Emmy 2014 Predictions


It’s that wondrous time of year again! Although early, we can’t contain our excitement over here. We’ve got a couple of our predictions below. Tune in August 25th to see how many of these predictions come true!



Will Win: Matthew McConaughey – The Emmy’s need to jump in on the “McConaughey bandwagon of love” … so they will give him this honor.
Should Win: Bryan Cranston – I mean… Hello…..Have YOU seen Breaking Bad. Did YOU SEE the finale?!


Should win- Bryan Cranston… I still haven’t watched “Breaking Bad” but I know everyone loves the show and him.  Might as well give it to him one more time.
Could win- Matthew McConaughey.  I wasn’t a fan of the few episodes of “True Detective” that I saw, but everyone loves him too.

Who Will Win: Bryan Cranston

Who Should Win: Mads Mikkelsen (But Matthew McConaughey will walk away with it)

Who Should’ve Been Nominated: Freddie Highmore, Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy

It’s Tony vs. Oscar for this race as Emmy will give much respect to the recipients of those awards leaving the other four nominees lagging a bit behind. Spacey’s Oscar is not as fresh as McConaughey’s and while Cranston’s Tony is even fresher and bling-ier, I’m giving the edge to McConaughey for the Emmy win (despite feeling TD should’ve gone the way of AMH and nominated itself in Minseries but HBO don’t play that, apparently) because it would give McC his first Emmy while Cranston has two. Yes, this is Cranston’s last turn as Walter White (although I’d bet money he’ll do a Better Call Saul appearance that will net him a Guest Actor nom) and he was amaze-balls but all the major awards organizations are going to want to honor McConaughey and Monday night, it’ll be the Emmys turn.


Will Win: Matthew McConnaughey – Not only do the Emmy’s need to jump on the McConau-bandwagon, he absolutely deserves it. He was the most captivating I’ve ever seen him since his career renaissance (I first noticed his change of course in Bernie and have been in McConna-love ever since). Not only was True Detective an excellent display of great writing, McConnaughey’s performance was amazing, too. You know so much about Rust in the first 10 minutes of the show when we meet him – and that takes talent to bring that writing to life. I adore Bryan Cranston and a Breaking Bad nod for their final half-season would be great, but this is stiff competition in this category.


Should Win: Aaaand as much as I am totally on board the McConna-train (can you tell I like McConna-puns?), I also found Woody Harrelson equally as engrossing, and I’d really love for him to emerge from the McConna-shadow in the Emmys as well. True Detective wrote two really strong lead male characters. Just as you understand so much about who Rust is in the first 10 minutes of the show, you get the same from Woody’s Martin – he’s just simmering with so much unfettered emotion when we are introduced to him, even though he plays it off cool.



Will Win/Should Win: Julianna Margulies – Best season of The Good Wife Hands down. Acting, writing, storytelling, cases, surprises, deaths – professionally and personally. One hell of an OUTSTANDING season and the main reason for this is the Good Wife, herself – Julianna.


Should win- Claire Danes… Even though people didn’t care too much for “Homeland”‘s third season, she was so moving and heartbreaking.  She brought me to tears.
Could win- Julianna Margulies… I don’t watch “The Good Wife,” but I’ve heard they had a stellar season, and since they weren’t nominated for Best Drama, voters might give this to her.

Who Will Win: Robin Wright

Who Should Win: Michelle Dockery

Who Should’ve Been Nominated: Tatiana Maslany and Vera Farmiga

Many will feel Wright got robbed last year of her Emmy and will want to make it up to her, and she may well deserve it, but I’m leaning towards Michelle Dockery as the one who should win it for playing the sometimes hard to embrace Lady Mary. It’s no easy feat to make a sometimes brittle, cold, careless woman rootable but Dockery more than manages to make you sympathetic to Mary even if many of her problems are of her own making.


Will Win: Kerry Washington – I feel like she’s been on a hot streak lately, so maybe she’ll get the recognition.

Should Win: Robin Wright or Lizzy Caplan – I haven’t seen Masters of Sex, but Lizzy Caplan’s been a strong underdog player for a while. I only hear great things, and it’d be cool to see her career turn get rewarded. As for Robin Wright, Claire Underwood is one of the most fascinating female characters in television. She plays both powerful and vulnerable, and she’s totally a perfect match for Frank, and she totally best displays all the shades of gray in the Underwood crazy power trip ride to the top.



Will Win/Should Win: Take your pick. None of the choices really do anything for me. I guess they’ll give it to Louis CK. They seem to love home and Louis is kind of funny.


