Mourning the Way “True Blood” Ended

Throughout True Blood’s seven-season run, fans have been divided into three different camps: Team Bill, Team Eric, and Team Alcide. I think the writers knew that 2/3 of the fan base would be incredibly disappointed if Sookie ended up with any one of these men. And so they took the risk of disappointing 100% of fans by having her end up with none of above.

Now, I don’t think 100% of fans are disappointed, but I’m sure a lot of people are. I am one of them.

I have always been a member of Team Bill. When Sookie and Bill first meet at Merlotte’s, I was captivated by the magic of that scene. I always interpreted it as them being star-crossed, forbidden lovers who would have to fight hard to eventually beat the odds and win everyone’s approval. Eric was always just a distraction for me, and I never bought in to the chemistry that many others saw between him and Sookie. For me, it was always the Sookie & Bill Show. And consequently, no matter what crazy direction the show took, I always kept faith that it’d be okay in the end because Sookie and Bill would get their happily ever after.

There was no happily ever after for Sookie and Bill. And while there was extreme poignancy in his death (lessons about love, letting go, and moving on), it left me feeling very sad and very hopeless. Maybe because I am gay and am entrenched in the current civil rights movement, I interpret Bill’s death as a failure of an unlikely pair, the “forbidden” lovers, the underdogs. And that just bums me out.

That said, it’s been a great ride, and I am happy the way other characters ended up. It’s nice to know that Bon Temps gets a sense of normalcy after a long and arduous storm.

Rest in peace, True Blood.

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