Ten Things I Hope to See on The Flash Season 2 (Time Travel Edition)


Now that time travel resets are in play and we were left with a whopper of a cliffhanger with Barry having to close the anomaly, it’s a given that the world of The Flash season 2 may not exactly match up with that of season 1. No doubt some people may be resurrected while others are dead, some events may have happened the way we remembered while some may be altered or never happened at all.

Whatever the results, it opens up a world of possibilities for season two and while I don’t want TPTB to go overboard in using the time travel reset button, there’s no reason to not use it in some cases to explore the fun of ‘what if’ in a few stories and to course correct a few bumpy decisions to guide the story arc back on track.

So what are 10 things I hope to see on The Flash in Season 2 that have to do with time travel?

  1. We learn what time line the Barry that was fighting Eobard at his home the night his mother died was from and why he held his past self off from coming out to save his mother. One of the most intriguing things about that moment is that future Barry knew his past self was there and quite sternly warned himself off from saving Nora which means he must have at some point saved her or tried to save her and saw the results go horribly wrong. In other words it looks like we future Barry is privy to the events of the event known as Flashpoint when the entire world goes to hell because he saves his mother and has already reverted it back at the point he sees Barry of season 1. Confused? I know, time travel can be; just know that it looks like we will be visiting the night Nora Allen died at least one more time in a future season where we see that Barry hold off his season 1 self-and know why he did it.
  1. Harrison Wells resurrection. The real Harrison Welles’ life was horribly hijacked by Eobard Thawn with the devastating collateral damage being the death of his beloved Tess. In the current timeline Wells’ reputation is that of a mad scientist who is responsible for a lot of death and destruction which is totally not fair for a man who appeared to be a smart, kind, amazing genius. It would be great if Harrison were to get a do-over in his life where he lives to do the amazing things he was meant to do- or perhaps be revealed to have always been vulnerable to stepping on the darker side of science- especially if his resurrection does not include that of Tess. He wouldn’t be the first scientist to have lost their way due to the death of a loved one (Dr. Vikto Frieze, anyone?). Whatever a resurrected true Harrison Wells could be, Tom Cavanaugh would be sure to make him interesting to watch.
  1. Alternate timelines – that include the Arrow. Since Barry has already time traveled into the future, past, and alternate timelines, I’m ready to see the ripple effects of these jaunts to other parts of the Falsh-verse, namely that of Starling City. If Barry saved his mother, does that mean he doesn’t become The Flash? That he never meets Oliver and Felicity? What does that do to them (as Barry has had some impact on their lives in some pretty major ways). And independently of Barry, what are some other ways Oliver Queen and Starling could’ve turned out? Inquiring minds want to know.
  1. More Tina McGee. Not exactly a time travel related wish in some ways a time travel reset would touch on Tina in her role on the show. Tina McGee was shown to be a brilliant boss of a woman who is head of her own rival science corporation and takes no guff from anyone. Seeing her absorb Star Labs into her prevue in the wake of Harrison Welle’s death and becoming a positive science minded mentor for Caitlyn, Cisco, and Barry would be a great move for the show. It would allow for another adult mentor/parental figure – one of a female but not necessarily mothering variety – keep a science genius on the show, and yes, provides a potential love interest for the newly freed Henry Allen (Or in a resurrected Harrison Wells. Given the hint that she and Harrison had been close friends in the early years, there’s just enough groundwork for them to have become a couple in whatever timeline Barry is left with after stopping the anomaly)
  1. Barry gets a glimpse of his future-and it includes kids. We already know from a future timeline newspaper headline that Barry and Iris get married. In the comics we also know (SPOILER) they have kids, twins in fact, and they too are speedsters. The comedy of Grant Gustin playing opposite two teens who call him dad is just something that needs to happen and the bonus is seeing both Joe and Henry’s reactions that Barry seems to end up with a pretty sweet life and awesome kids would be worth the price of admission alone.
  1. Barry meets other good guy speedsters. We already got hints that Jay is out there and kicking when his iconic helmet came flying through the void to land at Eoabrd’s feet. For Barry to actually meet him and realize he wasn’t the first (nor the last) and have someone like him to learn from and work with would be a great next step in his journey. Of course one would’ve cast John Wesley Shipp in this role but seeing as he’s busy playing Henry – and spectacularly I might add- another good choice would be former Superman, Tim Daly
  1. Barry becomes a mentor! Barry had Oliver to guide him through some bumps in his journey towards being a true blue hero and it’s now time to return the favor by mentoring a rising hero of his own. The finale revealed that Cisco’s destiny as Vibe is coming to fruition with his being able to see and remember other timelines. He has loads more powers to come and hone and it’d be nice for Barry to be the support and lead for Cisco as he begins his own hero’s journey.
  1. The return of Eddie Thawne. Eddie’s sacrifice was a big one, shooting himself to effectively erase Eobard from existence and in that moment, kill Barry, and I don’t want to take away that hero moment from him even if there is some questionable physics and time travel rule breaking that made that move not a bright one for Eddie, but I feel like there is a way for Eddie to be resurrected but continue to lurk on the fringes of Flash-verse, a hero and still alive, but unable to fully engage in his former life. The way to do this is due to the anomaly he was sucked into. I’m totally theorizing here but what if the anomaly is a place that is outside of time and somehow Eddie is resurrected inside of it so as his death is not negated IN time (and thus Eobard remains dead and unable to come after Barry) but if he were to try to reenter any given timeline that touches his former life, his sacrifice would be undone. So he moves on to live and fight (because lets face it, being resurrected in an anomaly is bound to give you superpowers) in other timelines. How do we know about this? Because Barry via his jaunts in the speed force (and Cisco who can also see alternate timelines) are able to communicate with him and know he’s out there. What’s the purpose of this? To give me closure, darnit! I loved Eddie and liked him as a friend to Barry and felt his story’s end needed a bit more hope for him in the end.
  1. Some serious Joe and Iris West daddy-daughter time. We know Joe can be an awesome parent to Barry but we didn’t get a lot of Daddy Joe and Iris time that didn’t include his lying to her to protect her and her constantly asserting her independence. I know that’s part of the struggle between fathers and daughters but that’s not the whole story. I expect that we’ll get some serious time between them as he helps Iris in her grief over Eddie which could open the door to exploring just what happened to Momma West and what the Wests were like before losing her and later taking in Barry.
  1. Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon is brought forward in time (and possibly across universes) to meet Joe West and Quentin Lance. I don’t care that they’re on different networks and the time period for Gotham is a mess to work out I want the three lawmen of the DC Universe to meet and have drinks and commiserate over the craziness of their respective cities.

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