Summer ReWatch: Arrow 3-2- Sara


The Summer Re-Watch and Recapping of Season 3 of Arrow continues!

For my original full recap for episode 2, you can click here.

Quick rundown of the pertinent details of Arrow 3-2 Sara:

Team Arrow is devastated at the senseless and violent death of Sara and are on the hunt for the killer. The only person not grieving over Sara is her father as Laurel in one of the most pivotal lies of the season decides to keep her sister’s death a secret from Quentin in order to protect his ailing heart. An early suspect for ‘Who Killed Sara’ is Komodo, another archer that Oliver initially faces off in an impressive duel on motorbikes. Laurel’s burgeoning vigilantism peeks through when she fires a gun on a cornered Komodo but lucky for Komodo the clip was empty and lucky for her he is later proven innocent of Sara’s death. The investigation is ongoing but a small bright spot happens when at Sara’s impromptu funeral, Diggle announces that he and Lyla named their daughter Sara to honor the fallen Canary. In the Hong Kong flashbacks Tommy Merlyn shows up in HK after getting a lead that Oliver may be alive. Waller wants Oliver to kill Tommy to keep Oliver being alive a secret. Oliver finds a middle ground of scaring the crap out of Tommy to send him running for home- but saving his life. Tommy shows himself to be a true blue friend. Waller shows herself to be a ruthless tyrant that I can’t even love to hate anymore.

Rewatch Reacts: Again, much of the seeds of season 3’s main themes are furthered in this episode: Laurel taking violent matters into her own hands to continue her journey towards taking up the mask; Diggle’s focus on family; and Oliver seeing a possible future for himself in the sudden death of a fellow hero that ends up with her quietly buried with little fanfare. We’re still in set-up mode for all the character arcs of the season with a bit more deepening of everyone’s POVs. It was great to see Tommy as a reminder that even if someone dies in the present, we can always see them in the past and get new dimensions of a character.

Next ep: Team Arrow male bonding road trip!

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