Masters of Sex is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows

masters of sex

Have you been watching Masters of Sex on Showtime? If you haven’t then on the next rainy, snowy day you have off, get a warm blanket, your significant other and snuggle up on the couch.

The show about pioneering research team Dr. William Masters and Virgina Johnson takes you through the course of their relationship – from the start of sex research, their affair and subsequent marriage. Right now, you’re probably thinking, why would I watch now, you’ve just told me how the show ends. To THAT, I would say…you can find that information on GOOGLE. This show goes so much deeper than the superficial of their relationship.

This show will bring out every emotion in you. It will make you happy, sad, angry, confused. Oh and did I mention the sex? It’s got sex, lots of sex. Will you watch now?!
I also truly believe that eventually, everyone on this show will get an Emmy Award. Allison Janney already has for Outstanding Guest Acting (no surprise there — this woman is one of the best actresses out there. Don’t sleep on her people!) and Lizzy Caplan has been nominated for Best Actress. Eventually she’ll win.

I won’t give away specifics, because I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t watched…. but just trust me when I say, “Watch Masters of Sex! Watch it for the story. Watch it for the history. Watch it for the acting. Watch it for emotion. Hell, watch it for the sex!”

And… if you do watch, don’t forget to see the season finale, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” THIS Sunday.

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