The Mindy Project, “We Need to Talk About Annette”


This week, we had another kinda Danny / Peter-centric episode of The Mindy Project. It was filled with a ton of fun zingers, and what’s great is that, even though we’re continuing to pull from the Danny’s family-well of storylines, we at least get treated to amazing cameos for Annette and Dot. I mean, they really killed it tonight. And we also get continued Peter character development.

The A storyline is basic – again, the cold open sets up the theme nicely with Danny and Mindy riffing back and forth about downloading media for free vs. paying for it. Next thing we know, Mindy sets up a shopping date with Danny’s mom – who they’re spending a LOT of time with lately it seems. During said shopping date, what do you know – Annette shoplifts a bomber jacket. It goes unnoticed, and Mindy wisely chooses not to make a big deal of it while Annette is present. But the bomber jacket becomes a beloved gift for Danny. Tamra loses a charm bracelet Morgan got her (and man, I can’t get enough of these two as a couple – they’re actually all kinds of adorable and comically compatible) and mentions showing it to Annette. Mindy becomes then a little too proactive in solving the mystery of Tamra’s lost bracelet, only to falsely accuse Annette of stealing it. This is probably the most far-fetched way for Mindy to confront Annette and rile her up about being a thief, but I guess it moves us forward. Danny and Mindy head to Staten Island for a “guilt” dinner with Annette, led by a very scathing prayer pointing all the fingers at Mindy. Mindy, never being afraid of being too outspoken in front of Annette (which we learned upon their first meeting), finally breaks down and reveals that Annette shoplifted Danny’s jacket. The fun twist here? Even after the confrontation, and Danny’s gotta-do-the-right-thing attitude, Mindy still sides with Annette when they discover, upon confessing to the store, that the theft could count as a felony because of how much the jacket is valued at. We come back full circle with Danny running for it with his mom and Mindy, both technically outright thieves, and Mindy legally purchases a song for the first time in years.

As for Peter, he really dives into a fun relationship with Abby. Of course, because we know what Peter’s like, Abby’s fun, laid-back attitude is totally appealing for him. Being the atypical girlfriend is sexy for him. He gets all hot and excited about going to all these crazy cool events with her – since she has all this time being a writer or whatever. Mindy tries to cover for him to go on one of these dates, but due to the guilt dinner, he stays sober to be on call and performs a birth at the hospital mid-date. He actually decides not to go back to this all night rager, and finds that he much prefers that. So even though it was equally a huge step for him to say it’s not just about the looks, he also takes a huge step this week to say it’s not just about the partying.

It was definitely a fun-filled episode with a lot of cooky moments and one-liners. Overall an enjoyable viewing experience that mainly furthers Peter’s development, really, and just solidifies more of Danny and Mindy’s relationship. Now I’m just anxious for when Danny meets the Lahiris.

And now, some odds and ends:

-Dot’s the best thing that’s happened to the Annette storyline. I love all her little comments. Like how she wouldn’t go to senior water aerobics class (especially after Annette reveals the awful pseudonym) and how her favorite part of The Passion of the Christ is when Judas gets paid for turning in Jesus. Thank you, Dot.

-Morgan’s comment to Danny’s many moisturizer options: It’s okay, I’m always wet.

-It’s amazing how freely Mindy loves to joke not only about her body but her race. When she reacts to Annette sharing Danny’s childhood sexual fantasies: Now he likes small, ethnic breasts.

-I love the music editing on this show sometimes. It was great how they kicked in and cut out hard on that ridiculous 80s sting when Danny was hardcore relishing in that bomber jacket.

-Danny’s comment about how nice it would be to unplug: It’d be good to get away from those healthy recipe sites for a night.

-Danny’s comment to Peter about going to an all night dance party: Why do you have to be drunk to dance? Doesn’t that make your moves less precise?
I can’t help but recall Danny’s past as an exotic dancer, and, oh gosh, that Aaliyah dance.

-Tamra commenting on Peter’s nervous, sober dancing: You’re dancing like an undercover cop.

-Jeremy correcting via text “labour ” to “labor” to alert Peter that he’s on duty.

-Also, I love the subtle twist that Jeremy’s proclamation about wanting a serious girl turns out to be right for Peter. These two really would make a great pair of friends. Too bad Jeremy’s a jerk and stole Peter’s girlfriend.

Till next week!

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