TV Crystal Ball: A Few Fall TV Shows Predictions

Finale season is pretty much behind us for the 2013-14 television season with a smattering of shows still left to leave us mouths agape for the summer (or longer in the case of midseason shows like Hannibal).

Some finales were a nice WTF? (Parks and Rec), a baffled WTF? (Revenge) anti-climactic (The Following) or just right for the most part (Arrow). In all cases my brain didn’t shut down upon finale end; instead it shifted into storyteller writer mode and drew upon my expensive film school/screenwriting education and over 30 years of exhaustive television viewing to try to figure out what the shows were being set up for when they resumed in the Fall (and in some cases what the series implications could be).

Below are a few shows that really got my wheels turning. All predictions are based on where I think things are going; not any articles spoiling things for next season (Which surprisingly there are articles already out from Showrunners spoiling their Fall premieres. Crazy!)

And now on to the predictions (FINALE SPOILERS AHOY!)


Where the Finale Left Us: Emily successfully set up Victoria to be committed in an asylum to rot; The Magnificent Bastard formerly known as Conrad Grayson was bleeding out on the side of the road after being shivved by none other than the NOT dead David Clarke?!; Daniel Grayson woke up next to a dead body courtesy of his business partner’s brother, Gideon, and an in over his head Nolan; Charlotte was…somewhere; and Jack was next up at bat as Emily’s love interest after the (punch in the gut) death of Aidan at Victoria’s cowardly hand. I get Aidan’s portrayer Barry Sloane was moving on to bigger and better things stopping alien possessed children from taking over the world in his new show ABC The Whispers but seriously? Death by smothering by Victoria Grayson was a lame way for a disciple of Takeda to go out.

Where I think we’re headed:

  • At its heart Revenge is a soap and has been pretty outrageous and sometimes daring in the twists and turns the characters find themselves traversing in the course of the season but with the return from the dead of David Clarke, around which the entire conceit of the show revolves around, I’m expecting things to get even crazier in the show’s fourth season including:
  • David Clarke will be the one to spring Victoria from her padded cell suite because the dope is still partly in love with her and actually wants to have a happily ever after with her and their daughter Charlotte which leads us and Emily to….
  • Realizing that David Clarke may have been a patsy but he was no saint. David’s got some skeletons’ sin his closet and Emily’s whole ‘Revengenda’ has been about a man who wasn’t worth it. Emily will in fact be pitted against her father next season.
  • Emily will be pregnant with Aidan’s kid. Victoria’s news that Emily was sterile was just to mess with her head. With her now having a kid of her own to protect, Emily will be driven to finish taking down the Graysons and her father if need be so she can move on with her life.
  • Conrad may be dead but he won’t be forgotten- his rumored about first son will come to town to avenge his father and get his piece of the Grayson pie.

Bates Motel

Where the Finale Left Us: Norman and Norma FINALLY do what we’ve been waiting for afraid of and going for the big smooch; Emma being welcomed into the Bates family vault of secrets by Norman spilling Dylan’s incest origins business; Dylan being the last man standing and heir to the town’s drug empire; Sheriff Romero continuing to kick butt and take names and be oddly protective of the Bates family; and Norman finally giving into his psychotic break and fully accepting his Mother alter so that ‘she’ now has more control in ‘protecting’ Norman.

Where I think we’re headed:

  • Norman willingly allowing ‘Mother’ to come out to play more and actually enjoying the shenanigans that result.
  • Norma and Sheriff Romero moving towards the big step of acknowledging they LIKE like each other. I’ve been predicting since season 1 that Romero is the boyfriend that Norman is said to have killed along with his mother as referenced in the movie Psycho. Their thawing this season keeps the pairing on track towards being a couple by season 5 which would be about the time for the show to wrap up which seems like would be the time Norman kills Norma so that he’s ruler supreme of the Bates Motel.
  • Dylan will continue to be clueless, awesome, and cute. And call out Norma on her craziness and try to help his brother even if he knows it’s fruitless.


Person of Interest

Where the Finale Left Us: ‘The Machine’ taken offline; The Team (Finch, Reese, Root, and Shaw) in the wind and hiding for their lives with new Identities; The Machine’s evil twin, Samaritan, online, targeting bad guys for the US Government with detached authority with Decima happily at its beck and call to give it whatever it needs to effect its goal: Be the biggest brother to spy on- and protect- the world there ever was.

Where I think we’re headed:

Obviously the team has to be reunited and The Machine put back online which will definitely happen so we can get back to the case of the week of helping Irrelevants by the third episode, but I think the bigger season arc will be the epic war of the two cyber gods- The Machine and Samaritan- duking it out until…they merge. Yep, I’m calling that instead of The Machine winning outright against Samaritan, the two programs become one…and it will prove to be even more fickle and unpredictable than its originators.



