Arrow – 3-17 – Suicidal Tendencies (The Diggles Honeymoon)

arrow-season-3-posterIt’s finally John and Lyla’s wedding day. Diggle is in his tux finery and greets a late Oliver, also stylish in a tux. Diggle hides his nervousness well but comments on how their first wedding had been so simple. Felicity then arrives causing both Oliver and John’s jaws to drop. They quickly pick them up to politely greet her plus one, Ray, who is given a subtle warning by John to not hurt Felicity or else. A last minute hiccup threatens to derail the wedding – the JOP is a no show. Ray Palmer however saves the day when he offers up his services as the presiding minister (the explanation of which is a long story, apparently, but one I would be interested in hearing)

Cut right to the ceremony where Diggle and Lyla, looking stunning post baby and Boomerang cut down, exchange sweet vows and are married again and cuddle with baby Sara.

Moving quickly to the reception, Oliver stands alone watching all the couples dance and have fun when Laurel, sporting a cast, joins him to take in the scene. Felicity shows off her bouquet and Oliver concedes that Ray is a good guy and seems to care about her. She deserves a good guy and normal life.

The happy mood is disrupted when everyone – and I do mean everyone’s- cell phones chirp with frantic updates. The urgent news? The Arrow apparently has retuned to his killing ways. Everyone on Team Arrow turns to look at Oliver (way to be obvious guys) and he gives them a look like ‘Guys, it’s totally not me!’

The Arrow Lair. Diggle, Lyla, Roy, and Oliver watch as Lance gives a press conference on the Arrow’s alleged 8 kills. Laurel tries to keep minds open on it being a frame up, but Ray comes on strong dedicating his resources to bring the Arrow in.

Oliver is more concerned about figuring out who is doing this and why? They quickly glean that it’s Ra’s trying to force Oliver into taking his place by turning the city against him. Diggle is ready to help, but Oliver tells Diggle and Lyla to go on their honeymoon. He and the team have got this.

Lyla and Diggle try to put Oliver’s issue out of their minds as they get into their limo to head to the airport, but they have an unexpected tag along waiting for them in their limo-
Deadshot. He informs them that duty calls. Task Force X has been called into action.

Title card!

At ARGUS Waller gives The Diggles and Deadshot the the bullet. A terroirist attack that has resulted in a lot of American hostages, most importantly a pivotal US Senator. Lyla, Deadshot, and Cupid (still in flirt mode) are to go in and extract the Senator. Diggle volunteers to tag along to make sure his wife has someone watching her back.

The Diggles, Deadshot, and Cupid arrive on location and get their bearings. Cupid’s still got the hots for Arrow and talks about her wedding, asking Lyla to describe the details of hers. Deadshot scoffs that love is not for people like them. Lyla and Diggle say it makes you stronger and then quickly test that strength when they argue over the objective of the mission: Waller wants only the Senator but Diggle wants to save everyone.

Deadshot just laughs at them as they prove his point…

Flashback! Deadshot’s Past. Floyd returns home from deployment a happy and more relatable man than what we currently know him as. He’s greeted warmly by his wife but his daughter is little less welcoming in that she doesn’t know who he is. Floyd’s smile wanes just a bit but he tries to stay positive. He’s home with his family.

Present Day. Arrow rushes to a location that he and Felicity believe the fake Arrow will strike next. Sure enough the Fake Arrow is already there and picking off criminals left and right. Oliver jumps into the fray determined to take the fake Arrow down when several more fake Arrows fall in, the LoA goons having traded their dark robes for those of the greener variety. Maseo steps in and tells Oliver that he can’t kill all of them. The League will just bring more. Stop fighting your destiny and embrace it, Maseo warns before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Oliver’s day just keeps getting worse as unbeknownst to him, Ray, in his ATOM suit has locked in on his location and used facial recognition to scan the building and conclude that the Arrow is Oliver Queen.

Back at Palmer Technologies, Ray is researching Oliver when Felicity arrives and he tells her that Oliver is the Arrow which he realizes that Felicity knew. Felicity tries to laugh it off, focusing on the fact that Ray got the suit working, but Ray isn’t letting it go. Felicity defends Oliver and Ray picks up on her feelings, it fueling his hurt to the point that he tells Felicity he can no longer trust her. Not worried about that at the moment, Felicity wonders about the bigger issue: What is Ray going to do? He answers honestly: Bring the arrow to justice.

We zoom back to Kazia where as the squad moves in, Deadshot does his amazing marksmanship thing and we…

Flashback! Deadshot’s Past. Floyd at home, drinking beer. Things aren’t going well with his return. Zoey is still scared of him and Floyd’s hurt and frustration is coming out in anger. Things reach the breaking point when he pulls a gun on his wife and she calls 911, his family effectively broken.

Present Day. The Arrow Lair. Oliver examines the arrows used by the fake Arrows and notes to Roy that there isn’t a difference. They’re setting him up well. Felicity arrives to announce that Ray knows who Oliver is and is going to the cops. Oliver tampers his anger to try to figure out what to do next.