This is a hard one…
Should win- Ricky Gervais for “Derek.” Haven’t seen it but I hear he’s great.
Could win- Louie C.K. since everyone loves him.

Who Will Win: Jim Parsons until he doesn’t want it anymore

Who Should Win: Louis CK

Who Should’ve Been Nominated: Andy Samburg

What’s impressive about these nominations if that only two of them have their shows represented in other categories. Which means the Emmys could try to be nice and award an underrepresented show an award through their actor representative so….nah, Parsons for the win.


Will Win: Isn’t this always just a shoo-in for Jim Parsons every year? I’m not that jazzed by the other choices, except who I think SHOULD win.

Should Win: Louis CK. I know his latest season was very divisive, but he’s still definitely the funnier, smarter of the comedians in this category. I also just appreciate his auteurism for his show.



Will Win/Should Win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus – if anything, her previous acceptance speeches have proven that she’s hilarious and knows comedy. Plus, Veep is just plain funny.


Should win- Julia Louis-Dreyfus (again) for “Veep” OR Amy Poehler for “Parks and Rec.” Both are hilarious, cute, and bring me to tears with laughter.
Could win- Julia or Amy. I think they (and their characters) are the strongest in this category.

Who Will Win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Who Should Win: Amy Poehler

Who Should’ve Been Nominated: The Goldbergs’ Wendi McLendon-Covey

If Edie Falco wins yet again for Nurse Jackie…I don’t know what I’ll do but I won’t be happy. Louis-Dreyfus is going for the record, but darn it all, Poehler has been stellar for six years straight on P&R and for years prior to that on SNL. She’s due. Period.


Will Win/Should Win: I agree with Funmi here. I haven’t seen the latest season of Veep, but her character is genuinely smart, funny, and crazy. I’d also just love to see a recreation of Tony Hale hopping on stage with her during her acceptance speech.



Will Win/Should Win: Josh Charles – Will Gardner is dead. Prior to that, Josh Charles portrayed a ruthless, heartbroken Will, set out on punishing the woman who broke his heart. Some hated him, some loved him, and some understood where he was coming from. I think he deserves one last trophy as our final send off.


Should win- Aaron Paul, for the same reason Bryan Cranston will probably win.
Could win- Josh Charles, and I’d be all right with that.  I heard his character died this season and that it was quite a shock.  He played a beloved character, and I think everyone’s liked this actor since “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead” and “Dead Poet’s Society.”

Who Will Win: Josh Charles

Who Should Win: Aaron Paul

Well respected on a critically acclaimed show AND his do gooder character was killed off in shocking dramatic fashion to allow his remaining castmates to turn in Emmy worthy performances in the aftermath? I’m dropping money on Charles.


Will Win: Aaron Paul – Jesse broke my damn heart in the final episodes of Breaking Bad.

Should Win: Peter Dinklage – I’ll always vote Tyrion Lannister for this category, especially since we’ll have no more Breaking Bad competition.



This one’s a tough one…
Should win- I guess Anna Gunn?  I hear she’s good.
Could win- Possibly Lena Headey, who I’ve always liked.  People salivate over “Game of Thrones.”

Who Will Win: Anna Gunn

Who Should Win: Toss up. All these ladies deserve it.

Maggie Smith has the name and well, overflowing talent, but Anna Gunn and Christine Baranski also did their characters and shows proud this season with very weighty material. Lena and Christina are both overdue for some accolades and Froggatt is no slouch and finally blipped on everyone’s radar. I only pick Anna because again, it’s her last grab for the statue for BB, but she may come back for another one if FOX’s adaptation of Broadchurch (Gracepoint) does what it’s supposed to do.


Will Win/Should Win: Anna Gun – Two words: Skylar White. Need I say more?



Should win – Tony Hale for “Veep” because he’s definitely hilarious.
Could win – Really anyone from this category.  The guys from “Modern Family” have a spell on the TV-watching audience, so does Adam Driver from “Girls.”  Fred Armisen is obviously talented.  Andre Braugher could be a random winner.

Who Will Win: Andre Braugher

Who Should Win: Andre Braugher

Who Should’ve Been Nominated: Terry Crews

Braugher took a big risk moving to comedy which paid off for him in spades. Not only for poking fun at his previous roles as stoic cop, but also for allowing him to spread his wings and show he can be a pretty darned good straight man in a comedy. My only lament is that his castmate Terry Crews couldn’t also squeeze in for a nomination because the big man was as just a big a surprise in his role as the tough teddy bear of the squad showing some great range. Hopefully next year, Crews!