Where the Finale Left Us: Slade Wilson alive and imprisoned (to escape and fight another day, perhaps?!) in an ARGUS sanctioned hole on the Island where his and Oliver’s adventures began; Oliver and Felicity pretending his declaration of love earlier in the episode was just a ploy; Diggle finding out he is gonna be a daddy; Roy now in his right mind but dumped by a smarting Thea who has embraced the dark side and joined her not dead bio daddy, Malcolm Merlyn for a jaunt to parts unknown; Laurel acquiring a key piece of her ultimate Black Canary ensemble; Quentin Lance on death’s door after his fight with Slade’s army; Sarah Lance walking off into the moonrise with Talia Al Ghul to rejoin the League of Assassins; and the late Tommy Merlyn resting peacefully in his grave at Oliver continuing to fight the good fight without resorting to killing even as his father attempts to corrupt his and Oliver’s sister; and the reveal that Oliver did indeed get off the island during his five years-courtesy of Amanda Waller.

Where I think we’re headed:

Too many directions to count (this show burns through story) but off the top of my head:

  • Oliver struggling with how to deal with Merlyn who he can’t just kill because a) he promised Tommy no more killing and b) is Thea’s father who may be evil, but is still her father
  • Laurel slowly embracing a vigilante persona to effect the change she can’t do as a mere lawyer- but not as a new Black Canary but as Manhunter.
  • Quentin getting his Commissioner Gordon on and rooting out the corruption in the SCPD. Bonus prediction: Quentin will get a love interest in the form of a meta human we haven’t met yet.
  • Diggle’s journey towards fatherhood will connect with Oliver when HE learns that his own believed to be child is alive and well and about 6 years old living in Central City.
  • The al Ghul’s return to Starling in the form of Big Daddy Ra’s who is gunning for Malcolm and who Oliver will have to take on so as to protect his sister.
  • In fact I think the Big Bad of the season will be Ra’s and he will heavily inform both Malcolm and Oliver’s present and past storylines with ties to Amanda Waller and ARGUS AND a teasing of other associates of Ra’s that are living in a city by the name of Gotham.

BONUS: Future Season Prediction: I don’t want to be right about this because as much as I hate they killed him off, I feel his character has been given justice in his death, but I would not be surprised if in season 5, Tommy Merlyn is revealed to be alive, his body having been spirited away by Malcolm (or Waller or some other entity) and dropped in a Lazarus pit to revive him and then forced to undergo training to become a weapon against Merlyn and/or Oliver in a kind of Winter Soldier kind of scenario. Yes, it’s stealing from another comicbookverse but I can totally see them daring to do this. (Although I hope they don’t)


Where the Finale Left Us: Renard shot and coughing up blood; Sgt. Wu realizing he wasn’t crazy about monsters being real; Monrosalee getting hitched (but the audience still not getting his full name); Juliette fed up with Nick’s Grimm lifestyle after both realized that Adalind as Juliette slept with Nick to get revenge; and Nick realizing the consequence of that dalliance was him no longer being a Grimm leaving his protégé Trubel practically in tears at his side as they both realized how screwed he really is.

Where I think we’re headed:

  • Rosalee and Monroe have done the love and marriage thing so a baby seems to be coming up next. Which is awesome because we may get a BlutbadenFuchsbau hybrid baby!
  • Nick is depressed over no longer being a Grimm and Juliette tries to be supportive but they end up taking a break as she still can’t deal with his crazy life.
  • Trubel is revealed to be Nick’s half-sister through their mother- who returns to take down the Royals once and for all.
  • Adalind gains redemption when in the process of taking out the Royals (with the awesome Meisner by her side) she dies protecting her daughter. Sean (who has survived because, really, Renard is too hot to die) takes custody of their daughter to raise as a single dad in Seattle.
  • Sgt. Wu begins a double life as a human monster hunter that will put him at odds with Nick by midseason. Hijinks will ensue.

Already I’m rethinking some of these predictions and concocting new ones for other finales I’m still percolating on (Boyd totally knows Ava is working with Raylan to take him down on Justified, but will he try to turn her back to his side or will he be on the wrong end of her shotgun once again like in the pilot?) and seasons not even plotted yet (Just how WILL Freddie Lounds die now on Hannibal since her death by wheelchair fire was done this season as a fake out?)

So many storyline possibilities, so many intriguing plots to potentially unfold.

It’s going to be a long summer.

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