Arrow 3-19 Broken Arrow (The Final Adventures of Roy Harper)


We open on a bank security guard taking in the news report that Roy, aka ‘The Arrow’s’ arrest when the power goes out. Then a guy with laser eyes appears and unleashes on him and his unfortunate partner splattering blood on the tv screen. No, I’m not making this up.

At the police station, Quentin transports both Roy and Oliver in, well aware that Roy is lying to help Oliver, but unable to call him on it after his public declaration. Laurel arrives to play lawyer and get both men released.

At the office, Felicity is hard at avoiding work the next day when a recovered Ray arrives and wonders why she’s there and not helping the Arrow and Co? Awkward. Sensing he stepped in it with his love declaration the night before, he backtracks the confession and asks her not to make it a thing. Felicity chickens out and let’s Ray help her avoid their issues.

Meanwhile Roy is now in prison orange and in interrogation for a final talk with Oliver who wants to know where his head is with this stunt. Roy lays it out: He gets to save his life. He gets to make it right for killing that cop. The city needs Oliver more. Roy’s okay with his choice even as Oliver is upset.

Flashback! Hong Kong! Oliver, Maseo, and Tatsu try to figure out what to do. Oliver makes his choice- find Waller.

Back to present day: Oliver and Malcolm have a tête-à-tête with Malcolm warning Oliver that if he keeps Ra’s waiting, he will up the situation to targeting Oliver’s loved ones. Taking the ring might be the right choice! Oliver leaves to break Roy out of prison.

Thea, Diggle, and Felicity pounce on Oliver as he enters, all wanting to know what they’re going to do to get Roy out of this situation. But then they see their problems have doubled when they see news footage of laser eye from earlier, aka Deathbolt. Make that three problems as Quentin comes in like a boss to check the basement again and finds…the lair!

Title cards!

Starling City! Night! We pick up with Lance and his men prowling though the lair to find evidence against Oliver but only find Roy’s prints all over the place. Quentin seethes, Oliver looks sick, and the poor Olicity fern suffers a busted planter as it goes tumbling to the floor.

Backup Arrow Lair: Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle set up shop at a backup lair. Oliver needs someone to help protect the city while he deals with Roy. Felicity’s bright idea is to call in the man with the power suit, Ray. Oliver throws up in his mouth a little but concedes they need help and will endure it for the city’s sake.

Flashback! Hong Kong! Oliver breaks into ARGUS ready to take down Waller but finds her already tooken down. An injured Waller holds a gun on Oliver and says Shrieve has gone nuts and wants to use the Alpha-Omega to take out China. Waller tells him to run from Hong Kong but Oliver doesn’t know what to believe…

Back to Present Day. Oliver and Co. have taken over Ray’s lab as their new lair. Thea leaves to visit Roy while Oliver and Ray work to locate Deadbolt with Ray open to a team up and Oliver doing everything he can to shut down the bromance. Ray puts his A.T.O.M suit on and does a recon on Deadbolt’s last known location for Team Arrow nearly getting himself fried for his efforts. But he does survive. And realizes that his suits need shields. Oliver grumbles it ain’t about the suit, it’s about the man in the suit.

Flashback! Hong Kong! Oliver, Maseo, and Tatsu realize that running is futile; they need to get the vaccine before Shrieve releases the virus.

Present Day. Roy’s Speedy sense is tingling as he’s ambushed by several inmates. He makes short work of them in hand to hand reminding the bruised crew that he kicked their butts without arrows. Quentin later drops the bomb of Roy’s attack on Thea, letting her know that there will be more unless Oliver and Roy come clean with who the Arrow really is.

Back at the ATOM lair, Ray gets the bright idea to track where Deadbolt is powering up. While Oliver deals with Thea’s plea to break Roy out after his attack. Diggle tries to stop him, but Oliver pushes him away. Felicity tries to softer approach, saying that Oliver needs to let them help him. Oliver finally admits that what he’s struggling with is that there’s no more Arrow; He can’t live by either name anymore and he doesn’t know who he is. Felicity tries to buck him up with a ‘I believe in you speech’ when Ray interrupts with news on Deadbolt.

FB HK Oliver breaks into an army base with Maseo and Tatsu. They find the lab and grab something we guess/hope is the virus and escape!

Present Day. Quentin tries the good cop approach with Roy who lays it out to him that he killed a cop and is right where he needs to be. Lance accepts that, but also calls out that he knows Roy doesn’t think he’s made up for it.

Team Arrow, or more specifically, Felicity, is out in the field trying to set a trap for Deathbolt when Felicity finds herself trapped when Deathbolt traps her. Ray and Oliver perform a true team up when Ray flies into battle with Oliver controlling the suit. (seriously, I get what the writers are going for here, but they do realize they’ve launched a billion Roliver slashfics from this, right?). Ray gets his superhero on when Oliver’s control is busted and he ends up saving the day and Felicity with even Oliver fist pumping at his success.

Prison. Iron Heights. Once again Roy is ambushed …but by a dirty cop! This time successful, Roy goes down and bleeds out alone on the prison floor. Dude.

Oliver’s Deathbolt defeating buzz is killed when he comes home to Quentin telling Thea that Roy is dead. Oliver flees to the lair to mourn his lost bro, when Diggle and Felicity let him in on a little secret – Roy’s not dead! They faked his death so that the Arrow would be accepted as dead by everyone. Oliver Queen is free. Yeah, but what about Roy Harper? Cut to-

The outskirts of town. Roy is alive and well but saying his good-byes under cover of darkness. He’s starting a new life. He asks that they tell Thea he’s alive and sorry he couldn’t say good-bye. Hugs all around with Oliver being the last, thanking Roy for his sacrifice. Roy climbs into a killer set of wheels and peels off into the night. Felicity offers a shoulder for Oliver to lean on as Ray watches from the distance, cottoning that Felicity is all in on Oliver as much as she tries to hide it.

Flashback! Hong Kong! Akio is asleep. Maseo and Oliver and Tatsu discuss what to do next. Oliver is going to stop the people with the virus. Tatsu wants to stay and help as well. Maseo isn’t’ happy with it- and I suspect for good reason.

Present Day. Central City?! Ray and Cisco officially name the newly locked up meta Deathbolt. Ray asks the questions that all Flash fans ask – How do the prisoners get fed and what not? Cisco asks a better question, Simmons wasn’t in Central City when the accelerator created the metas…so how can Deathbolt be a meta human?

Back in Starling. Thea’s mourning of Roy is cut short by a visit from Ra’s. She doesn’t back down from the fight Ra’s brings, but he makes short work of her as Malcolm’s warning comes to pass and Ra’s ups the ante to force Oliver’s hand by gutting poor Thea and leaving her to bleed to death on her apartment floor for Oliver to find….

Ra’s don’t play, does he?

Next Week: Oliver sells his soul so that Thea can take a life saving Lazarus Pit dip.

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