Summer ReWatch: Arrow 3-5 – The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak and 3-6 – Guilty


The Summer Re-Watch and Recapping of Season 3 of Arrow continues!

For my original full recap for episode 5, you can click here.

For my original full recap for episode 6, you can click here.

Quick rundown of the pertinent details:

Secret Origin Felicity Smoak: Felicity gets a background episode all her own where we meet her mom, Donna, her ex (dead) boyfriend who has become evil, and learn Felicity used to be a jaded goth hacker before dying her hair back blond and becoming gainfully employed. The big lurch forward in ‘Who killed Sara’ comes in the form of a cliffhanger as Roy wakes up from a nightmare where he ‘remembers’ killing Sara.

Guilty: Laurel’s hot trainer, Ted Grant, gets his own backstory episode (which actually has relevance to Oliver and Roy) as we learn he was once a vigilante but hung up his mask when his understudy went a little dark and went too far to fight crime. Said protégé has returned for revenge for his mentor’s abandonment and is cleaning up the trash of Starling in a permanently dead way. Ted, Laurel, and the Arrow apprehend the wayward sidekick, Oliver reaffirming to his protégé, Roy, that unlike Ted, he won’t’ abandon him, and finally Oliver showing a grudging respect for Ted and what he tried to do in another life. Roy does learn that no, he didn’t kill Sara, he actually killed a cop last year by accident and that’s what his false memory is about.

Rewatch Reacts: It’s funny that of these two episodes one would’ve thought the Felicity Smoak episode would be the more relevant over the course of the season, but it is in fact Guilty that has lasting ripples through the season. Roy’s arc is launched with the realization that he took a life and his processing of this and attempts to make up for it come to a head in a seismic game changing way for the show down the line.

Next ep: Ollie has a secret admirer. Who’s a wee bit crazy in a sassy, murderous way.

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