A to Z Premiere: “A is for Acquaintances”

Love is in the air for NBC! Last night saw the debut of A to Z, one of the network’s rom-comedy offerings this fall.

A to Z, narrated by Katey Sagal, tells the meet-cute story of Andrew (Ben Feldman) and Zelda (Cristin Milioti) and their nine month relationship over the course of the series with a vibe reminiscent of 500 Days of Summer. After his run as the eccentric Michael Ginsberg on AMC’s Mad Men, Ben Feldman (Drop Dead Diva) returns to his comedic roots as Andrew, a relentless romantic who still hasn’t found the one for him until he meets Zelda, played by Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother), a lawyer who believes in facts and order.

a-to-z-copy__140508205745-575x383MATCHMAKER MATCHMAKER MAKE ME A MATCH

Andrew works at Wallflower, an online dating company, when he eyes Zelda, who’s being interviewed about her user experience in an effort to get back her friend’s money. The site’s algorithm messed up and paired her with women. But that doesn’t bother Zelda as she has no interest in dating anyone now since she’s so busy as she aptly tells Andrew. What they soon come to realize is they work in the same complex, windows facing each other and all. This must be where they’ve seen each other before. What only the viewers know is that Andrew and Zelda are more familiar with each other than they think having passed each other on 19 different occasions.

Smitten by Zelda, Andrew embarks on a courtship typical for twenty-somethings today and sends her a friend request. She accepts and we see their journey start. They spend many a work meeting looking at each others Twitter news feeds and Pinterest boards for a glint of each other’s interests and thoughts until one day Andrew asks Zelda out for a drink.

During their date, Zelda recognizes a song from her past. She discovers it is indeed a song from a concert she went to with her ex-boyfriend. It turns out Andrew was at this show. He goes on to describe seeing a girl in a silver dress exactly his type at the show and his wish that he were there with her. He realizes it was Zelda and they must be “meant to be”. She rebuffs this as she doesn’t believe in “destiny”. She believes in evidence and facts. Zelda’s defenses go up and she abruptly leaves the date.

HOVERBOARD CONSPIRACY As a kid, Andrew becomes obsessed with the fact that hoverboards from Back to the Future are real and that adults were hiding them, after seeing an interview with the film’s director, Robert Zemeckis attesting that they were real. Stu, his quirky best friend/sidekick, advises him to give up and not turn it into the hoverboard conspiracy. He reminds him not to treat Zelda with this same fanaticism. Andrew doesn’t listen and enlists the help of his Wallflower team to prove that Zelda was wearing a silver dress that night. Later on, Andrew sees Zelda at the complex food truck, where she apologizes for her behavior and it seems they might have a chance for a fresh start until his team, not realizing its her, shows up with proof that Zelda is not the girl as she was wearing a red dress on the second night of the show. Andrew went on the first night. In all of this, it is revealed that her best friend, Stephie, already knows Stu, but as “Scatman Des Moines”, his jazz player alter ego. It turns out he lied to her not only about who he is, but that he’d be in Paris over the weekend. She’s heartbroken at the deceit. They all go their separate ways.

a-to-z_612x380SILVER LINING After listening to Stephie rant about Stu, she realizes the effort that Andrew made for her and that she was too hasty to write him off. She decides to call him and ask him out. Being his sweet natured self, he says she’d be crazy to go out with him after what he did. She reveals that she is the girl in the silver dress. She went to the show both nights. She was worried to let herself feel for him, but realized she may need a little “meant to be” in her life and they end on the perfect first kiss.

I’m a fan of this show and its leads already. I’m looking forward to seeing what the writers have in mind and really delving into their story as well as future pop culture references. Out of all the other rom-com offerings (Manhattan Love Story, Marry Me, and yes, even Selfie) this fall, this is definitely my top choice. I think NBC should have placed this on a different night and certainly not with Bad Judge as its lead-in (I see early cancellation for that), but my hopes are high for good ratings to come.

Comm Breakers, did you watch last night’s premiere? What did you think? Are you looking forward to more?





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