Looking for Laughs this January?


Happy 2014, TV lovers!  If you’re freezing and not moving from the couch like me, this post is for you!  Need a cure for the cold January blues?  Some laughs are coming our way starting TONIGHT!

Luckily, “Community” returned to NBC for a new season a few days ago (sans Chevy).  “Girls, “Shameless,” and “Episodes” come back in a few days to premium cable.  If you’re a fan of Nick Kroll, his show resumes on Comedy Central in a week.  But here are some highlights on some new and returning shows that I’m particularly very excited about…

“COUGAR TOWN” season 5 premieres TONIGHT, Tues 1/7, on TBS.  Such a fun show, both hysterical and heartfelt.  And even though Courteney Cox has done too much work to her face, I still love her.  Tonight’s premiere will focus on the aftermath of Jules’ son Travis and her friend Laurie becoming an official couple.  She’s determined to be cool about it… but come on, you know she’s gonna hit that wine jug hard over this awkwardness.  What wine glass are we on now?  There’s been Big Carl, Big Lou, now Big Tippi, I think?  Can’t wait to see what the Cul-de-Sac crew gets into this season! If you haven’t watched before, just jump in now, and watch reruns on TBS… you don’t need to watch in any particular order, really, since the show has gotten funnier over the years.


I’m still so sad that “HAPPY ENDINGS” was canceled… and really thought it would find love on another network (come on TBS, you could have had a sick comedy hour with this show and Cougar Town!)  Well kids, it’s coming back!  Not new episodes, but all 57 episodes that aired on ABC will now air in syndication on VH1!  VH1 aired a New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day marathon of the show, and I absolutely watched some of the “amahzing” episodes.  So if you miss Alex, Dave, Jane, Brad, Penny, and Max like I do, or if you’ve never seen it and want to join the cult, then check out back to back episodes Wednesday nights starting TOMORROW NIGHT, Wed 1/8, from 7pm to 9pm.


I’ll admit, I don’t know much about this new miniseries, but the pictures and cast make me start giggling already! “THE SPOILS OF BABYLON” premieres on IFC this THURSDAY 1/9 at 9pm, and the all-star cast is led by Kristen Wiig and Tobey Maguire. It’s a spoof of sweeping, epic “TV event” miniseries that were popular in the 70s and 80s, so you know the wigs and costumes are going to be out of control!  It’s about a wealthy oil family and spans generations, so let’s hope there’s some hilarious makeup too as these characters get older.  Not pictured among the cast is Will Ferrell, who plays the fictional author who wrote the book that this miniseries is based on… make sense? Teehee!


Remember “SUBURGATORY?” It’s coming back with a shorter season this year, starting on Wed 1/15.  I used to watch this show during the first season, and I liked it, but I ended up not following through with it and lost interest in season 2.  After doing some Googling, I had no idea that “Trophy Wife” Malin Akerman was in the season 2 finale as Tessa’s mom!  Might need to watch that episode now and jump back in.  The cast is smaller this season, since Alan Tudyk, who played the narcissistic dentist Noah, and Rex Lee, who played the high school guidance counselor Mr. Wolfe, were not brought back as regulars due to budget cuts, and Parker Young, who played jock Ryan Shay, is taking his 6-pack abs over to a new show on FOX called “Enlisted” that premieres this Friday 1/10.


New year, new Boo!!!  My favorite redneck family returns to TV earlier than expected this year.  Usually “HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO” airs in the summer on TLC, but this year its new season premieres on Thurs 1/16!  At the end of season 2, we saw Mama June finally marry Sugar Bear in a backyard wedding that had a strange orange and camo color theme.  This season, Sugar Bear gets a “man camper” since he can’t stand living with all the women, Pumpkin decides she wants to go to beauty school and practice her techniques on the family, and, of course, the family does some more playing in the mud.  CAN. NOT. WAIT.


“BROAD CITY” is a new show coming to Comedy Central on Wed 1/22, but many already know the premise because it’s been a hit web series.  Creators and stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson basically play themselves… two 20-somethings navigating life in NYC.  Take that, Lena Dunham!  Goddess Amy Poehler helped bring these gals to TV, so she’s exec producing, and also guest starring, along with some other funny people.  Should be interesting… and maybe along the same vein as Comedy Central hit “Inside Amy Schumer.”  Go comediennes!

And last, but not least…


I can’t write enough about how hilarious “JA’MIE: PRIVATE SCHOOL GIRL” is.  Seriously guys, if you haven’t watch this yet, cancel your plans for tonight and sit your ass down in front of the TV!  It’s 6-episode first season just ended in late December, so there are no new episodes in January like the other shows mentioned, BUT if you’re in the mood to literally howl with laughter, turn HBO on and look for this.  Creator, writer, director and star Chris Lilley plays the extremely sassy, motivated, narcissistic, boy crazy, asian-hating rich bitch daddy’s girl Ja’mie, formally known as Jamie, which only her mother and father still call her.  She’s one of the “prefects,” a clique of the hottest girls at Hillford, an all girl private school in Australia, and will write you up if she doesn’t like you, bitch!  “Tits out for the boys…” I’m still shocked by the finale… must watch it again!

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