The Mindy Project, “Crimes and Misdemeanors and Ex-BF’s”


Wow. This was a very busy episode of The Mindy Project this week, especially since we were treated to a bunch of cameos. What I appreciated for sure was how all the little details – at least for Mindy and Danny – fell very nicely into place. The main thing that feels a touch unresolved is the Peter-Jeremy-Lauren triangle. There were tons of zingers in this episode, and this presented a fun but easily resolvable up-and-down dynamic in Mindy and Danny’s relationship, finding ways to keep conflicts fresh.

The main storyline weaved in and out of two main points, and they fell back together very nicely for our resolution. The whole cold open revolved around Mindy narrating about finding ways to keep her stuff at Danny’s, especially given how often she stays over. We get the picture that Danny has an aversion to this – he clearly is a man in command of his own space and likes to keep it that way. This temporarily resolves itself in Danny giving Mindy “Wheelie,” a suitcase she can easily wheel around to carry her overnight stuff to and fro.

On the other hand, the bigger picture storyline here sort of brought back the practice partners since Mindy hadn’t paid her taxes in 6 years, and this could endanger the practice. Mindy needs a lawyer – the only one she knows is her ex, Cliff. Thus begin the web of lies and secrets unfolding. Mindy plays into the weaselly Cliff helping her only if she’s broken up with Danny. The lies continue as she creates the story of how Danny cheated on her, and by doing so she reveals to Danny that she really pumped up a crazy story to get Cliff on her side. During dinner to finalize her papers, though, the tables turn. Of course lawyer Cliff would find out that Danny is still technically married. What I loved about this is that the men found a place to reconcile, and it’s Cliff who shines the light to Danny about keeping an imprint of Mindy around at his place. Even “enemies” can help each other out, more than the other may know. Having Mindy’s tax issue resolved plus Danny finally closing up his former life and letting Mindy keep her stuff at his place was a great double resolution for these two.

As for Peter-Lauren-Jeremy? What I am wondering is how much we’re supposed to antagonize Jeremy. And Lauren for that matter. Who the hell breaks up with someone while having lunch with their son? We really sympathize with Peter here, who is behaving exactly the way you’d expect him to towards Jeremy. I’ll even admit I was kind of hoping that Jeremy was going to get deported – he’s officially lost his purpose on the show, other than being a plot point. That’s really it. I feel nothing towards Jeremy as a character. Peter has definitely taken his place as a primary player. I was sorely disappointed that he was not getting deported and that he won the girl! All this storyline does for me is solidify Jeremy as some villainous character.

Outside of the irritating Jeremy storyline, this was a fun episode, proving I really can’t get enough of Mindy and Danny.

I missed this last week, but here are some odds and ends:

Danny, about wanting to go to the gym: “I just read about a new kind of squat in my men’s newsletter.”

Danny’s fat Marlon Brando impression slayed me, and Mindy’s reaction: “My butt does not sound like fat Marlon Brando.”

Danny wanting Mindy to dress up first as Rizzo from Grease, then compromising on Frenchie

Adam Pally’s absurd Jeremy impression / British accent

Brendan Deslaurier not being surprised about the fake story of Danny jumping on a woman in the park

The fact that all Cliff wanted the coveted Yankee Stadium seat for was to burn it because he’s a Red Sox fan

Danny about that Yankee seat: “There’s even vintage curse words on it.” Mindy: “I did that.”

Danny about his boat while signing the divorce papers: “After Captain Phillips, I’m too spooked to go on it.”

I love that Danny got glasses that a) connect around the back and b) can break along the bridge so he can whip it off his face and around his neck easily. Only Danny would do this. Seriously!

Till next week!

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