Summer ReWatch: Arrow 3-3- Corto Maltese

arrow-season-3-posterThe Summer Re-Watch and Recapping of Season 3 of Arrow continues!

For my original full recap for episode 3, you can click here.

Quick rundown of the pertinent details of Arrow 3-3 Corto Maltese: In the wake of Sara’s death, Oliver is determined to find Thea and convince her to come home so he, Roy, and Diggle do a road trip to Corto Maltese. They find Thea, but Malcolm manages to elude discovery of his not being so dead. Through flashbacks we see Malcolm’s cold blooded breaking and rebuilding of Thea into a pretty impressive fighting machine and she swaggers about a self-assured confidence that Oliver is a wee bit suspicious of but overall just glad that she’s okay. Thea agrees to return home, less because of Oliver’s pleas and more due to Malcolm’s suggestion (for reasons shady but unclear). Back in Starling, Laurel decides to find an outlet for her grief via Ted Grant, a boxer and former vigilante, who agrees to help her channel her anger in a positive less self-damaging way. Felicity gets a new job as VP of something at Queen Consolidated and Ray reveals more seeds of his purpose in overtaking Queen Consolidated.

Rewatch Reacts: Kind of a fun episode with the boys globetrotting and getting some sun. One of the few times Oliver took the backseat to much of the action with Thea and Laurel moving in as the main focuses of the episode. Can’t say I understood Thea’s intentional obtuseness about Malcolm and distance she maintained from Oliver. Thea is supposed to be a savvy kid but her reasoning for trusting Malcolm and distrusting Oliver never made real sense. Use Malcolm to toughen up and learn how to defend herself? Fine. But trusting him and trying to establish any kind of familial relationship with him knowing what he did to Tommy? To her mother? Yeah, not buying it. And since it’s a major crux of the actions and decisions of the season where we’re supposed to care about this girl even as she makes very obviously bad decisions….:;sigh::

Next ep: The Magician returns and performs his greatest feat yet- eluding prison and death at the hands of the Emerald archer. Really?!

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