“Pilot” Thursday 9/27

Elementary is CBS newest crime drama. 4 minutes in and I’m hooked. This series has intrigued me from the moment I heard about it. I’ve never seen the BBC version, but its very popular and critically acclaimed. CBS had a lot of pressure to make sure their remake of Sherlock lived up to its original.

Jonny Lee Miller shines as the “alcoholic” Sherlock Holmes with precarious and as of now, misunderstood tendencies. While Lucy Liuis plays Watson, Sherlock’s “sober companion.” He’s almost disturbingly aware of every detail and she’s trying to keep up with his every move. The crime this week is a woman who was attacked in her home and murder. In the opening sequence we see the crime and the victim is guilty of the important thing we learned from Scream she ran up the stairs instead of running out her front door! Hello! Where was she in 1996 when everyone else in America went to see the movie and learned this very rule?

Sherlock and Watson arrive at the crime scene and in a series of ridiculously accurate and precise determinations that I can’t even begin to articulate he finds the victims body in her bedrooms “safe room” which her husband neglected to mention the house had. Nevertheless, he’s brought in for questioning.

Sherlock determines that the husband couldn’t have been the killer because he has “girly” feet and small hands. Onward to a series of potential suspects!

Sherlock discovers that the suspect might have attacked before. They go to question the previous victim and learn the suspects name and address. Only problem? He’s dead, from an apparent gunshot wound to the head.

The fact that Sherlock didn’t get to solve this murdrr is bothering him. But my years of TV experience tells me this case isn’t quote solved yet. There’s still 30 minutes left in the episode. Anyway, as a way to cheer him up Watson got them tickets to the opera! That was very sweet of her, to bad Sherlock is a royal jerk and begins to dig at her revealing a painful past. She was a doctor who was forced out of her hospital over malpractice. A patient of hers died under her care. She tells him his ability to “solve people is quite incredible.” Girl, I was thinking the exact same thing. She says she noticed something about his living arrangements, he has no mirrors. So he must, “know a loss cause when he sees one.” She’ll arrange for him to have a new companion.

Sherlock realizes something’s off with the crime and finds Watson at the opera. Oh snap!!! It turns out it was the husband after all! See, he wanted his wife dead, so he manipulated the killer into killing her.

Looks like CBS has another success on their hands.

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