Blue Bloods “Lost and Found”

Friday’s episode was all about faith- primarily having faith in strangers, colleagues, and God. Most importantly, how we sometimes have to have blind faith, no matter how hard it is to not know how things might turn out. Last week, Jamie didn’t have much of a story line. This week, it was him, Frank and Danny who led this episode.

Jamie and Eddie are working undercover to catch a couple committing jewelry store robberies around Manhattan, so they situate themselves at a jewelry store they believe will get hit next. In enters Graydon, a bridegroom who was left at the altar by his bride. Being left for another man, he comes in trying to return her $8,000 ring. He wants no remembrance of Alicia and he wants to use the money on a special aids relief trip they had planned for the honeymoon. The store owner refuses to take it back, since it was a custom piece. Graydon starts to plead with them to take it back and becomes agitated. Jamie tries to calm him down, but things escalate when the security guard involves himself. Graydon grabs his gun and it’s now become a hostage situtation. All of the hostages have to have faith that they will come out of this alive and well.

4a47a0db6e60853dedfcfdf08a5ca249Meanwhile, Danny and Maria are trying to track down a possible kidnapper as a favor to Nicky and Erin. While having breakfast, they noticed something odd with a man eating with a little girl. When the waitress goes to clear her table, she notices that the little girl had written “help me” on the underside of her coloring mat. Erin asks Danny for his help in locating her. Because there isn’t enough evidence, Danny doubts that this is a kidnapping, but as they continue to investigate they are led to her parents. Afraid to talk to the police, they meet up with Danny and Maria at the diner. They reveal that Lottie was kidnapped two days ago. The demands are clear. Since they own a travel agency, the kidnapper wanted two of his associates from the Croatian mob brought to NYC. If they couldn’t meet those demands, he would kill Lottie. The parents need to have faith that Danny and Maria will do their jobs and get their daughter back.

650x366xfrank-and-the-priest_650x366.jpg.pagespeed.ic.IsHuDlE0d_This week, Frank deals with the downward spiral of alcoholism embarked on by their police chaplain, Father Markhum, a colleague who was in the trenches with his officers during 9/11. He discovers that he was recently caught commiting his 4th DWI in the last five months. After digging into the situation, Frank discovers that his distress stems from the suicide of a fellow police officer, who never recovered after the events of 9/11. Father Markhum reveals that he did everything he could to help him, but it just wasn’t enough. He reveals to Frank that he just doesn’t see his need anymore, especially since the lack of visitation from officers has dwindled to none. He just doesn’t understand his purpose in the priesthood. He’s having his own crisis of faith.

While keeping faith proves to be successful for some, for others it can have disappointing results, which often poses the question “Why do we believe at all?” We see both happy and sad results of faith in this episode. Danny and Maria are able to retrieve Lottie back and return her home to her parents safely.

Jamie doesn’t get to have his happy ending. After convincing Graydon that he’s a lawyer and to only hold him hostage and let the others go, he gets a handle on him and is able to arrest him. He enlists Erin to look into his case, so that another ADA doesn’t go on a power trip prosecuting him, especially since he has a clean record. It turns out that before Erin could do anything, Graydon hangs himself at Riker’s. Jamie is saddened to hear the news and distraught from attempting to do the right thing and having faith that things would turn out well, but they didn’t.

Our episode closes on Garrett asking Jamie for a favor on behalf of Frank. He wants him to speak with Father Markhum about his distress. When Jamie realizes this, he’s reluctant to talk, but Father Markhum approaches it a different way by offering a cup of coffee, while lending a listening ear.

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