Does Anyone Else Feel Cheated without Some Tara-Sookie Closure?

Just last week I praised True Blood and its writers for getting the series on track to go out with one hell of a bang. That all still holds true. It’s been a great season with a lot of character development and a lot of tenderness for our beloved cast of characters. But, last night, they did something to really piss me off.

Tara and Sookie did not get a final moment/scene together, and that’s the one thing—yes, even more than a reconciliation between Sookie and Bill—that I’ve been wishing for most this season. Why? Because Sookie’s relationship with Tara was, from the start, at the forefront of the show. Growing up, Tara had been the one friend who was there for Sookie through everything…and vice versa. As the show went on, they spent less and less time together, but you were always reminded of the importance of that friendship and how it stood the test of time. The writers did us a massive disservice by not allowing Sookie to say goodbye to Tara’s spirit. I really thought we were going to get that final moment between them. I figured Lafayette would come back to Sookie and tell her they discovered a way to communicate with Tara, and from there, I thought Sookie would go on a V high so that she could, too, send Tara off to rest in peace.

Now, there are still two episodes left, so this scene may very well be lurking in the shadows, but given the finality to Lettie Mae’s story arc and the fact that you saw Tara’s spirit dissolve into a graceful mist, my guess is that scene is not waiting in the wings. The scene was, nevertheless, layered and moving and dignified, but it left you wanting more. Hell, she didn’t even speak to Lafayette, her confidant and cousin who sometimes meant more to her than Lettie Mae…and he was standing right there!

Does anyone else feel a bit cheated without that Tara-Sookie closure? I mean, there could have been a lot of material here. Sookie feeling guilty for turning Tara in the first place. Tara forgiving her for turning her vampire and thankful for the extra time she got to spend with the people she loved. Or did you all have a sense that nothing was ever the same with them after Tara was turned vampire?

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