Fall 2015 TV Premiere Week: First Impressions, Part 1

ROSEWOOD:  Cast Pictured L-R: Anna Konkle as TMI, Gabrielle Dennis as Pippy Rosewood, Morris Chestnut as Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., Jaina Lee Ortiz as Detective Villa, Lorraine Toussaint as Donna Rosewood and Domenick Lombardozzi as Captain Ira Hornstock in ROSEWOOD premiering Wednesday, September 23 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Justin Stephens/FOX.

ROSEWOOD:  ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Justin Stephens/FOX.

Week 1 of the 2015 Fall TV Series is almost over and there were quite a few new shows this week to check out. Some good, some bad, some ‘Eh, I’ll give it a few more episodes before I decide’ zone.

Got some snapshot impressions of a few of this week’s offerings (Limitless, The Player, and Heroes Reborn still pending).

Minority Report (aka Sleepy Hollow 2.0): Despite its origins coming from the Tom Cruise movie which came from a sci-fi short story, Minority Report seems to mimic Sleepy Hollow in a lot of ways: a smart, black female cop, a man who is set apart from society (Crane being out of time; Dash being until recently a precognitive lab rat); the two partnering to stop bad things from happening; and unknown evil forces working against them in the long run. Sleepy Hollow has the chemistry of Beharie and Mison to keep it snapping while Meagan Good and Stark Sands…are still working on it. The premise has promise if they explore things a bit beyond the usual solve a case of the week and delve into how sticky morass of how the abuse of Dash, Agatha, and Arthur’s gifts ruined so many innocent lives. Nick Zano as Dash’s twin, Arthur, provided a nice bit of intrigue and edginess in the pilot (which was actually expected from Wilmer Valderrama but he was just kind of there as a foil to Good’s Lara Vega) as was the introduction that Agatha has been having flashes of the precog trio’s capture and return to service by the government that leads to really bad things. The tease of the looming danger is what is bringing me back next week, hopefully Good and Sands will have tweaked things a bit to be more enjoyable to watch as a pair.

Blindspot: Jamie Alexander was great but all I could think about was while watching her in this was how kick ass a Princess Diana aka Wonder Woman she could be and that she should be headlining The CW’s Amazon or have extended the Greg Berlanti DC Comics TV Empire to NBC as lead of Wonder Woman. Moving past that, the pilot was a serviceable procedural with a few ‘twists’ (Spoiler alert: Jane Doe volunteered to have her memory wiped; she’s got mad skills training; several agents are keeping mum about their connections to tattoos on her body) that are only twists if you’ve never watched a procedural. The thing to keep you watching is Jamie Alexander’s performance, but NBC needs to clue the audience in on the big picture and not string people along about what’s going on or else they’ll end up with another The Event and Revolution fizzle.

Scream Queens: Awkward. That’s the word I land on with the two hour pilot that had its moments of fun, weird exchanges, but would then veer into ‘Are you for real?’ sequences of Emma Roberts shrieking and seething with the rest of the sorority girls standing around to dole out their obligatory, weak zinger as everyone just kind of flit around worried about the Red Devil serial killer but not taking realistic actions to protect themselves or look into what’s really going on. The two things this show had going for it was Glen Powell’s Chad, Keke Palmer’s ZayDay, Niecy Nash’s Denise, and surprisingly Nick Jonas’ Boone AND that killer ending where you suddenly sat up and went ‘Huh, now what’s that about?’. I’m in (via DVR) until Chad, ZayDay, Denise, or Boone bites it or Chicago Med with Colin ‘Tommy Merlyn from Arrow’ Donnell premiers.

Rosewood: I didn’t hate it. Or rather Morris Chestnut looked like he was just having so much fun and enjoying being THE male lead of a show and making ABC’s V a distant bad memory that I liked it for him and his efforts. The writing? Needs a lot of work. But for a very standard medical procedural about a hot ladies man Miami based pathologist who is sick himself and embraces every day like it’s his last it wasn’t as horrible as critics made it out to be. It just compares badly to its lead out Empire which is soap opera cheese, but is on point both in writing and casting. This is another show I’ll DVR just to enjoy Morris’ performance, but Arrow is getting the live viewing.

On to Week 2 of the season!

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