith that his seat is actually the one next to Mindy’s. They immediately have sparks flying between them… enough so that Mindy doesn’t even use the bathroom until she’s secured a date with Jason, the culture journalist at the NY Independent.

Upon return to NY, Mindy and Jason go on a date. She’s otherwise charmed by his cultured persona, he is otherwise politely unimpressed. When he walks her home, she invites him up, and he reveals that he’s surprised he’s invited upstairs when he doubts they have a future considering Mindy is primarily concerned with pop culture only. Mindy rescinds her offer.

At the office, we get a moment of Brendan the midwife revealing to newbie doctor Peter that there’s an art show by Danny’s ex-wife Christina featuring nude photographs of Danny. Peter immediately (in total loveable frat-boy ‘tude) announces to the office that the show is occurring. Danny had discovered this the night before in a wonderfully comic and shocking moment where he’s walking by a construction site and sees his censored naked body plastered multiple times over (amazing and convincing NY set design! I criticized last year for them not being true to NY – this scene proved they’ve IMproved!) Now that everyone in the office knows, their interest is peaked and everyone wants to go. Mindy takes this opportunity to say she’s in the know of a cultural event going on in the city, and invites Jason to join her if he sees fit.

We see a re-integration of Cliff the lawyer as Danny tries to find a way to get Christina to take down the exhibit. Cliff says he has to give up his night plans to see the exhibit and determine whether or not Danny truly has a case.

At the exhibit, tons of flirtation occurs. Betsy seems to have some strange sexual awakening looking at the photos of Danny (remember: she’s weirdo conservative uber-Christian girl) and gets tingly when Danny comes near. Jeremy exhibits his man-crush on Jason (Mindy earlier revealed she met him to her coworkers – Jeremy is shocked and gets doe-eyed by the thought of Jason’s cultural savvy) and drops his hors d’ouerves on the floor. Morgan and Peter continue have moments of playfulness being silly and immature talking about and looking at penises (is Jeremy perhaps jealous of this newfound bromance?!) And the seeds continue to be planted between Cliff and Mindy before Jason actually arrives at the event, as Cliff and Mindy strike a chord recognizing their mutual love for Daughtry. Lots of crossed signals, lots of fun. Oh yeah, and Brendan tries to make a dig at Danny and Mindy (and this is fun obviously because of their long history)

By the end of the exhibit, Christina’s revenge art becomes clear as a video comes on and devilish neon art illuminates to turn the images of Danny’s naked photos into demonic pieces of art. As people express wonder and awe, Danny feels compelled to try to express himself. While people don’t take it seriously, Mindy also steps into Danny’s defense and presents her own cultural manifesto, to defend herself against the judging eye of Jason. Of course, she instead becomes the object of judgment, as people berate her for actually liking Katy Perry.

By the end of the night, Mindy comforts Danny, in an intimate friend moment, and finds Jason waiting for her outside her apartment, ukelele in tow, with him saying he is sorry for judging her cultural intelligence and wants to give them a chance.

Again, an overall fun episode. It’s funny that an episode with a plot primarily driven by Danny includes wonderful ensemble moments for all. I was VERY delighted by the Ben Feldman guest appearance, and I’m happy to see this may not be his last stint on the show. God, I need more Michael Ginsberg in my life right now (can we get #GinsbergForever trending please?) But I digress…

Some odds and ends to hold us over till next week:

-Danny sulking after the art show debacle: “I want to go somewhere where there’s no art. Like Iran… or Utah…”

-Loved Danny’s faux phone call as “Mrs. Ferguson” to get the police to go to the exhibit upon Cliff’s suggestion.

-I love that Cliff points out that the doctors continue to consult him for legal advice but never pay him. I’m so glad he’s a sweet enough guy to keep doing it “pro bono” – ALSO love his commenting on Mindy’s attire. We know this is totally leading somewhere down the line…

-Jason’s hesitation as he tries to make a pop culture reference! “I was like  … James Spader in .. Pretty in Pink.”

-I’m amused by Jeremy’s turn as the sourpuss boss. He was the laissex-faire playboy. Interesting re-write. I feel like this does still leave tons of opportunity for Jeremy to be fun and interesting. Again – I feel like he may be a bit bothered by the budding Morgan-Peter camaraderie.

Loving the new eye candy, loving the newly single Mindy, and hoping to continue the flirtation games for the next couple weeks. Till next time!

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