Starling City Police Station! Ray has written out a statement detailing his findings that Oliver is the Arrow but lo and behold it’s not a cop interviewing him but Laurel and when she realizes Ray has credible evidence that ties Oliver dead to rights, she first stonewalls and then threatens him with legal action. Ray puts it all together that Laurel is in it with him, in fact she’s the Canary vigilante that works with him. Ray tears up his statement, realizing that he’ll have to take care of this by other means.

Back in Kazia. The Senator tries to comfort the hostages, talking a good game. Diggle and Co. break in to mount the rescue but the Senator pulls a gun on the team, revealing that this situation was planned by him and that the Suicide Squad is in the way.

The Senator opens fire and Floyd saves Cupid which in turn not makes her gaga for him. Lyla, Diggle, Deadshot, and Cupid manage to escape with Diggle injured. Lyla tries to call for back-up but the Senator informs her via loud speaker that no one is coming for them and that now that his plan has been exposed to the hostages, they’ll all have to die as well.

Back in Starling, Oliver pays a visit to Ray and the two recognize each other by their superhero personas. Olive politely asks Ray to back off, citing that he should trust Felicity’s judgement: if she thinks he’s okay, that should be good enough for Ray.

Back in Kazia, Diggle and Lyla get ready for the Senator’s mercenaries coming in for a final assault. Lyla sees the writing on the wall and suddenly panics about her choices: why did we come here? We’re parents. Before she completely freaks out, Deadshot tells her that she and Diggle will get home to their kid. He’ll make sure of it.

Flashback! Deadshot’s Past. Floyd is in prison. A nameless beauty informs him that she’s paid his bail. Even better her employer has a job offer to make him. Floyd asks who this generous person is and why are they helping him? They have special need of his skills and targets that need neutralizing. His first assignment: Andrew Diggle.

Present Day. Felicity sulks in the Arrow cave, her sulking going to a whole new level when Oliver returns from his chat with Ray declaring him untrained and unstable and everything he didn’t want for Felicity. Felicity defends that Ray at least lets her in and wants to be happy and not just live in the darkness. Oliver gets an alert that the ATOM is on the move and he and Roy suit up.

Power plant. Ray, aka the ATOM, arrives intent on taking down the Arrow. Arsenal is taken out of the fight quickly, but Arrow more than holds his own with Ray, disabling his suit and showing him there is more to being a hero than a power suit. Instead of mocking him, Oliver tells him to be the man Felicity says and believes he is. She chose you. So trust her. Oliver walks away and Ray is humbled and a bit shocked.

Back in Kazia. The Senator apologizes to his victims but he’s gonna have to kill them. His bid for President won’t work out, but he can die a martyr taking out the ‘extremists’ and leave a legacy. Diggle and Co. make another assault on the room, Lyla and Diggle pretending to give in so Deadshot can move into position and shoot the detonator out of the Senator’s hands. Diggle and Lyla then evacuate the hostages, Deadshot laying down cover fire, but the bomb’s timer is activated. Realizing he won’t make it out in time (and not really making an effort to; you get the sense Floyd’s given up) Floyd takes one last look at a picture of his family before the building blows up, Cupid and Diggle shocked and saddened by Floyd’s sacrifice.

Back in Starling, Ray works on his suit, Felicity showing up to apologize. Ray says it’s he who owes her an apology for not trusting her. She tells him she’s still all in if he wants a true partner. Ray says yes and they kiss and make up.

The Diggles. Diggle and Lyla have made it home and are tending to Sara, the news report on the TV playing the cover story that Floyd party to the Kazia attacks which doesn’t sit right with Lyla or Diggle. Waller blocked Lyla’s bid to set the record straight and that’s when she realized she had enough and quit ARGUS. After their close call in Kazia, Diggle realized that it’s time for him to leave Team Arrow. (What?!) Sensible decisions by both of them, but, uh, what of the Oliver and Diggle brotherhood?!

The Arrow lair. Felicity sniffs her bouquet of flowers from the wedding, giving Oliver a friendly peck for proving her right with Ray. As she leaves, Diggle arrives to have a drink with Oliver, making a toast to the late Floyd Lawton (which takes a real big heart since dude killed his brother, but he did save Diggle and Lyla so they could get home to Lyla so…I can allow it).

City Hall! The Mayor, Laurel, Ray, and Quentin argue about their murderous Arrow problem. Lance wants to hunt him down, Laurel argues they have no credible evidence that it is the Arrow doing these killings with Ray backing her up. The Mayor throws up her hands at the arguing saying she’s had enough-

And is then promptly struck down by an arrow to the chest. As all hell breaks loose, we see the fake Arrow, this time Maseo, take aim again, setting his sites on his next victim – Felicity!

Next week: The screws tighten and Oliver is forced to make a hard choice.

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