Fall TV 2015: Gotham Season 2 Key Art


10 Things You Notice About the Gotham Season 2 Poster

  1. Jim is front and center and with a lot of crazies swirling around him and threatening to pull him under.
  2. Wee Bruce Wayne appears to be trying to go for a cape look with his long coat.
  3. Selena is still sporting that not flattering doo from the Season 1 finale
  4. Barbara is back and looking deliciously crazy and is hellishly positioned to Leslie’s higher angelic positioning. Although they’re both wearing black. Hmmm…..
  5. No Michael Chiklis? Boo!
  6. Nygma hasn’t dropped his day job clothes to sport his bowler yet so The Riddler is still being birthed.
  7. James Frain’s Theo Galavan looks appropriately disdainful.
  8. Theo’s sister Tabitha seems to be one up in importance given her towering over him and flicking the whip.
  9. The placement of the pointed end of The Penguin’s umbrella seems primed to skewer Theo? Some foreshadowing perhaps?
  10. Is it me or does the bottom of the poster almost hint at the top of Batman’s cowl? Around the eyes? Kinda? Sorta?

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