The Crazy Ones “Breakfast Burrito Club”

Last Friday, CBS announced that it loves its crazy. The Crazy Ones has been picked up for a full season! With that, let’s dive in to last week’s episode. Viewers learned about Sydney’s creativity binder, Andrew’s new yet former love interest, and how setting a cardigan on fire led to a kiss between two of our main characters.

BURRITO BURRITO BURRITO  Despite having a trip to Hawaii booked, Sydney is reluctant to take time off and relax. Her prayers are answered when the breakfast burrito client moves up the pitch to tomorrow morning. She attempts to stay and work, but gets booted by Simon stating that the teams ill handle it with enough time to keep their evening plans (Zach and Andrew have dates, while Lauren has a poetry slam).

True to form, Sydney shows up after changing her flight. She catches the team during an unsuccessful brainstorming session trying to gather inspiration from cat poop and coffee beans of all things. The gang starts to tease Zach about his first real crush after hearing and seeing him gush over a story his flavor of the week, Natalie, told him.

EL BINDER DE LOS MUERTOS To liven things up, Sydney brings out her creativity binder to the dismay of the group. Changing the subject, Zach notices that Andrew, wearing the cardigan Nancy makes him wear, ended his call with a “you too.” Sydney reveals that Andrew is back with his ex, setting him off in defense mode against the gang’s protests. Simon has a real talk with him, which ends in Andrew crying out his disgust for the cardigan. As they burn the sweater in the garbage can, they set off the sprinklers.

FIRST KISS  Drenched, Sydney and Andrew search for dry clothes in the props closet. After revealing her business fantasy on the beach- she meets and pitches to the Dole executive, after putting on her blazer on over her bathing suit and lands the campaign, Sydney shares with Andrew that Nancy is just not good enough for him and that none of his good qualities shine when he’s dating her. Thinking that she’s given him the GO signal, Andrew leans in for a kiss. She stops him saying that their “buddies who don’t kiss.”

103782_d0651bAWKWARD TURTLE In an effort to find an idea, Simon takes a shift working as a short order cook at his former employer. The team meets him there and decides to throw in the towel. It’s better to not pitch than pitch a half fast idea. Thinking that Andrew is going to reveal their kiss, Sydney beats him to the punch blurting it out. Not wanting to waste the night, Lauren does he poetry slam for her ex, Charlie, a girl. Zach keeps his date with Natalie an the crush bubble pops as he no longer wants to date her. Andrew takes a call from Nancy.

While offering Sydney some insight into that kiss, Simon suspects that she’s jealous to which she quickly objects to it. He tells her to not be afraid to have a life outside of work. Wondering if she’s a cheat because of the kiss, Sydney inspires Simon’s pitch to the burrito clients saying to skip the fiber and to “cheat on your breakfast” with the burrito.

I can see why CBS is putting its money on crazy. It’s been getting better and better each week with funnier lines and deeper character development. I’m looking forward to seeing how they continue to grow Sydney and Andrew’s relationship. What are your thoughts dear readers?

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