Summer ReWatch: Arrow 3-1- The Calm

arrow-season-3-posterSo, my sincere apologies for falling off of recapping Arrow during the season because of real life. The CW, however, is allowing me to make good on completing the season by re-airing season 3 from the beginning and by golly I aim to complete my mission of recapping the entire season!

Let the Summer Re-Watch and Recapping of Season 3 of Arrow commence!

Since I’ve already done full recaps for episodes 1-6, I’ll do a short recap as a refresher. Episodes 7 through 23 will return to my rambly full recap glory.

For my original full recap for episode 1, you can click here.

So the quick rundown of the pertinent details of Arrow 3-1 The Calm:

Oliver and Felicity are full speed ahead on Olicity and go out on a cute date until it’s bombed by Count Vertigo. Felicity’s injuries scare the crap out of Oliver who believes that Oliver Queen can’t have a life if he’s also the Arrow. He can be one or the other. He chooses being the Arrow. Felicity chooses to live ‘in the light’ and dumps Oliver. Meanwhile her rebound guy, Ray Palmer, makes his entrance as the new buyer for Queen Consolidated. And finally, the big jaw dropping event of the episode is Sara Lance, aka The Canary, taking 3 arrows to the chest by a mystery assailant and falling off a rooftop to land with a dead thud in front of Laurel. The fallen Canary’s mask happens to fall directly at Laurel’s feet and it becomes very obvious what Laurel Lance will be up to for the rest of the season.

Rewatch Reacts: It’s amazing how much of season three’s overall character arcs were set up in the first episode: Oliver’s crisis of identity (Am I Oliver Queen or The Arrow); Felicity’s crisis of wanting to live in the light vs. being pulled into the darkness; Diggle’s concern of duty to the mission vs. family, and Laurel processing and finding an outlet for her grief as she mourns Sara. As polarizing as the act was, I still believe Sara’s death was a provocative and emotionally hooking way to kick off the season. Yes, we lost a kick ass character (Although if the follow the news about Legends of Tomorrow coming in 2016 maybe not so much) but at the time the loss of Sara was emotionally galvanizing enough to make me want to stick around to find out who did it, why, and what would Team Arrow do to mete out justice – if it was to be had at all.

Next ep: Team Arrow mourns Sara; Tommy Merlyn proves himself to be the best BFF ever.

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