“Project Runway” Season 12 Winner


By now, hopefully you’ve all caught up on the season finale of “Project Runway.” After having a couple seasons lately that were a tad boring, this season was pretty fun with an interesting, funny, endearing cast of contestants.

Unfortunately, there was very little Michael Kors – he was just a guest judge in one episode – and he was replaced with Zac Posen, who is one of the most annoying and odd looking people ever.

This season, Tim Gunn had a bigger role and could use one “save” on a contestant he thought deserved a second chance.  He chose one of the most human, loveable, heartbreaking contestants, Justin, to save, and I couldn’t agree with him more.  Much like his mom told him in the finale, America fell in love with Justin and his fantastic vision.

Project Runway - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014The top 5 contestants were Dom, Brayden, Justin, Alexandria, and Helen, but Helen didn’t make the cut.  Although I kinda liked her, her fingernails were so scary looking, and her boyfriend did not look like he would be her type.  Alexandria went from hard-ass to mush from beginning to end of the season, which made her more likeable, I think, but her collection was a tiny bit too drab to win.  Brayden’s looks were a bit too over the top and not really a cohesive group.  Justin’s belts and necklaces that were made with 3D technology were awesome and so unique, but ultimately, the winner was – DOM!  A bit surprising if you had told me she’d win after watching the first episode of the season.  But the girl knows how to WERK! She knows how to make a great pattern, and her collection really was exciting.

Kerry Washington was the guest judge during the finale for the Fashion Week show, and even though it hurts to watch her, I liked what she had to say, and she is quite a fashionista (more so than random celeb guest judges who have been there for the finale in the past… like Debra Messing?)

PRS12E10STL+12Perhaps the best moments of the season involved villains Ken and Sandro.  Ken, the absolutely insane and vile short little black man with that hideous bow tie tattoo on his chest, spit venom at nearly everyone, especially women.  Sandro, the slimy, greasy Russian who loved to keep his shirts unbottoned, also spit venom mostly at women.  Helen was a bit target for both of these fools.  Ken hated on Alexander (see the pic above of one of the craziest fights of the season) and Sandro hated on Sue.  Ken, thank god, was sent home for his terrible designs, while Sandro erupted in his wacky Russian way and quit the show (hopefully to head to some kind of rehab).  And of course there were the hilariously geeky fights between Milwaukee acquaintances Timothy and Miranda earlier on in the season, but they were both so annoying and terrible designers that I’m surprised if you even remember who I’m talking about.

“Project Runway”‘s still got it, and Heidi Klum is still sexy as hell.  I looked forward to watching every episode.  Good job, season 12!


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