Arrow – 3-18 – Public Enemy (Ra’s Plays Puppet Master)


Night time! Starling City! We pick back up from the cliffhanger of last week with a target locked onto Felicity as pandemonium breaks out in the Mayor’s office. The arrow is set free but Ray knocks down the Felicity at the last moment. She’s okay, but poor Ray took the hit instead.

Back at the Arrow lair, Oliver watches a news report where Lance issues a shoot to kill order for the Arrow. Olivier appropriately plays a beat of self-blame for the Mayor’s death before telling Diggle they need to find Maseo.

Flashback! Hong Kong! Oliver is thrown by seeing Shado’s ghost! Actually, it’s Shado’s twin sister. Oliver would love to get more of the story but first needs to hide himself and Akio from Waller’s goons. Shado’s twin agrees to help and they slip away to hide.

Present day. Starling City. Laurel appeals to Quentin that the Arrow is being framed. Since her cred with him is nil, Lance ain’t hearing it. He’s done with the vigilante and wants this crap to end.

Post sexy times with Thea and Roy as she wonders why she broke up with him and they discuss running away together when Roy sees the breaking news report about the Arrow and clicks into loyal sidekick mode.

The Hospital. Felicity sits by Ray’s bedside who finally wakes up from his battle with the arrow (lowercase). The bad news is that Roy has a blood clot that he needs dangerous surgery for. The good news is that Ray proposes using his Nanite tech as a solution, but Doctor Bad News says sorry, no experimental tech. Felicity’s mom shows perfect timing to arrive and liven things up by gushing over Ray and comfort Felicity.

Some back alley. Olivier meets with Nyssa and asks for her help with Maseo/Sarab. She’s pissed but she won’t betray him over that. Oliver plays the Sara card. What would she want you to do?

Nyssa relents and gives Team Arrow the location of the League’s lair where Oliver impotently pulls his bow on Maseo (because really, he ain’t gonna kill him). Ra’s shows up and applauds the show but reminds Oliver that unless he joins him, he will continue putting the screws to the cage Oliver finds himself in. As if on cue, the angry sirens can be heard in the background and Team Arrow flee into the night, breaking off into small groups to evade capture. Roy plays decoy to allow everyone else to get away with Oliver making another call to Lance to pretty please leave him alone, but Lance says it’ll only end when he turns himself in. Since Oliver ain’t gonna do that…

Flashback! Hong Kong! Mei, Shado’s twin sister, takes Oliver and Akio to her apartment. Now safe, Mei wants the 411 on her sister. Oliver hesitates….

Present Day. Quentin gives yet another press conference as Felicity watches from the hospital deliberating on what to do about Ray’s situation (both healthwise annnnnd romance wise) Momma Smoak tells Felicity to do what she needs to do. She needs to take the chance.

Dark Alley. Starling City. Lance is on the phone (not paying attention to his surroundings) and gets snatched by a Leaguer who brings him before Ra’s. Lance ain’t impressed until Ra’s drops the bomb on Lance- Oliver Queen is the Arrow.

Later back at the Police Station, Laurel tries to wear Lance down on his vendetta against the Arrow when he shuts her up with the reveal that he knows Oliver is the Arrow and knows that she knew as well. Another secret she kept from him and yet she expects him to trust her? Please.

Back at the hospital, Momma Smoak plays decoy while Felicity plays doctor with and injects him with the Nanites with them both hoping for the best.

Back at Verdant, Thea, Roy, and crew can’t believe this manhunt is still happening. As if on cue, the cops bust into the club. Oliver makes a break for it and is on the run….

Flashback! Hong Kong! Mei confronts Oliver about the tattoo which she associates with Shado. She threatens to call the police and Oliver tries to stop her to avoid Waller’s people from finding out where they are but he realizes Waller’s people are already there as agents storm the apartment….

Present Day Starling City. The Hospital. Ray’s clot is gone and his Doctor is willfully playing dumb on the miracle and is just happy everything worked out.

While Malcolm watches the manhunt on his television, Oliver makes his way to the Diggle’s homestead as a safe haven. With Lance now issuing an arrest warrant for Oliver Queen, Oliver is running out of options. Felicity, Roy, and Laurel come to help, but Oliver realizes he can’t run anymore.

Flashback! Hong Kong! Mei takes Akio to bedroom to hide from Waller’s goons. Oliver stands to fight and gets appreciated backup from Maseo and Tatsu who are finally reunited with Akio!

Present Day. Starling City. Felicity checks on a grateful Ray who drops the ‘I love you’ milestone on Felicity. Buuuuut she doesn’t say it back. Instead she leaves ‘to find food for him’. Oh, girl. No, just no. Momma Smoak notices Felicity’s mood and thinks they had hospital sex but Felicity explains that Ray told her he loves her. Momma Smoak gets to it and tells Felicity she needs to make a choice between Ray and Oliver.

Oliver does Quentin a solid and turns himself in to the police. Team Arrow storms the police station ready to tear into Lance when he explains that Oliver turned himself in. Deal with it.

Lance must be feeling generous as he allows Team Arrow to visit Oliver in interrogation (hope he searched them all first for weapons and break-out tools). Team Arrow is mad he’s giving up, but Oliver is looking at the big picture – He turns himself in and they all get immunity and it will save innocent lives. He needs them to let him do this. It’s the only move Ra’s can let him make. Just follow him a little further until it’s over. Good scene of Oliver being an unselfish leader even when the crap is hitting the fan.

Flashback! Hong Kong. Maseo’s cleaned up the mess they made of Waller’s goons while Oliver breaks the news to Mei about Shado and her father. He tells her they’re gone. Now she has answers. She wanted the truth and is happy to have gotten it. Oliver and his mangy hair leave having put Shado to bed.

Present Day. Starling City. Felicity and Team Arrow lament how unfair it is that Oliver is going down like this. They have to do something!

Quentin personally escorts Oliver as he’s transported to a facility and they have a little chat about Lian Yu and Oliver realizes that Ra’s told Lance all about his business. Oliver tries to appeal to Lance, insisting that he loves his family which earns a nice pimp slap from Lance. As far as he’s concerned Oliver is deluding himself. He’s no hero. He’s a villain.

Bringing this heart cooling moment and the transport bus to a screeching halt are the sounds of footsteps landing on top of the bus. The back doors open and Roy, dressed in Arrow green, claims that Lance got the wrong guy- he’s the Arrow and he’s turning himself in!

Next Week: Green Is the New Black as Roy goes to jail and Oliver and Co. try to figure out a way from this pickle.

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