72nd Golden Globes Predictions!


What a way to start the year of awards shows with this year’s Golden Globes! It’s been a pretty darn good year in movies and television in 2014, so all of us are torn about who we think should and could win. Here’s our predictions for the winners:

Best Motion Picture – Drama
Should Win:
Mark: Boyhood
Funmi: Selma (This movie was so good. Fantastic performances)
Tom: Selma (haven’t seen it yet, but the trailer and pre-buzz alone solidifies this for me)
Bobby: Selma (This movie was truly spectacular.  Such an accurate and in depth depiction of MLK and the going’s on of the times)
Lauren: Boyhood (Saw it, loved it – historically a cinematic feat achieved)

Will Win:
Mark: The Imitation Game? This one is tricky!
Funmi: Boyhood (People are absolutely loving this movie)
Tom: Selma (no film is more relevant)
Bobby: Selma (Whoever is managing the PR for this movie should also get an award.  It came out the station at the last minute perpetrating as The Little Engine That Could, only to zoom past every other film in its category and damn-near lap them)
Lauren: Foxcatcher (This has been equally getting a lot of buzz to me – I feel like people love a good, dark character study, and I feel like this category may be a surpriser anyway)

Best Actress, Motion Picture – Drama
Should Win:
Mark: All of these ladies are pretty awesome in their roles
Funmi: Reese Witherspoon (she gives an outstanding performance)
Tom: Reese Witherspoon (she broke every mold as Cheryl Strayed and went well beyond her type casting to make an incredibly moving film)
Bobby: Watching Julianne Moore in Still Alice was so heartbreaking yet so full of joy.  There’s no other actress in this category that even comes close to the authentic and raw performance she gives in this movie.  I’ll be crying tears of rejoice when she wins every award this season, similar to the tears of sorrow I cried while watching this movie
Lauren: Let’s give it up to Rosamund Pike. I’ve been aware of her for a while and am happy to see her shine and play a very wide spectrum of emotion, motive, everything in Gone Girl. I know Gone Girl is one of the more divisive films of the year, but Rosamund had an amazing turn in this film.

Will Win:
Mark: Julianne Moore
Funmi: Reese Witherspoon
Tom: Julianne Moore (the buzz is undeniable, and she is loooonnnnnggggg overdue for an Oscar, the chances of which would be boosted if she were to win this category)
Bobby: Julianne Moore (She’s the only Actress people are talking about this awards season, making it seem as though the other four actresses were randomly added just to get to the number five)
Lauren: Julianne Moore

Best Actor, Motion Picture – Drama
Should Win:
Mark: All of these guys are strong actors, and have done such great work this year!
Funmi: David Oyelowo (he embodied Dr. King)
Tom: David Oyelowo (have you seen him in the trailer?!)
Bobby: Jake Gyllenhaal (Jake gave such an eerie and remarkable performance in the number one movie that enough people haven’t seen.  Gyllenhaal continues to be one of Hollywood’s most underrated actors (ex; last year’s Prisoners oversight) and deserves his day on stage)
Lauren: I’ve heard some buzz about Eddie Redmayne’s transformation as Stephen Hawking, so this could be a breakout role for him that gets rewarded.

Will Win:
Mark: David Oyelowo
Funmi: Steve Carell
Tom: David Oyelowo (have you seen him in the trailer?!)
Bobby: David Oyelowo (It’s a movie about MLK, coming out on MLK weekend … His performance will be ringing in voters ears all season)
Lauren: Steve Carell or David Oyelowo – David Oyelowo bc obvs MLK, Steve Carell because this both a comeback and a drastically different role that’s a major turn in his career

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
Should Win:
Mark: Birdman, duh!
Funmi: Birdman
Tom: Pride
Bobby: St. Vincent (This movie! OMG, welcome back Mr. Bill Murray and also welcome the amazing subtle performance of Ms. Melissa McCarthy.  This was such a great film enjoyed by audiences and critics alike)
Lauren: Birdman. Whatever you may think of it, it’s the most inventive film of the category (yes, even with the fantasy elements brought to life in Into the Woods). If you need to understand what an existential crisis in the modern day looks like, look no further. It’s dark but funny, with standout performances all around.

Will Win:
Mark: Birdman, duh!
Funmi: Birdman
Tom: Birdman
Bobby: Birdman (This was a great artistic film, and every voter will feel forced to follow their inner artistry and vote for it)
Lauren: Birdman

Best Actress, Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
Should Win:
Mark: Julianne Moore… haven’t seen “Maps to the Stars” yet, but she looks like she brings it!
Tom: Emily Blunt
Bobby: Amy Adams (In my mind, Amy Adams can do no wrong and only dazzles on screen)
Lauren: This is a pretty varied category. I feel like this should go to Emily Blunt for Into the Woods. She really shone as the Baker’s Wife (I forget how actually crucial that role is to that show, and she owns it)

