The Mindy Project, “Sk8er Man”


This week we’re treated to a fun, totally different dating episode, splashed with a little bit of comedy for Jeremy for the first time in a hot second. Lots of hidden nuggets of comedy all around. Let’s dive right into it!

Mindy debates eating her bearclaw before getting to work or on her way. In doing so, SLAM! In rolls Graham (guest star Timothy Olyphant) on his skateboard knocking Mindy (and her bearclaw!) over. Mindy wavers between interested and unimpressed, as Graham immediately asks her out and then shows off for her (“Did you see that? That’s what sex with me is like”)

Cut to: Danny and Mindy at a mutual friend’s dinner party. I’ll pause to comment that, while I thought showing Mindy’s non-work friends was fun in season 1, it’s nice to just focus on the mutual community for everyone at the practice. So obviously, Danny and Mindy would find mutual friends in a couple throwing a real snazzy dinner party. Guest star Vanessa Bayer becomes the defacto object of Danny’s affection, even though she’s astoundingly boring (she really plays these odd straightlaced, doe-eyed roles fabulously on SNL, so of course only she could make super plain really funny here). Mindy and Danny’s friends assigned seats for dinner and Mindy discovers she’s not at the singles’ section because they find her too picky.

What’s the antidote to being perceived this way? Mindy hunts down Graham to ask HIM out on a date (“I searched every losery place I could”)

Meanwhile, Jeremy’s dad is in town. He immediately passes judgment on Jeremy’s recent weight loss, but shockingly is impressed and enamored with Peter. Jeremy’s dad invites Peter to their dinner that night. An elderly British bro? Now there’s a fun comedic surprise.

Mindy awaits her date in her apartment… only to find Graham decided to take the fire escape entrance into the apartment. Mindy gets a chance to show off her doctor knowledge by mending a wound Graham acquired during skateboarding. At dinner over burritos, Mindy realizes that Graham’s intellectual capacity isn’t up to snuff wit her hers, as they discuss philosophy on insurance. (“If I get health insurance, I’m gonna get hurt”) As Mindy tries to call off the night on the subway platform, she drops her phone. Graham jumps down to retrieve it and almost doesn’t make it back out in time. Mindy is drawn to this crazed spontaneity and gives Graham a second chance.

She tries to project her non-pickiness at work by skateboarding in (fully padded) and challenges Danny to invite Vanessa Bayer’s Mary to a double date. Both with mismatched pairs have an interesting dinner, with Danny constantly challenging and asking Graham about his life (“You saw a pregnant mermaid?”) and Mary having meaningless contributions (love that she texts her mom about when she lived in Japan and chimes in waaay after the topic has passed) Graham suggests a dine and ditch, which suddenly awakens boring Mary, and Mindy and Danny follow suit.

Meanwhile, Jeremy is upset with his father’s immediate acceptance of Peter over him, and Jeremy chooses to let out his aggression during their childbirth class. Peter, though a goof, once again proves that when its time for action he’s amazing at what he does. He takes control of the situation with Jeremy blowing up at the class, ripping a baby doll and telling the to-be-fathers he’s sorry their sons will disappoint them. Later Jeremy and Peter have a sweet moment where Peter admits he thinks Jeremy is cool and amazing and NOT a disappointment at all, all while Jeremy tries to eat his feelings away with a cup of ice cream.

As the double date continues their spontaneous escape, Mindy finally steps up and says she’s really not up for the relationship with Graham. Danny walks Mary home and falls asleep as she kisses him goodnight. Mary digs, “Now that I’ve met Graham I need someone with more personality!” (Hilarious!) Mindy and Danny return to the restaurant to eat dessert and admit they were both stupid for dating people who totally don’t fit them.

Again, overall a fun dating episode that shows the natural chemistry between Mindy and Danny. We get to see more comedic personality in Jeremy as he gets upset over his father’s visit as well. To sign off, here’s a recount of the shining comedic moments of the episode:

-Jeremy ordering a sissy, watered down drink for his weight loss program. Peter’s response? “You should weightlift with my rugby team.” And later? “We were more like a drinking team with a rugby problem!”

-To get Danny’s attention at dinner, Mindy: “Rudy Giuliani is running for mayor again.” (Timely joke considering it was election night when this aired!)

-Peter showing off the shirt he got at the casino with Jeremy’s dad. “They give these away if you lose more than five thousand dollars!”

-Mary: “I text my mom every 90 minutes anyway.”
Mindy: “Wow, your mom must be very interesting.”
Mary: “Oh, boy. She collects cow stuff!”

-Peter’s pop culture jokes during the birthing class. “Taylor Hicks – remember that guy?”

-LOVE whenever Mindy qualifies misperceptions about her body image, etc and ends with “everybody knows that.” In this ep? As she’s squeezing through the fence, Danny: “Your boobs are small.” Mindy: “I have big cans, everybody knows that!”

Till next week!

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