The Mindy Project, C is for Coward and Leo Castellano is My Son


We’ve definitely launched pretty fast and furious in time from the premiere, with Danny’s visit to India and proposal. The next two episodes cover the birth in very broadstrokes while both re-introducing us to our ensemble and setting up a couple new elements.

C is for Coward is largely about Mindy’s grave fear of birth. I didn’t realize we were jumping so forward in time until they were hardcore discussing the birthing plan. Mindy opts for a c section to basically peace out of the hard part of childbirth, and of course this creates a minor conflict for Mindy and Danny. Danny, of course in his old fashioned ways, wants Mindy to have a natural birth.

Amidst it all is the looking fertility expo, which is obviously a major business opportunity for Mindy. Her biggest competition? The Deslaurier’s “Paleo birth” method – the very blatant antithesis of Mindy’s business model – of course becomes the solution to the very sudden birth of Mindy and Danny’s child. And, in a very big nod to New York, they stage the birth on the subway while it’s stuck taking care of apparently a man jumping in front of the tracks for a viral video.

Danny and Jeremy have a brief bro moment where we not only continue to unravel Jeremy’s very bizarre perspective (his opinion on a potential baby name reveals a memory about his brother bullying him but in this poetic way) but we see how well these characters know our main stars. Jeremy drills it in Danny’s head that Mindy’s insistence on the c section is her natural fear response. Jeremy forces Danny to go to dinner w/ his new squeeze, Whitney, to show what good “friends” he has, and of course everyone else ditches out but Danny, who’s stuck in the office after a fight with Mindy over childbirth methods. He’s saved by the text from Morgan that they’re underground and Mindy’s about to give birth.

Danny somehow miraculously finds his way into the subway, but not before the Deslaurier’s fail in all their natural methods that Danny himself actually tried on Mindy the night before (which, of course, caused their little fight). It was a romantic heroic moment for Danny, and their sweet moment becomes the motivator for Mindy to give birth.

Highlights of the episode?
-The Deslauriers’ commercial: “Doctors who wear masks. What are you hiding? You know who wears masks? Bank robbers. And ISIS!”
-Mindy’s choice of comfort songs all being Beyonce
-Morgan capitalizing on how raw the natural birth was on the subway to pass out business cards and entice women to freeze their eggs
-The fact that Jeremy hired an improv group to pose as his friends. Pathetic, friendless Jeremy has turned out to be funnier than I’d have expected

In Leo Castellano is My Son, we get a very mixed portrait of Mindy and Danny’s first days / weeks of parenthood. The timeline here is a bit confusing since we do see the first day home from the hospital, and it appears Danny has taken some time off for the baby but maybe not necessarily paternity leave (knowing Danny, though, he probably would be too old fashioned for that). We get back into the life in the office, but of course we now begin to build out Danny and Mindy’s new home life together, especially since Danny’s version of baby-proofing is to strip out all the electronics in the house (to Mindy’s chagrin).

Back in the office, the third doctor who came on announces, while Jeremy is in a chipper “I’m getting laid regularly” mood, that he and his wife are now back together. Goodbye, tertiary character! We also get a fun side life from Tamra, who we now see conducting text conversations with Laverne Cox as Tamra’s cousin and White House employee. And then there’s Morgan complaining about his painfully single status now that Jeremy is taken, too.

All of these storylines intersect each other in interesting ways. For Mindy, who’s out of the office life, she becomes so bored and fed up that she takes Leo out to a book signing at Barnes & Noble. After accidentally locking the baby in the apartment, she befriends Chelsea, their neighbor who unabashedly has loud sex that they can hear through the walls (something the TV used to solve easily). After Chelsea helps Mindy sneak back into her apartment through the balcony, Chelsea reveals she wants to settle down, so Mindy sets her up on a date with Morgan so she can spend the night with a “nice guy.” Queue in Morgan, who before the date discovers Danny placed a nanny cam in the apartment. After Mindy and Danny overhear Chelsea and Morgan have sex, they hear through the wall about the nanny cam, queuing up a fun edit where we cut away to the nanny-cam view of their fight.

And speaking of misunderstandings / reveals, Tamra believes she overhears that Jeremy’s new girlfriend is cheating on him. Tamra, after convincing Jeremy to permit TLC Tuesdays dress code, reveals this to Jeremy and he drags her along to confront him. They discover instead that Whitney was planning a surprise engagement party for her friend. In a juxtaposed reveal, Tamra and Danny realize they should maybe mind their own business more, but for obviously different reasons. Danny says he does trust Mindy and should, but also reveals he really just misses the two of them so much and wants to be able to see them during the day. Very sweet.

For a very scattered episode, the jokes continued to stay sharp throughout, making everything have a good fun flow. Highlights:

-Everyone, the practice accepts Steve Harvey Insurance. Classic.
-Mindy’s reaction to the children’s bible: “How can a book w/ this many Jews in it not have a single joke?”
-When mindy talks about her hero sweatpants – “It says hero but my crack eats the middle letters”
-When Whitney mistakes Tamra’s name for Tamar, Tamra kicks it back: WHITE-NEY!
-Sheena’s text back to Tamra about minding your own business: “That’s what I keep telling everyone at the White House about Syria!”

Two pretty solid episodes that reinforce our characters strengths and really push us along in the timeline in new territory. I do hope we continue to see more of Chelsea – adding a neighbor who’s outside the doctors’ realm would be a good idea. Also, I know Danny said “arguing with my wife,” but where’s the big wedding? When do the families meet? I’m very excited for the new adventures to come in Mindy, Danny, and Leo’s lives now.

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