Will Win:
Mark: Honestly not sure… this is a weird category. Amy or Emily?
Tom: Emily Blunt (she sang her ass off and disappeared into the role of the Baker’s wife)
Bobby: **See above
Lauren: Emily Blunt

Best Actor, Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
Should Win:
Mark: Michael Keaton
Funmi: Michael Keaton (Birdman was like one continuous take and Michael Keaton was neurotic and fascinating to watch).
Tom: ??? I haven’t seen any of the other movies, so can’t really make an educated guess
Bobby: Michael Keaton (Playing a caricature of yourself is never easy, but damn did Michael Keaton do it better than anyone has ever done before)
Lauren: Michael Keaton. Birdman was such an effective movie with a powerful comeback role for Michael Keaton

Will Win:
Mark: Michael Keaton
Funmi: Michael Keaton
Tom: Michael Keaton (nearly every critic has called this his best performance in years)
Bobby: **See above
Lauren: Michael Keaton

Best Animated Film
Should Win:
Mark: Lego movie probably… I wanted to laugh more, but it’s def clever
Lauren: Lego Movie – This was a critic and crowd favorite.

Will Win:
Mark: Lego Movie duh
Lauren: Lego Movie

Best Supporting Actress, Motion Picture
Should Win:
Mark: very tough… all these women rocked their roles… I’m thinking Patricia Arquette just for 12 years of work in Boyhood!
Tom: Patricia Arquette
Bobby: Jessica Chastain (If Chastain can be this great in a movie this boring, please throw the award at her)
Lauren: Emma Stone – This is totally one of the better roles she’s had to date that goes outside the box of how she’s usually typecast.

Will Win:
Mark: Meryl Streep… she was still great
Tom: Patricia Arquette (she acted her ass off in Boyhood)
Bobby: Patricia Arquette (Boyhood is the best movie in this category, so it’ll go to her)
Lauren: Patricia Arquette, even though I’m tempted to say Meryl simply because she’s in this category. But Patricia deserves it.

Best Supporting Actor, Motion Picture
Should Win:
Mark: Either JK Simmons or Edward Norton.  Mark Ruffalo’s great, but not sure why he’s nominated for Foxcatcher?
Funmi: Edward Norton, I think this is going to be the year of Birdman
Tom: Ethan Hawke (well overdue; should have been recognized for both Before Sunset and Before Midnight)
Bobby: Ethan Hawke (He should’ve been nominated, and won, years ago for Training Day, but this is his second best)
Lauren: J.K. Simmons – Let me take a minute to digress about Whiplash (which I think is underrepresented in these awards). Of all the movies I saw in 2014, this was one of the most powerful film experiences. I was left breathless, speechless at the close of the film. Part of that driving force for the emotional punch was J.K. Simmons. He drives the journey from the moment he sets foot on screen. I think one may be tempted to call his performance fairly one-dimensional, because of how intense he’s portrayed to be in trailers and so such, but only someone of J.K. Simmons’ talent and experience can take that maniacal role and give it the bits of nuance that come in and out throughout the story. He’s excellent and effective and I hope he wins.

Will Win:
Mark: Either JK Simmons or Edward Norton.
Funmi: Edward Norton
Tom: Edward Norton (again, rave reviews for this very strange-looking film)
Bobby: J.K. Simmons (People won’t stop talking about it, even thought I wish they would)
Lauren: Sorry, Bobby, but I’m sticking to my guns here with J.K. Simmons.

Best Director, Motion Picture
Should Win:
Mark: Linklater, Inarritu, or Duvernay
Funmi: Ava DuVernay (How great would it be if she won!?)
Tom: Richard Linklater (simply because of the amount of vision and passion you need to carry a project over 10+ years!)
Bobby: David Fincher
Lauren: Inarritu – I know Linklater’s Boyhood is a real cinematic achievement, but Inarritu has got a unique, inventive story on his side here.

Will Win:
Mark: All these directors could grab it… but it’s between Linklater and Inarritu
Funmi: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Tom: Ava DuVernay
Bobby: Ava DuVernay
Lauren: Ava DuVernay or Linklater

Best Screenplay
Should Win:
Mark: Gone Girl (her script was just as riveting as her book!) or Birdman (great dialogue that was both believable and overly dramatic)
Lauren: Birdman.

Will Win:
Mark: I can’t decide!! Gone Girl vs. Birdman
Lauren: Birdman

Best TV Series – Drama
Should Win:
Mark: The Affair all the way baby! Fantastic show.
Tom: The Affair (sexy, enveloping, gripping, compelling, solid performances)
Lauren: House of Cards if only because I watch and enjoy it, and Season 2 was nuts

Will Win:
Mark: Possibly The Affair since the Globes like newbies. If not, Game of Thrones.
Tom: The Good Wife (for their bold move in killing Will Gardner)
Lauren: The Good Wife or The Affair

Best Actress – TV Drama
Should Win:
Mark: Holy crap this is hard. I love Claire and Ruth.
Tom: Ruth Wilson (brought to life a character that disgusts you and gains your absolute sympathy all at the same time)
Lauren: Robin Wright was so amazing as Claire Underwood in Season 2 of House of Cards, even better than she was in Season 1. I’d love to see her win here.