Will Win: I can see this going to either Jesse Tyler Ferguson or Tony Hale. I haven’t been able to keep up with either of their shows this past season, but I did see the Modern Family wedding and Jesse Tyler Ferguson was perfection.

Should Win: Adam Driver. I’ve caught a couple episodes of the new season of Girls and Adam is totally the best, smartest character on the whole show.



Will Win/Should Win: Allison Janney – Where have I been throughout this woman’s career. Have she already picked up an Emmy for her role on Masters of Sex which she fully deserves.

Her character on Mom is hilarious, straight to the point, edgy and touching… She should win another this Monday (so weird – who holds an award show on a Monday?!?)


Should win – Kate Mulgrew.  What a scary/funny performance in “Orange!”
Could win – Allison Janney, who I (and everyone) loves.  “Mom” is a bit lame, though.  Or of course the usuals, Julie Bowen and Mayim Bialik, who also have the TV-watching audience under their spell.

Who Will Win: Allison Janney

Who Should Win: Kate Mulgrew

In this case, I think Mulgrew will have to be satisfied with just being nominated. OitNB already got an acting win in another category and Janney is an Emmy darling and also won in the guest category but is also the best thing about Mom so she could walk away with two Emmys this year. If the vote is split, I could see Julie Bowen walking away with it as the safe choice which would be sad, but predictable.


Will Win : Kate Mulgrew – Red in Season 1 of Orange is the New Black is one of the best characters.

Should Win: I’m just a huge fan of Kate McKinnon. SNL is still somewhat afloat because of her.



Should win – Billy Bob Thornton for “Fargo.”  I hear he and the show are great.
Could win – Mark Ruffalo for “The Normal Heart.”  Lots of screaming, but he definitely went for it.

Who Will Win: Hard pick. Mark Ruffalo might be the surprise winner of Billy Bob despite Thornton earning universal praise for his Fargo turn.

Who Should Win: Mark Ruffalo

Freeman and Thornton may cancel each other out leaving Ruffalo to scoop up the award. A socially relevant emotional movie vs. a dark, grim, unrelenting study of greed and evil? Edge to the socially relevant.



Should win – Sarah Paulson for “AHS: Coven.”  Her character was more interesting than Jessica Lange’s.
Could win – Jessica Lange for “AHS: Coven,” always a strong presence on screen. Or Helene Bonham Carter for “Burton and Taylor.”

Who Will Win: Cicely Tyson

Who Should Win: Sarah Paulson (make up Emmy for AHS: Asylum)

I know, I know, make up awards are the worst but in this case, Sarah Paulson owned Asylum but was shortchanged on the praise. Tyson is a well-respected acting Elder (along the likes of Dame Maggie Smith) playing lead in an uplifting story. Hard not to give it to her over the bloodier Coven leads.



Should win – Matt Bomer for “The Normal Heart” hands down.  He really brought it.
Could win – Jim Parsons for “The Normal Heart.”  Or really anyone here from “The Normal Heart.”

Who Will Win: Matt Bomer

Who Should Win: Matt Bomer

Of all the performances for The Normal Heart, the one people keep coming back to is Matt Bomer’s. We all knew he was good from his regular gig on White Collar but he got to really show the world in his chops in The Normal Heart. His only hurdle is the four-person split that could push the trophy to Hanks as the lone entry from Fargo or into Freeman’s hands as a consolation for losing Lead Actor to Thorton or Ruffalo. Hopefully the voters didn’t make it complicated and did right by the category and Bomer and gave him an award he rightfully earned.


The supporting actor category for Miniseries is going to be tough – everyone in The Normal Heart kills it, but I do hope Jim Parsons can walk away with his first dramatic award from the Emmys. Then again, Matt Bomer seriously broke my heart with his performance, and he is equally deserving of the award. If they can tie at the Oscars and the Creative Arts Emmys, can we get these two a tie for Supporting Actor in a Miniseries please?
Should win – Frances Conroy for “AHS: Coven.”  What an interesting character and interesting performer!
Could win – Honestly, anyone in this category.  Maybe except Ellen Burstyn, who brought the cheese in “Flowers in the Attic,” but I still love her.

Who Will Win: Kathy or Angela or Allison (edge to Tolman)

Who Should Win: Kathy or Angela

Tolman gets the edge over Bates and Bassett for being ‘new’ and a ‘surprise’ in her first real lead role on television in Fargo. Her work wasn’t as flashy as Bates or Bassett but it was solid and she was the emotional anchor for Fargo’s sordid scene while Bassett and Bates were the tentpoles of battling evil on Coven. Still, Bassett and Bates more than delivered the goods and if either of them walk away with it, the Emmys would have nothing to apologize for.



