Let the May 2016 Sweeps Begin!

Unbelievably the 2015-16 Television season is almost at an end with May sweeps beginning today! One of the most wonderful times of the year where the shows that premiered in the Fall and winter midseason – come to a climatic end of shocking events, character deaths, character departures, and anything else that showrunners hope that will draw viewers and spike those ratings.

In recent years it’s also become a kind of kick-off for summer series for many networks in a bid to keep television viewers hooked on networks in what was once a fallow period of television viewing but is now a season where you can still find enough programming to keep your DVR from collecting dust.

Notable comings and goings for the week of May 1st:


Penny Dreadful (SHOWTIME) – Sunday, May 1st

Season three promises to be a wild one with the union of Dorian Gray and Lily Frankenstein and their determination to be as evilly chaotic and destructive on society as possible, but the real draw as always is Eva Green as the magnetic and tormented Vanessa Ives who gets knocked down by demonic forces only to get back up again and come back bigger and badder than ever.

Houdini & Doyle (FOX) – Monday, May 2nd

Just what it sounds like, Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle team up to solve mysterious deaths that may or may not involve the supernatural.

Person of Interest (CBS: FINAL SEASON PREMIERE) – Tuesday, May 3rd

The final battle of the machines finally begins after now that CBS has pulled POI’s fifth season off the bench to air Mondays AND Tuesdays in what is obviously a burn-off by the network but who cares, POI is back!


Grantchester (PBS) – Sunday, May 1st

1950s Hot Vicar Sydney Chambers and Family man cop Geordie Keating finish up another run of bickering like brothers while solving crimes.  Easy to overlook this quiet show, but a nice cozy series of mysteries to enjoy and definitely worth checking out season 1 and 2 on demand or via streaming.

It’s the calm before the storm as starting the week of May 8th, the finales and premieres will be coming fast and furious so take the time now to catch up your shows so you’re ready to watch Live to avoid being spoiled and have more space on that DVR to record the new shows coming soon.

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