Funmi Sunmonu

My obsession with TV started in 1997. Prior to that time, I was just a kid who liked spending a lot of time playing outside, hanging out at the mall and talking on the phone with my friends. But in 1997, something special happened. I discovered The WB.  I was sitting at home and I saw the Michigan J. Frog appear on my screen and a promo for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I WAS HOOKED. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to 7th Heaven, Dawson’s Creek, Charmed, Roswell, Popular and my favorite show ever Felicity. It was television catered to my demographic. I was a teen and all of those shows were speaking my language. Before they had DVR, I would make sure that my VCR was recording every last second so I wouldn’t miss a moment of the biggest events in these characters lives.

Now, I work in television and live in Los Angeles.  My television tastes have become a little more adult. I love American Horror Story, The Good Wife, Revenge, Happy Endings and New Girl to name a few. Although, I am a sucker for a good reality show featuring a group of women who hate each other.

I look forward to sharing my opinions with you on some of my favorite series!

Tom Ciuba

From as early as I can remember, I’ve spent much of my life with my face buried in issues of entertainment magazines. Entertainment is my life. So, I thought it’s about time to share my passion with you.

My name is Tom. I grew up in Jersey, but after that all-powerful Bachelor’s degree gave me the key to my future, I fled the traffic and the crowds and the astronomical cost of living for the rolling hills and winding country roads of Northwest Connecticut.  I’m a communications manager by day, and by night, I soak up as much information as I possibly can about movies (horror and drama have a special place in my heart), music (country, especially, and I will vigorously defend my penchant for it), sports (I’m a diehard New Orleans Saints fan), books, travel, and…oh yeah…TV! (That’s a lot, I know, but I’ve got loads of time here in the middle of nowhere.) Some of my favorite TV shows are True Blood, Treme, Parenthood, and Modern Family. Stick around and you’ll be hearing lots about them from me each week.

Mark J. Parker

I don’t like writing bios… which is why mine was the last one up here!  Every time I need one for a play or work or something, it always takes me a while to really make it good.  Here goes… Quite simply: I love TV, and always have. From a very young age, my parents exposed me to movies they probably shouldn’t have, and shows that weren’t really kid-friendly, and I am so thankful they did.

Like Funmi, I work in TV, and, also like Funmi, my obsession with TV really grew in the 90s when The WB had the coolest shows (and promos!)… Buffy, Felicity, Popular, Roswell, Grosse Pointe, Dawson’s Creek (of course), even Charmed and lesser known shows like Glory Days and Young Americans all were must-see programs each night for me.  I even made dressing for middle school easy for myself in those disgustingly early hours of the morning by wearing pants that were appropriate for the night’s TV… for example, if Buffy was on that night, I’d wear dark jeans to school… if Dawson’s Creek was on, I’d wear khakis.  Weird, right?  But it was my own little uniform, and helped the decision-making process in the mornings go quicker.

I also fell in love with ABC’s TGIF sitcoms, and how they became an event every Friday night… going to a friend’s house, ordering pizza or eating candy, and watching awesome shows like Sabrina and Step by Step and Boy Meets World.  ABC also had me on Sunday nights when they would play a movie as part of their Wonderful World of Disney.  I remember rushing to get my homework done just so I could plop on the couch for my favorite shows or movies to start… and if I was watching them with friends or family, even better!  I haven’t changed… whether it’s watching the Friends finale with friends, the Six Feet Under finale with family, or the Buffy finale alone in tears, I’ve always made it a priority to watch.  Probably should have made it a priority to get the homework actually correct, but whatever.

Preston Willis

One of the first times I can remember getting into trouble with my parents, was when I missed the bus to school because I was watching Thundercats.  From that point on I was not allowed to watch TV in the mornings before school, and they didn’t let me watch Salute Your Shorts or Darkwing Duck after school until my homework was done #bummer.  I should’ve known then that television was going to be a huge part of my life.  You might say that any 11-year-old who makes themselves a 7-day television schedule has a serious problem, I say i was just preparing for the future.