Will Win: Breaking Bad – It’s the last year for the show to be in contention so this winning in this category will be a proper send off.

Should Win: Game of Thrones – Granted, I’m the only person in America who DOESN’T watch the show, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the writing, acting and stylization of the series. Maybe it’s time for this show to take it home.

DISCLOSURE: The REAL crime here is that The Good Wife wasn’t even nominated! This was by far the BEST season of the entire series. I’m still not over the death of Will Gardner.


Should win- “Breaking Bad” for an apparently epic final season.
Could win- “True Detective” for an apparently epic first season. (but this should be in the Miniseries category, shouldn’t it?)

Who Will Win: Breaking Bad

Who Should Win: Game of Thrones

Who Should’ve Been Nominated: Hannibal

True Detective should’ve gone the way of American Horror Story and submitted itself in the miniseries category; House of Cards hit the sophomore slump; and Downton Abbey also hit some bumps in the aftermath of losing Dan Stevens which leaves Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Game of Thrones. While Mad Men was solid, I give the edge to BB and GoT for being more consistently entertaining and not settling for the mundane in their seasons. Either winning would be a good thing, but I give BB the statue since this is its final grab for the statue and it would not be an egregious choice by any means.

Will Win / Should Win: True Detective. I just have a feeling this show could totally sweep some awards. And, again, it deserves it. I love Breaking Bad, but maybe it’s just poor timing to be up against True Detective.

Will Win/Should Win: Orange is the New Black – I’m still not sure how this falls under comedy. Maybe the Academy should consider creating a “Dramedy” category. But either way, the second season of Orange is the New Black was superb. Just truly amazing.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I love The Big Bang Theory – but its fluff. Orange is the New Black gets at some deep shit. They deserve the trophy.


Should win- “Veep.” I wish there were more episodes in their seasons because I love it so.
Could win- “Orange is the New Black.” Without a doubt entertaining and fresh.

What Will Win: Orange is the New Black

What Should Win: Veep

What Should’ve Been Nominated: Parks and Recreation

Despite it being an hour long and not on ‘traditional’ television and (IMO) not really a comedy, I would not be surprised if OitNB rocked the Emmy’s with a win their first time out. It is everything the Academy wants to believe about itself: showcasing diversity, supporting women, and original against the slog of ‘regular’ sitcoms. Veep is funnier but also meaner and Louie is well respected but may still be too unfamiliar to most of the academy to really be appreciated. The Emmys missed the boat in not also nominating Parks and Recreations: not only is it a fine comedy more deserving than Modern Family or Silicon Valley of a nomination, it is the anti-Veep with its sincere politics and almost saccharine characters with Poehler’s Earnest Blond Leslie countered to Louis-Dreyfus’s ruthless brunette Selena. Think of the social media hype that could’ve been done with these two ‘battling’ online as they campaigned their way to the Emmys.


Will Win: Orange is the New Black – I agree with Funmi. While funny, it’s not entirely a comedy, but it definitely has created buzz and has gotten tons of acclaim. So why not?

Should Win: Silicon Valley – I finally caught up to this show, and HBO did it again. This show is so so funny, and I think it’s the start of a new trend in shows really examining the tech universe.



Will Win: Fargo – I haven’t watched, but it’s a critic’s darling and I’ve heard really good things about it.

Should Win: Luther – One of the best miniseries / dramas I’ve ever seen. 


Should win- “Fargo” because I hear it rocks.  “AHS Coven” started with a bang and fizzled.
Could win- “Fargo” has this one

What Will Win: Fargo

What Should Win: Fargo

Fargo was everything a miniseries should be: a slight cut above ‘regular’ television in acting, story, design, and cinematography. AHS had it’s usual list of amazing actors giving their all but was woefully lacking in story. The White Queen lost its buzz and Luther’s gem is Idris Elba so yeah…Fargo for the win.


Will Win / Should Win: Luther – I’ve only heard great things. The others I’ve heard tons of mixed things.



Should win- “The Normal Heart” for sure
Could win- “The Normal Heart” has this one

What Will Win: The Normal Heart

What Should Win: The Normal Heart

Socially relevant movie with an amazing cast that continues to push for the spotlight being shined on a story that is all too often still glossed over and ignored. Also it’s HBO.


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