Arrow 3-15 Nanda Parbat (Oliver vs. Ra’s Al Ghul, Pt 2)


Nanda Parbat. Ra’s relaxing soak in the Lazarus Pit is interrupted by Nyssa who announces Oliver Queen is still alive. Ra’s rises from the pit and robes himself confirming not only that he knew Oliver was alive but that he was back in Starling City and –shocker for Nyssa – he did not kill Sara. Nyssa remains unconvinced. She wants Sara avenged which means Oliver dead.

The Arrow Cave! Oliver practices with Thea and Malcolm. Tensely observing this is Laurel and Diggle. Malcolm wraps up the sparring session completely owning both Oliver and Thea and is not impressed by their progress. Laurel however is impressed with Thea, the compliment only making Thea uncomfortable, as Laurel doesn’t realize she’s complimenting the murderer of her sister.

Oliver continues to practice, his focus so intense that Diggle tables a favor he wanted to ask to make sure Oliver is okay. Oliver says he won’t be okay until this thing with Ra’s is done and his sister is safe.

Flashback! Hong Kong! Oliver is sick of telling Shreive’s people the same story over and over again. When can he go home? Shrieve comes in with Maseo to tell him today. He’s all done with both Oliver and Maseo. They’re free to go!

Verdant. Thea studies and Roy comes in noticing Diggle’s security reinforcements and that something is wrong with Thea. Unable to keep it in, she confesses that she killed Sara. Of course Roy knew. He then tells her about the cop he killed while under the influence of Mirakuru. He can sympathize with her burden. Thea is eaten up seeing Laurel knowing she killed Sara.

The Palmer Penthouse (aka Ray’s apartment). Ray has obviously been pulling long hours working out the issues with his ATOM suit tech. Felicity finds him and is worried about his being MIA for a week which Ray didn’t realize. Felicity tries to make him see reason on taking a break from the task at hand but he’s too keyed up to quit. He tells her if she doesn’t want to help, she can leave. And so she does.

Laurel at her office is trying once again to mend the bridge between her and her father. Quentin rebuffs her preferring to grieve alone. Thea shows up and says she needs to talk to Laurel about Sara and actually cops to the murder and Malcolm’s roll in it. Laurel quickly concludes it wasn’t her fault but Malcolm’s and wonders how Thea can work with him. Thea feels like she has no choice, but Laurel says she has a choice and if she wants to make this situation right she needs to make the right choice.

Back at the Arrow lair, Oliver trains in the lair and Laurel shows up to talk about Thea’s confession and her disbelief that Oliver could lie to her face about something so important. Oh, you mean how you lied to your father over the death of his daughter, Laurel? Are you serious about this? The one good point Laurel brings up with the craziness in working with Malcolm when he was the one who set this thing in motion. Oliver needs to work with Malcolm if they’re to have any chance. Laurel is upset how Merlyn is always protected.

Thea’s Loft! Oliver enters and berates Thea for telling Laurel. The threat is real and they need to act in unison. Thea agrees that the threat is real and that the right person should be the one to face justice. Oliver’s brow furrows at Thea’s look of smug justice ‘What did you do, Thea?’

Starling City. Night. City Street. Malcolm walks alone and immediately senses that he’s being followed. Out springs Laurel dressed as the Canary who tries to her best to wack a Malcolm, but only succeeds in looking way overmatched. But it’s no longer fun and games when Nyssa and the several of the LoA show up and grab Malcolm, Nyssa promising Laurel that Sara’s murder will be avenged.

The Arrow Lair. Oliver reveals to Team Arrow that Thea traded Malcolm to the League. Oliver says they need to get him back to spare Thea the guilt of selling her father out. Laurel says he’s out of his mind, the LoA has the right person to for Sara’s murder, let them handle it. Felicity gets a lead on how Nyssa and the LoA may be getting out of the city with Malcolm. Oliver suits up, telling Laurel her help won’t be needed.

Flashback! Hong Kong! Oliver is seeing the Yashimoro’s off at the docks and for once it seems like Oliver’s nightmare is over. Except it isn’t as both Maseo and Oliver pick up that things aren’t right. They grab Tatsu and Akio and duck for cover as hidden agents begin shooting, the group caught in an ambush!

Present Day. Docks. Nyssa goads Malcolm about his coming punishment and he goads her right back about losing her chance to be the heir with her overemotional display. Arrow arrives on his motorbike and Malcolm takes the distraction to his advantage and makes a run for it. Nyssa fights Arrow as Malcolm is apprehended and shoved onto the helicopter. Arrow captures Nyssa but she orders the helicopter to take off, gleeful that Malcolm will never be seen again.

The Arrow Lair. Oliver has locked Nyssa up in a makeshift jail cell. Diggle wonders what the play is. Oliver plans to use her as a source of info and leverage. They realize Oliver wants to torture her and Diggle clears out Team Arrow but warns Oliver of losing his own soul to save Thea’s. Diggle leaves, and Oliver begins, asking Nyssa for the location of Nanda Parbat. She happily tells him because he knows he’ll die there.