Here in the present, the only industry I’ve worked in following college is film & television.  Fitting, huh?  The best part about it: no one can give me a hard time about the amount of TV that I watch.  I follow the critically acclaimed (Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad), the cult favorites (Bones, The Walking Dead), and probably anything the 16-year-old’s are watching (The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars).  I’ll occasionally get hooked on a reality show or two (yes, I do “redneckognize”) and I’ve recently started to go back and watch entire series that I missed out on in the past (I’m currently on season 5 of Golden Girls).

So there you have it.  I love TV and I love people who love TV even more.  I’ve never understood those who don’t own televisions (WHAAAATT!?!?!) or have made it through life without ever seeing one episode of Saved by The Bell, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or The Cosby Show.  Yes, they exist.  I met one last week, but I’m convinced it was the demon from American Horror Story trying to send me to hell.  I got out of there with a quickness!

Laurie Nivison

Laurie Nivison is an ardent reader, TV-watcher, and moviegoer.  By day, she manages communications for a non-profit association.  By night, she gets her fill of the best TV and movies she can find.  She is not a fan of reality TV or singing competitions, or horror movies.  Don’t even try to get her to watch any of those types of entertainment.  If you haven’t already guessed, she is also a bit of an Anglophile.  She attributes it to her Scottish and English ancestors.

Jennifer Ross

I am a pop culture junkie and enthusiast with a strong passion for all things television and entertainment. Growing up, I watched old sitcoms likeThree’s CompanyThe Facts of Life and pretty much anything that ran on 90’s Nick at NiteSuffice it to say, I was quite the latchkey kid, running home after school to catch episodes of The Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island, or The Munsters. My tween and teen years were spent enthralled with the WB and TGIF on ABC. My all-time favorite TV show is I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball is my hero and an inspiration.

I have a profound knowledge on the most random TV facts and trivia and can name them at the drop of a hat. Strangely enough, I thrive on TV spoilers- it just doesn’t ruin it for me. I love being in the know. Currently, I’m obsessed with anything Showtime, AMC, and USA Network produces. Some of my recent TV obsessions are Parks and Recreation, Mad Men, Shameless, Parenthood, and The Big Bang Theory.

I have a M.S. in Publishing and a B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies. My writing has been featured in Soap Opera DigestBizBash, and Latinamagazines and online at Suite 101. Feel free to follow me @jennie_02.

Laura Schwartz

What is there to know about me? First, my name is Laura Schwartz and I aspire to be a producer, writer, director and casting agent. Second, my love for television is a big part of who I am. I can talk about anything TV for hours upon hours. My friends like to call me their personal IMDB because of all the random TV facts my mind seems to soak up. You like TV? You’re my new best friend. It all began in middle school. I always enjoyed movies and TV, but it wasn’t until 7th grade when my friend made me watch The Best of Friends on VHS. Little did I know that the episode, “The One Where Everybody Finds Out,” was about to change my life for the better. After that day, I went home and researched not just the show, but what goes into making a show. Sneaking to the basement to watch Friends at 11PM every night, I quickly caught up. I then began to watch all genres of TV, such as, Charmed, One Tree Hill, Law & Order SVU, Grey’s Anatomy and many more. To me, television has this magical quality that lets me escape from my daily problems into a realm where I feel complete. When Friends ended on May 6th, 2004 I cried so hard I burst blood vessels in my eyes and the idea of not watching Friends while eating my favorite meal every Thursday was something I did not want to face. No show will take the place of Friends, but there are serious competitors. Now, I spend my nights watching Doctor Who, Community, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, The Office (Michael Scott is the man) Once Upon A Time, Pretty Little Liars, The Walking Dead, 30 Rock (can’t even begin to think about it ending), Parks and Recreation, The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory, Glee, Modern Family, 2 Broke Girls, Castle, New Girl, and I can’t forget Go On. And that is what I will always do; go on watching TV. So lets go on together!

