Our Golden Globe Predictions!


Tonight’s the night!  The first big awards show of 2014 with two of the coolest ladies!

Here are Lauren and Mark’s predictions for the evening:

Best Drama:
Lauren – I loved Gravity, but I think 12 Years a Slave will take it
Mark – I loved both 12 Years a Slave and Gravity, and they are the buzziest… I think Gravity will take it tonight
Best Comedy:
Lauren – Toss up between American Hustle and Wolf of Wall Street, but Her could be a surprise winner here
Mark – Probably American Hustle, but possibly Nebraska or Wolf of Wall Street
Best Animated:
Lauren – Frozen, hands down
Mark – Frozen… even though I still haven’t seen it!  I know… disgusting.
Best Foreign Language:
Lauren – Blue is the Warmest Color
Mark – I’m sure it will be “Blue…”
Best Drama Actor:
Lauren – Chiwetel Ejiofor for 12 Years a Slave OR Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club
Mark – Definitely between Chiwetel and Matthew… Might actually be Matthew.
Best Drama Actress:
Lauren – I think it should be Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine. Such a haunting dramatic performance that deserves recognition
Mark – Cate Blanchett vs. Sandra Bullock… I’m leaning more towards Cate
Best Comedy Actor:
Lauren – Leonardo DiCaprio for Wolf of Wall Street
Mark – Either Leo, Christian, or Bruce Dern… I’m thinking Christian and that combover.
Best Comedy Actress:
Lauren – I’d like Greta Gerwig to win for Frances Ha, but it can easily go to Amy Adams
Mark – All of these ladies are fantastic in their movies this year… I think it’s between Amy and Meryl
Best Director:
Lauren – Alfonso Cuaron for Gravity. The technical direction and vision applied in this film is astounding and should be studied for years to come
Mark – ditto, although Steve McQueen isn’t far behind.
Best Screenplay:
Lauren – Her or American Hustle
Mark – I haven’t seen some of these films yet, but I bet it’s between Her, Nebraska, and 12 Years a Slave
Best Supporting Actor:
Lauren – I hope Jared Leto gets it for Dallas Buyers Club
Mark – I hope Jared gets it too.  Michael Fassbender was also fantastic.
Best Supporting Actress:
Lauren – Love to see Sally Hawkins win, but I think this could go to Julia Roberts for August Osage County or Lupita Nyong’o for 12 Years a Slave
Mark – I would love for June Squibb to win this, and she might.  Julia could also win.
Best Drama:
Lauren – Breaking Bad. They’ve had a banner year ending the series
Mark – ditto, and I haven’t even watched a single episode.  What kind of person am I?
Best Comedy:
Lauren – I think we may just break the Modern Family cycle I hope! Parks and Rec had an amazing season, and Brooklyn Nine Nine is also getting rave reviews.
Mark – Please God Parks and Rec come on!
Best Miniseries or TV movie:
Lauren – Top of the Lake or Behind the Candelabra
Mark – Candelabra… it’s this year’s Game Change
Best Drama Actor:
Lauren – Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Mark – Probably Bryan, but Kevin Spacey could surprise
Best Drama Actress:
Lauren – I can easily imagine Kerry Washington for Scandal here
Mark – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TATIANA MASLANY FOR ORPHAN BLACK! Taylor, Robin, or Kerry could win.  I think Julianna is in last place for this one this year.
Best Comedy Actor:
Lauren – Doesn’t this always automatically go to Jim Parsons like every year? 
Mark – who cares?  this category has become boring
Best Comedy Actress:
Lauren – Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Veep or Amy Poehler for Parks and Rec
Mark – ditto.  I love Julia and Veep, but how cool would it be for Amy to host AND win?!
Best Miniseries Actor:
Lauren – Idris Elba for Luther? Heard this is amazing
Mark – pretty solid group of guys… probably Michael Douglas for Candelabra again
Best Miniseries Actress:
Lauren – Helen Mirren for Phil Spector
Mark – Didn’t watch Top of the Lake, but could be cool if Elisabeth Moss wins.  But there’s also good old sassy Jessica Lange.
What do you think?  Are we way off or right on the money?  Place your bets! Haha enjoy the show!

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