Will Win:
Mark: Viola?
Tom: Viola Davis (she gets rave reviews)
Lauren: Viola Davis or Julianna Margulies

Best Actor – TV Drama
Should Win:
Mark: Interesting group of guys. Dominic and Kevin are my top 2.
Tom: Dominic West (same as Ruth Wilson)
Lauren: either Clive Owen or Dominic West. Both their shows got buzz.

Will Win:
Mark: James Spader?
Tom: Dominic West
Lauren: Dominic West

Best TV Series – Musical or Comedy
Should Win:
Mark: Transparent. I haven’t seen Jane the Virgin but hear it’s good and would totally be fine if it randomly wins.
Tom: Transparent (a truly beautiful show about flaws and loving yourself)
Lauren: Silicon Valley – they lost in the Emmys, so I’d love to see them win here.

Will Win:
Mark: The newbies… Transparent, Silicon Valley, or Jane the Virgin
Tom: Orange Is the New Black (groundbreaking in many ways)
Lauren: I feel like this could easily be a surprise category. Orange is The New Black was critically a hit, but Jane the Virgin has taken the world by surprise. Either these or Transparent will win.

Best Actress – TV Musical or Comedy
Should Win:
Mark: Julia Louis-Dreyfus duhhh
Tom: Taylor Schilling (watch her in a Nicholas Sparks movie, and you see how far she’s come!)
Lauren: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Will Win:
Mark: Julia or Gina Rodriguez
Tom: Lena Dunham (people love to hate her character)
Lauren: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Best Actor – TV Musical or Comedy
Should Win:
Mark: Jeffrey Tambor for sure. William H. Macy always brings it in Shameless too.
Tom: Jeffrey Tambor
Lauren: Jeffrey Tambor

Will Win:
Mark: Jeffrey Tambor. Or probably Louis CK since everyone is obsessed.
Tom: Jeffrey Tambor (the amount of work that goes into his role is astounding, and he disappears into both Mort and Maura)
Lauren: Jeffrey Tambor or Louis CK

Best TV Miniseries or Movie
Should Win:
Mark: To me, these are two different categories.  I’ve only seen The Normal Heart, but I hear the rest were great. Fargo?
Tom: The Normal Heart
Lauren: Finally, the right category for True Detective! After the Emmy snub, I’m placing my bets on True Detective winning here.

Will Win:
Mark: True Detective
Tom: The Normal Heart (heartbreaking; forced you to watch how truly debilitating the virus was in the ’80s, both for people suffering and those in fear of getting it)
Lauren: True Detective

Best Actress – TV Miniseries or Movie
Should Win:
Mark: Jessica has more to do this season of AHS than last season… but I hear Frances and Maggie are great.
Tom: I can’t really say, as I haven’t seen anything else besides American Horror Story, and this isn’t Jessica Lange’s strongest year
Lauren: : Jessica Lange or Frances McDormand

Will Win:
Mark: Maggie Gyllenhaal or Frances McDormand
Tom: Allison Tolman (heard she’s great in Fargo)
Lauren: Olive Kitteredge was a hit, so Frances McDormand

Best Actor – TV Miniseries or Movie
Should Win:
Mark: The Fargo guys
Tom: Matthew McConaughey
Lauren: Again, after the Emmy snub, this could totally go to either McConaughey or Harrelson. I’d love for it to go to either. They both pulled in strong, distinctive performances.

Will Win:
Mark: The True Detective guys… most likely Matthew again
Tom: Matthew McConaughey (as with Dallas Buyers Club, he finally spread his wings with this show and demonstrated just how deep of an actor he is, disappearing completely into the role, which, by the way, required him to play two different interpretations of that character in two different time periods)
Lauren: Probably Matthew. But again, Woody can totally take this, too.

Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries or TV Movie
Should Win:
Mark: Interesting group of ladies.  I really like Kathy on AHS, and of course Uzo on OITNB.
Tom: Kathy Bates (made you care about her “freak” of a character in a heartbreakingly human way)
Lauren: Uzo Aduba, please! She took Crazy Eyes to a whole other level of complexity in Season 2 of OITNB.

Will Win:
Mark: Allison Janney or Uzo Aduba
Tom: Uzo Aduba (I hear rave reviews about her on OITNB)
Lauren: Uzo Aduba

Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries, or TV Movie
Should Win:
Mark: Matt Bomer, who really went for it in The Normal Heart
Tom: Matt Bomer
Lauren: Matt Bomer, please. His performance in The Normal Heart damn near broke my heart.

Will Win:
Mark: Hmm… tough one… Matt, Bill, or Alan?  I guess I need to watch even more TV to know!
Tom: Matt Bomer (made the virus startlingly real, and broke your heart in the process)
Lauren: Matt Bomer

Tune in Sunday to see who got it right, and who wins the statues!

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