Nicole Walker

You know that little kid left in front of the television during the opening credits of HBO’s 90s era comedy Dream On?  The poor kid who absorbed so much old television and movies into his growing brain that he couldn’t help but readily pull a moment from his vast pop culture knowledge that readily applied to the real life situation at hand? I’m that kid. The female version. And my internal pop culture archive consists not of random black-and-white classics from the 60s but the more modern classics including The Golden Girl, The Simpsons, and Seinfeld (sprinkled with decades of iconic commercial spots).

But my love of television doesn’t just stop there for my nascent pop culture brain did not subsist on comedies alone. You name the scripted genre and I watched it: drama, procedural, western, sci-fi, fantasy, soap opera, and any hybrid genre executives could think of.  I’m now a lover and sampler of all things. I’ll watch anything. Anything. And by watch it I mean I’ll have all the potential character arcs and at least five seasons worth of story already mapped out in my head by the time I finish that pilot. Yeah, I’m in it like that.

Some (but nowhere near all) of my ‘classic’ favorite shows are: The Cosby Show, Star Trek (all series), X-Files, Arrested Development, 24, LOST, Kyle XY, Gilmore Girls, Batman: The Animated Series, and Smallville.

Some of my ‘current’ favs are: Justified, Person of Interest, Archer, Spartacus, Revenge, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Supernatural, Arrow, Guys With Kids, Game of Thrones, Parks and Recreation, walking Dead, American Dad, and The Amazing Race (one of my few reality show dalliances) and… a lot of other stuff. (I did say I’m a lover and sampler of all things!)

Currently, I work in entertainment marketing but hope to one day soon to take the plunge and transition into television writing and development. When I grow up I want to be Tina Fey. Or Shonda Rhimes. Or an awesome blend of the two – a Shonda Fey or Tina Rhimes- that writes and produces funny, engaging, and inspiring television. While I continue to gestate to (hopefully) evolve into something near the Fey-Rhimes bar of excellence, I aim to give you readers entertaining (sometimes a little ranty) reviews and opinions about the current slate of television programming.

Lauren Evangelista

Okay, so without going into this vast history of where exactly my love for TV and desire to work in TV came from, let me just simply say I find TV incredibly fascinating. The process of production, the writing, and now in the “age of the internet” the dialogue that arises from people watching TV together – it’s something I’ve grown to obsess about. I remember as a kid watching all the teen shows, from Saved By the Bell to ABC’s TGIF line-up, and the old NBC comedy line-up, namely Friends and Will & Grace, because I wanted to know what all my sister’s friends and my mom’s friends were talking about. I consequently fell in love with these shows, and more – I was hit with the TV bug.

Throughout my teen years and even to this day, I began curating my TV viewing, seeking out the stuff that meets my different tastes for the different genres out there. (Working in TV has also been excellent motivation to follow what’s going on in TV!) I LOVE my comedy shows – I’m very much into Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, and Community, I really dig my dramas – like Mad Men and Big Love and Six Feet Under, I love the tension in my more suspenseful/thriller shows – think Breaking Bad and Walking Dead, and I love letting go with my fantasy/sci-fi – like Game of Thrones and True Blood. I’m also still a die-hard fan of Pushing Daisies, and I’m still deeply upset with its abrupt cancellation and its unfortunately unsatisfying finale.

So… Because I’m a dork for analysis, I like to really dig into why I feel the way I feel when I watch these shows, what makes me laugh, what makes me cry, what draws me to my selected shows. It all started when I followed the last season of LOST, when I was just hungry for clues, answers, and curious about all the theories about how the hell the show would end. But LOST just opened the floodgates. If you ever see me deeply engrossed with reading something on my computer, 3 out of every 5 times I’m probably reading a recap. Otherwise I’m probably looking at funny gifs or videos of kittens and French bulldogs.

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