Up at the bar at Verdant, Team Arrow are surprised by how quickly Oliver got the information and even more surprised when he announces he’s going to Nanda Parbat to get Malcolm back. Everyone thinks it’s a bad idea. Diggle especially tries to hammer home that he thinks there’s something more at play. All Oliver wants to do is save Thea.

Palmer Penthouse. Ray finds himself locked out of his company’s servers due to Felicity. She makes him a deal: Eat, sleep, and he’ll get the password or he can spend the next half day trying to break her encryption. He takes the eat and sleep option.

The Diggles. Diggle at home with Lyla and baby Sara. Lyla asks what Oliver said to his asking him to be best man. Diggle says he’s got bigger fish to fry and is going to Nanda Parbat. Diggle isn’t going with him because he’s trying to do right by his family. Lyla urges him to go with Oliver and help him because at his heart he is a solider. Get there and back in one piece. That’ll be easier if he can borrow the ARGUS jet.

Meanwhile Thea is doing everything she can to stop Oliver from leaving, not agreeing that this was a bad decision on her part. Oliver lives with the guilt of both his parents’ deaths and doesn’t want Thea to have to live with that. He promises not to die but he’s going.

Diggle is ready and waiting to go with Oliver and offers up the services of the ARGUS jet. Oliver can’t ask Diggle to come, and Diggle says he didn’t ask, Diggle’s volunteering.

Nanda Parbat. A beaten Malcolm is dragged in front of Ra’s who monologues a bit before laughing at Malcolm’s offer to serve Ra’s again and prove his loyalty. “Face you death with honor” Ra’s admonishes but there isn’t one iota of honor in Malcolm. Instead he breaks down into sobs and screams as he’s led away to begin his punishment.

Back at the Palmer Penthouse, Ray has completed Felicity’s directive and is showered, rested and shirtless. She gives him the password which of course is ‘password’ and Ray thanks her for taking care of him. He apologizes for not trusting her and before you know it they’re kissing and kissing again and again.

Nanda Parbat. Diggle and Oliver arrive and try to do a sneak attack, but it’s no good. LoAers are upon them as soon as they approach and they fight their way towards the fortress hoping to get in before reinforcements can arrive.

Flashback! Hong Kong! Oliver and Maseo try to work out how to save Tatsu and Akio. They see a truck as an escape option and make a break for it but the raining bullets are too much and many and Oliver an Akio get separated from Maseo and Tatsu.

Arrow Lair. Laurel pays Nyssa a visit and they bond over Sara. Nyssa remembers Sara’s laugh and how it was what made her fall in love with her. Laurel is comforted that her sister still lives in some way that makes someone else happy.

Nanda Parbat. Diggle and Oliver track Malcolm to a dungeon where he’s hanging by his arms over hot coals. He warns the duo that it’s a trap, but of course it’s too late as many Leagues fall in to surround Oliver and Diggle, with Ra’s welcoming them to Nanda Parbat.

Accommodations turn out to be a dungeon with chains but no hot coals. Oliver apologizes for getting Diggle in this pinch but Diggle waves him off – he’s Olivier’s bodyguard. Oliver admits that the real reason he wants – needs – to face Ra’s again is because he keeps remember the fall off that cliff. He remembers that Ra’s beat him so thoroughly. Ra’s got in your head, Diggle confirms. Oliver changes the subject wondering what favor Diggle wanted to ask him and Diggle officially asks him to be his best man. He’s like a brother to him.

This bromoment is broken up by Maseo who enters to bring them to Ra’s.

Flashback! Hong Kong! Pinned down by the gunfire, Maseo tells Oliver to run with Akio. Tatsu and Akio scream for each other as Oliver takes off, Maseo and Tatsu left behind to fend for themselves.

Starling City. Roy and Thea are parked outside a house. Thea wonders what they’re doing there but she gets her answer when a woman pulls into the driveway of the house and unloads her son. Roy reveals this is the family of the cop he killed. He checks up on them and brings them money and anything he can think of. It helps with the guilt. Thea says that’s nice but it’s not the same for her. She has no excuses for letting Malcolm in her life to let him do this to her- she knew what he was. She deserves to be punished.

Palmer Penthouse. Night. Ray and Felicity lay in bed looking cozy and happy when Ray suddenly wakes up, an idea coming to him. Seems like taking a break really did supercharge his braincells because he fixes the problem with his suit and takes it for a test run, zooming around Palmer Technologies tower while an oblivious Felicity sleeps.

Back at the Arrow Lair, Thea approaches Nyssa’s cell, telling her that she wasn’t given he whole truth about who killed Sara- Malcolm was responsible but Thea actually did it. She opens the cell and hands Nyssa a sword. She wants her vengeance, she should truly have it.

And finally, back at Nanda Parbat, Oliver is brought before Ra’s and on his knees he begs for Diggle’s life. Ra’s is impressed by Oliver and shockingly informs him that he doesn’t want to kill Mr. Diggle or Oliver for that matter. He wants Oliver to take his place and become the next Ra’s Al Ghul!

And off Oliver’s dumbstruck face we cut to …END TITLES!

Next week: Oliver ponders Ra’s offer. Nyssa is rocked to learn she’s been passed over.

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